Jody Watley. Fashion Friday Rewind by Steven Meisel.

JodyWatley_StevenMeiselJody Watley photographed by Steven Meisel, 1989.


Thank You Louisville and 4th Street Live.

We had an amazing experience in Louisville, enjoyed great food, friendly locals and then our show at the new structure 4th Street Live a semi- open air plaza with a stage in the middle surrounded by restaurants and other businesses. Staff was great, sound and lights – everything was terrific.  Think concerts that are broadcast outside on on The Today Show’s Summer Concert Series – that’s what the vibe was. Former original male Shalamar lead singer Gerald Brown (Take That To The Bank” surprised me and drove down from Indiana. He was there at my soundcheck – before any of us had arrived, full of enthusiasm. We ended up doing an abbreviated version of our early Shalamar hit, falling right into step and sound as if 35 years hadn’t passed at all. There were thousands of people as far as I could see and surrounding the upstairs area’s as well – love definitely was in the house. After the show I met a young lady who said she was 20 and had never heard of me before my show – and was now a big fan. That’s also what it’s about as an artist – bringing in new fans.

“It’s in the music!”

Original Shalamar Male Lead Gerald Brown and Jody Watley

Original Shalamar Male Lead Gerald Brown and Jody Watley

Jody Watley - Photo by Renee Shaw via Twitter

Jody Watley – Photo by Renee Shaw via Twitter

Thought of The Day.

“Peace comes in the way you choose to be.” – Ralph Marston

I believe the thought of the day shared from Ralph Marston’s principle makes complete sense. If you can’t change the situation – change your attitude. Your attitude and inner peace makes a world of difference. If you’d like to hang onto stress, anxiety, misery, pain, unhappiness etc., you’ll manifest more of that. If your choice is to be in a good mood even if you don’t feel like it – you will inevitably have a better time getting through the circumstance or situation. Peace just like beauty is from the inside out! – Jody Watley

Jody Watley. Upcoming Events


Sunday May 26, 2013 – 4th Street Live Louisville. Click Here To Learn More About The FREE Event!!

June 8, 2013 – Night of Fortune GRAMMY Stars Concert, Chengdu, China

July 6, 2013 – Essence Festival Mercedes Benz Superdome – Superlounge Tickets and Info: Here

Funky NEW MUSIC! singles “Nightlife” produced by Count De Money and “The Dawn” produced by Mark de-Clive Lowe Coming Summer 2013!

Art Design/Logo: Ray Easmon, Jody Watley (c) 2013

Jody Watley Live On Air With Skip Murphy In The Afternoon.


Make sure to tune in to my interview with Skip Murphy in The Afternoon syndicated radio show broadcasting around the country – tomorrow May 16, 2013 at 5 PM.  Skip Murphy took over the slot vacated by Michael Baisden.


Louisville, KY 4th Street Live – May 26, 2013 6 PM.

Chengdu, China – June 8, 2013

Essence Festival Mercedes Benz Superdome Superlounge –  July 6, 2013


“NIGHTLIFE” the new single coming summer 2013, produced by Count De Money.  Watley’s follow-up to her #1 Dance single “I Want Your Love” the seminole cover of the CHIC classic from 2006’s “The Makeover.” “NIGHTLIFE” is a guaranteed funky floor filler inspired by her disco funk days and current forays into modern soulful electronica written by Jody Watley and Count De Money with guest vocals by Gerald Brown, original Shalamar male lead vocalist “Take That To The Bank.”

Jody Watley Photo and Video of The Day. Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder


Pictured: Jody Watley, Herby ‘Luvbug’ Azor, Salt, Stevie Wonder, Spinderella, Pepa and Brown Mark of Prince and The Revolution Photo (c): Ron Lawrence Photography

It was an unbelievable honor to sing and perform with one of my childhood and all time musical heroes and inspirations Stevie Wonder for his 1988 MTV Special “A Character Gathering.” I performed with Stevie on “Superstitious” and he and I did a duet on my of my hits at the time “Some Kind of Lover.” The special also featured pioneering rappers Salt n Pepa, and legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn. Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder!! My laugh at the end of this performance continues to reflect the joy I felt in that moment.

Jody Watley – Mom




There’s something so pure about children’s art, I love it. I’ve saved a lot from my own kids, their adorable hand-made notes and cards from over the years, as well as many of their doodlings, drawings and select pieces from school.  Their art to me always serve as sweet reminders of love and encouragement and of my place in their heart as much as they are always at the forefront in mine.

I selected these two vintage pieces from my daughter and son to share (and because they’re personal added my touch on top for online purposes.) Their art has lifted my spirits if I’m feeling blue or lifted me higher when feeling sunny. As  a practice, I still rotate a few around the house and keep on display. To them, I’ve always been and will always be most of all, their Mom (angel, rock, teacher, hero, friend, cook, housekeeper, counselor, banker and a hundred other roles/responsibilities over the years) – who just happens to be a singer that some people know!

I love you Lauren and Arie and love being your Mom – young adults now, but always will be my babies!


Jody Watley Mother’s Day Greetings 2013.

Thought – Quote of the Day.

I feel as though if we are filled with gratitude just being alive no matter how great or bad the day – with the circumstances, obstacles, curve balls difficulties we face along with the triumphs, the bad can become less difficult and burdensome. Gratitude provides the energy and attitude we need to move forward on a daily basis with less mental and emotional baggage with more joy. – Jody Watley

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from the soul.” –  Henry Ward Beecher.

Jody Watley. Fashion Friday Rewind with Kevan Hall

LA Fashion Week 2006

LA Fashion Week 2006. Show Produced by Tod Halman

I love the joy in this photo! There’s nothing more glamourous than a great smile, great clothes are the icing on the cake so to speak. Working the runway to open Kevan Hall’s show was another fabulous and memorable moment for me.