Welcome Autumn 2021.

Love the change of seasons – especially autumn/ fall.

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go..”

Wattage Thoughts. Your Calling. Live Your Life.

People always chiming in on what other people should be doing..if you are living your life’s passion and dreams, pursuing your personal goals it’s not for others to understand as this quote says. Keep going – do you. I’m reshaping this.. can’t say it enough.

Carry on.


Jody Watley Classic Image of The Day. British Pop Music Magazine Record Mirror.

Jody Watley.

Photographer – Tony Costa

Makeup – Paul Starr

Hair – Peter Savic

Custom Bespoke Suit – Richard Tyler

Stylng – Jody Watley

“Precious Love” Review by Kevin Aston – showing some love for the remix by Soul II Soul’s keyboard wiz Simon Law – this is one of my favorite remixes in the ongoing catalog!


NEW Upload. Jody Watley Live In Concert. Skin Deep (Joy and Pain Mashup)

One of the things I enjoy about performing live is the ability to be spontaneous in what I say or do in the midst of it all. It leads to priceless and memorable moments as captured here with “Skin Deep” one of my favorite songs in my catalog.

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Get In Here! Go Behind The Scenes With Jody Watley and The Dodgers National Anthem Experience.

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‘Love’ For The Home. Creating Peaceful Living Spaces.

It was inevitable that I’d have a ‘Love’ luxury soy candle to join ‘Paradise’, ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Comfort.’

Create an environment of all of those things in your living space. This is even more important with the ongoing pandemic, increased stress levels in some instances it’s a must to care for your well being and it begins within you – and at home. My vase, reminds me of a vintage piece or something quirky you might find at a flea market is from Target filled with a few roses – isn’t it cute?!


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Rewind. Jody Watley ‘Illinois Entertainer’ Cover Feature

Jody Watley. Cover Story September 1987
Jody Watley. Photography by Victoria Pearson
It’s a good feeling to be reminded that I continue to remain true to myself and continued growth -and living my own life with happiness.


Monday Motivation. Wattage Thoughts. People.

Pay attention. It’s not what people say – it’s what they do that will always let you know where you really stand with people. Actions will always speak louder than words – this is true both personally and professionally.


Jody Watley Photo Recap – Chicago Northalsted Market Days Festival.

Ready to take tear that stage up!
Jody Watley. Photo by Stevie Edwards.
Jody Watley. ‘Friends’.
Serving ‘lewks’
Jody Watley. Photography by Ken Brown, Chicago
I see you! Wattage!!
Looking For A New Love – Tulle required!

A day of love and music!

At the airport – more love! Photo via Chris Barson.