Jody Watley Classic Photo of The Day. Live in 1989.

© 2014 Jody Watley - LIVE in concert 1989

© 2014 Jody Watley – LIVE in concert 1989 ‘Larger Than Life Tour’ for second album.


Looking forward to the concert tonight at Yoshi’s Oakland!



Jody Watley on Huffington Post

JodyWatley_Legend_byAlbertSanchez_BlackandWhite copy

Jody Watley Brings 30 Years of Hits to Yoshi’s Oakland May 29. “Don’t expect only her 80’s hits from Jody Watley. When the superstar brings her act to Yoshi’s Oakland May 29, the show will reflect the breadth of her multi-decade career..” Read the rest: Here

Celebrating Dr. Maya Angelou


A young Maya Angelou Via Vintage Black Glamour on Tumblr

A young Maya Angelou Via Vintage Black Glamour on Tumblr


What a life, what a legacy – what an inspiration she has been to me throughout my life through her books, various memoirs, poetry, quotes, pearls of so much wisdom speeches, interviews…I mean when she spoke I had to stop and listen.

Thank you Ms. Angelou. Godspeed to a phenomenal woman.

Often, when I feel blue, a bit low and discouraged on days when I’m still taking verbal attacks online and around just for being me – for simply living my life knowing there are those who don’t wish me well ..I go to this for inspiration. Still I Rise!

A Bit of Jody Watley’s Nightlife For Your Summer Workout Playlist

All of the remixes are available at outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, GooglePlay with a mix  for a variety of musical tastes for an uptempo jam. Get it! Here are Moto Blanco and Dave Doyle video and remixes.


Jody Watley. Real Love Celebrates 25 Years.

When I look at my children, I think of the passage of time primarily, otherwise I just live life. Thinking it’s been 25 years since my second album and ‘Real Love’ makes me smile. I remain proud of the work. The single was written by Andre Cymone and I  – he the music, me the lyric and melody. The video was directed by David Fincher (who went on to become an Academy Award winning director) and who fulfilled my wish when I told him I wanted to be on the runway – fashion forward. It all holds up quite well 25 years later…and so have I!


Julio Castiglioni posted to my Facebook page today: “This week, 25 years ago, REAL LOVE reached the #2 in Billboard Hot 100. Good times in music!”

Jody Watley “Real Love” on Wikipedia: Here

Via Instagram: Vernon Sze Jody Watley My tribute to Larger Than Life and Real Life 25th Anniversary:

A Groovy Birthday Greeting to Ron Trent.

I met Ron Trent in 2000, when joining forces with Maurice Bernstein with a license for my underground “Saturday Night Experience” which was licensed by Giant Step. Remixes were commissioned by renowned Chicago based afro-funk remix/producer/artist Ron Trent, as well as Blaze. In 2008, I had the pleasure of performing at one of Ron and Sonia Hassan’s events in Chicago at Sonoteque -underground club magic.

This mix appears on the critically hailed Jody Watley full length “Midnight Lounge” as well, Blues and Soul Magazine called it ‘the best album of her career.”  Get it: Here


New Art in The Gallery. Jody Watley A Pastel by Daphne Brown.

Jody Watley -Pastels -  by Daphne Brown © 2014 Daphne Brown

Jody Watley -Pastels – by Daphne Brown © 2014 Daphne Brown

New in the gallery, this lovely pastel by the talented artist Daphne Brown, who posted this on my Facebook page, she’d done it some years ago.

Jody Watley Classic Photo of The Day with Naomi Campbell

British legendary model Naomi Campbell and Jody Watley.

British legendary model Naomi Campbell and Jody Watley.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Naomi Campbell born May 22! One of the greatest models print / and runway catwalk (one of the inspirations for my ‘Real Love’ video, runway diva moment). Naomi Campbell also has one one the best ‘runway walks’ of all time. We’re pictured together in NYC for charity event, second time we’d met – she let me know she loves Jody Watley music and style as well! #tbt


Thought of The Day. Intuition.



Jody Watley and Paradise.


Coming Soon!

Check back tomorrow for a blog on my daughter’s college graduation this past Saturday in the bay area – so proud and happy!! That was also a feeling of paradise!!