Dancing Is Good For The Mind. Body. Spirit. Soul.

dianaross_giorgios_flyerI went out for a fabulous night of classic disco on the Sunset Strip at Giorgio’s – a modern discotheque Saturday night presented by Bryan Rabin and DJ Adam Bravin. It’s a divine feeling to let loose and dance, as Martha Graham once said “Dancing is discovery, discovery, discovery.” There is no right or wrong way – it’s just about getting inside the music. Dancing to classic soulful  disco definitely reminds me of my youth but not in a nostalgic trying to recapture a moment way – simply a reminder that in the now it’s still great to be active, dress up and appreciate quality music with messages that really transcend time – they just happen to have killer grooves..and live strings, and live horns and so much more.

This  spirit fall right along with the theme of my forthcoming glamourous new single “Nightlife”, which will be followed with an EP of soulful quality dance-floor gems of which I’m still deciding on a name – maybe “Paradise” because that’s where the music takes me.

Even if you can’t get out – make some time to dance, even if it’s in your own living room!

Twirling in my maxi dress the motion captured on film. Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

Twirling in my maxi dress the motion captured on film. Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) 2013 via Jody Watley on Instagram

Jody Watley and clothing designer John Eshaya of JET Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

Jody Watley and clothing designer John Eshaya of JET
Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) 2013 via Jody Watley on Instagram

Jody Watley, Christos Garkinos and Garcelle Beauvais. Photo: Christos Garkinos (c) 2013

Jody Watley, Christos Garkinos and make-up artist Kathy Jeung. Photo: Jody Watley (c) 2013 via Jody Watley on Instagram


Jody Watley and Kathy Jeung. Joyous in the music at Giorgios. Photo: Jody Watley via Instagram (c) 2013

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Image Courtesy of CentricTV, SoulSessions

Image Courtesy of CentricTV, SoulSessions

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Thought of The Day. Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures.

With so much always being attention being given nearly everywhere we turn to obtaining money and wealth (and this country is off-balance – but that’s another post), who earns the most and so forth and reading that some people become depressed because of feeling inadequate based on earnings. I really like this from a book I have sitting, amongst meaning in my home called ‘Love Life‘ that I purchased and makes a terrific gift as well – even for yourself! I keep all types of inspirational messages revolving around the house. Of course, we all need money to live and survive, however – it’s not the be all end all and too many are corrupted and willing to do anything for it…not for happiness and personal peace, just in the obtaining of more money, more ‘things.’ Don’t overlook life’s special things that are often don’t come attached with a price tag and taken for granted..just a reminder.


“I have never been a millionaire, but I have enjoyed a great meal, a crackling fire, a glorious sunset, a walk with a friend, a hug from a child, a cup of soup, a kiss behind the ear, there are plenty of life’s tiny delights for all of us.” – Jack Anthony

Jody Watley. NIGHTLIFE Single Preview Edit


Written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI), Julien Aletti, Raphael Aletti (Aletti Brothers Music BMI) Produced by Count De Money for Peace Bisquit and Jody Watley.

Grammy winner Jody Watley, one of Pop/R&B and EDM’s most enduring and stylish trailblazers, returns with a shimmering dance floor classic inspired by both her well documented roots in disco funk soul and her love of the gilded era of dance and it’s legendary bastions of groove and fashion, from NYC’s Studio 54 to Paris’ Les Baines Douche with a sly nod to the underground dance style ‘Waacking.’ An authentic bonus are guest backing vocals from original Shalamar male lead Gerald Brown. Destined for international runways, dance floors and beyond, this party jam is irresistible from start to finish.

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Thought of The Day. Mobile Devices.

“Human mobile devices that may come in handy and can be used anywhere include: prayer, meditation, a good attitude, compassion, kindness, humor, laughter,  patience, love and a smile. Customize to personal style and taste.” – Jody Watley