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Jody Watley – Real Love At Georgia State Capitol and Mable House Amphitheater -Photo Drop Recap

Jody Watley – A Portrait In Citron Green
Art by Shawn West.
Jody Watley. 2022
Jody Watley Day 2022. 6.2.22 Georgia State Capitol
Jody Watley Day – Georgia State Capitol 2022

I appreciate his comments very much!
Pamela Broussard – BN Motion PR & Jody Watley
My longtime merchandise guy and friend Bob Fierro Zebra Marketing
Jody Watley – Wattage!

Jody Watley – Mable House Amphitheater 2022- Photo by Desi
Jody Watley – Mable House Amphitheater 2022- Photo by Desi

Jody Watley – Mable House Amphitheater 2022- Photo by Desi

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June 11 Motor City Pride – Detroit

June 12 – Capital Pride, Washington D.C.

Wattage Thoughts. Exceed Expectations.


People often get upset when you have standards, especially women. “Who does she think she is?” ¬†As well, there’s a friction that occurs when you refuse to lower them to suit someone else, not to mention when the expectations that may be low to begin with.

What I continue to learn and believe –

“Always hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone expects from you- and exceed them.”


Photography: N.V. Johnson

Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre 8.17.19.

Jody Watley. New BTS Video on Youtube.

Last weeks performance of one of my solo Pop/R&B classic hits was one of the best of the countless times I’ve performed it over the decades. My voice still retains it’s unique resonance and tone – though time has given it more depth. In soundcheck, I usually like to break the songs down to either piano and vocals, acoustic and so on before we bring all of the instruments in. There’s something more intimate that happens when the listener is just with voice and a lone instrument. No frills, vocal gymnastics and distractions – just the lyric and delivery to really touch a person in a different way.

Here’s a snippet from soundcheck of “Everything.” Make sure to subscribe to the Official Jody Watley YouTube channel : Subscribe

Coming up in August a variety of concerts and appearances – two with my full band and show August 16 New York, Sony Hall August 17 opening for Jeffrey Osborne in Atlanta Mable House Barnes Amphitheater.


As well if you’re in Honolulu September 7 – don’t miss a very special Jody Watley ‘Unplugged.’