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“Nightlife” with it’s call to “be fabulous” forget your worries – get yourself together,  is really my way of encouraging a call to lift yourself up, to have fun. “It’s in the music” because it is about music where so much inspiration and energy lives as a great resource, let it use you – I do! When you’re releasing music independently, so much depends on not simply my efforts but others getting behind and supporting. There’s something to be said about that aspect in today’s commercial commerce driven marketplace – what a concept, focus on ‘the music’ and the hope to inspire others. We can change the world with one smile, one dance at a time – I know it sounds cliche but for me it’s truth.

The single moves up to #14 Pop in the UK in Music Week and #40 Hot Dance Club Play on Billboard. The single peaked at #5 Urban in the UK – which is still quite awesome. It’s not so much about charts and sales but I’m proud of this as an addition to my discography – it’s really always about moving forward and being proud the work; that’s really success. Thats said, I do love proving that a veteran woman artist, writer, producer and style diva can still hang without pandering and with a level of class and my signature authenticity. There’s a core group  people working with me, supporting me because they believe ‘in the music’ and not because of financial gain. We are connected by  a passion and love for the music, the arts and a time when it was really more focus on ‘music’. The work I continue to do and with the integrity I try to bring appears to inspire others which gives me confidence and hope for all of us out here still trying to do things the right way. It’s all very organic and I’m thankful to those working with me on this and of course you the ones helping to get the word out there through your actions, buying the single and sharing my posts. Thank you.

Fabulous! My daughter and son – who always encourage me as must as I encourage them and tell me I’m the best Mom in the world – which fuels me on my darkest days and always reminds me what’s most important.  Thank you Count De Money (Julien and Raphael Aletti- Aletti Brothers Music) Bill Coleman of Peace Bisquit, Gerald Brown, Juanita Stephens PR, Steve Ripley at Soulfood Music,  Music House UK, Craig Jones, Niven Govinden, Matt Waterhouse, Moto Blanco, Jodie Harsh, Dave Doyle, Soulpersona, Luminodisco, Claudia Cuesta of Maxi Promotion, Patrick L. Riley of ‘Life of Riley’ and Dave Higdon of Poptastic Confessions, (early blogging supporters of ‘Nightlife’) along with Okayplayer, Soulbounce, Soulculture UK, Centric TV who got behind the single early — Fabulous!! Thank you Rosero McCoy, John ‘Havic’ Gregory, Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc, Billy B.,  Albert Sanchez, Sandra Green,  Billy Johnson at Yahoo Music, Access Hollywood,  Uptown Magazine, Isoul Harris, Essence Magazine, Jet, Ebony, Soulbounce, Singersroom, Lee Bailey at Eurweb, Urbanbridgez, Wax Poetics, Wallace Butts, Van Roy, Shawn West, Brian Walmer, Vernon Sze,  Steve and Laura Hall at Future Disc Systems, Bryan Rabin and Adam Bravin aka Adam Xll of Giorgio’s, Steven Willis, Harwood Lee, Christina Grady and all DJ’s and outlets supporting this effort…and anyone I forgot to mention my apologies, it’s not intentional. My hardcore fans – I love you!

Vinyl arrived today – yaaay! Details on when they’ll be at my online boutique. I have to number and sign them – limited edition Ba-By! Excited to be filming the final footage for the “Nightlife video tomorrow at my favorite place to dance : Giorgio’s!


BE Fabulous!

Jody Watley. Thanksgiving and Every Day Gratitude.

Thought of The Day.


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Jody Watley Goes Uptown.

© 2013 Isoul Harris and Uptown Magazine

© 2013 Isoul Harris and Uptown Magazine

It was a gorgeous New York day and appropriate to sit down with Editor and Chief of Uptown Magazine and host of the new “ICONIC” Uptown Unplugged Isoul Harris.

See what pearls I drop in this new interview – HERE

In Support of A Friend. Vincent Paterson


Michael Jackson with Vincent Paterson, choreographer director of “Smooth Criminal”

I’m compelled to share this in support of my friend legendary choreographer director Vincent Paterson. I had to pleasure and honor to work with him last year for “Loving The Silent Tears” An International Musical Event. Not only did I get to experience his brilliance first hand, I got to see what a down to earth sweet guy he is. Vince, as any artist who stays up late at night – thinking, creating and going through the joy, blood, sweat, tears, pain and triumph of the process deserves to be properly credited for his work. What if someone jacked your resume – something you fought for and earned? I’ve learned sometimes being too humble empowers other people to step in and take credit for someone else’s pioneering and hard work. I’ve see this happen before and it has to stop – it’s called having integrity and honesty. In this day and age fact checking and due respect has seemed to go out of the window.

Statement from Vincent Paterson following last night’s Dancing With The Stars Final from his Facebook page:


What is on my mind this morning is how TRAVIS PAYNE STOLE MY CHOREOGRAPHY FOR SMOOTH CRIMINAL on DWTS. He is a thief.
He took credit for my work.

To not only watch him STEAL my work but to have the uniformed or misinformed contestant on the show say “This is incredible to have the guy who taught MJ these moves teach them to us!”
How dare both TRAVIS PAYNE and DWTS.
This is not the first time TRAVIS has stolen my work. He did for the 2 Cirque shows he “choreographed.”
This is unforgivable thievery.
I never even hired Travis to DANCE in Smooth Criminal.
If this show cares so much about dance, they should not allow this kind of thievery and lies to be told to the viewers.

Thought of the Day. Gratitude Every Day.



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Jody Watley InStyle at Miss Golden Globes

Photo: © 2013 Jody Watley

Photo: © 2013 Jody Watley


Photo: © 2013 Jody Watley with Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc

Photo: © 2013 Jody Watley with Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc


"It's Handled!" with Scandal's Darby Stanchfield "Abby" and my friend Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc Photo © 2013 Christos Garkinos

“It’s Handled!” with Scandal’s Darby Stanchfield “Abby” and my friend Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc Photo © 2013 Christos Garkinos


A bit of LA Nightlife at Instyle and The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s “Miss Golden Globes” Party. This year’s choice was the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick Sosie.

I was giddy as a school girl seeing many from the Scandal cast (Casper Smart aka “Harrison”, Scott Foley aka “Jake”,  Jeff Perry aka “Cyrus” and Darby “Stanchfield aka “Abby.” Mark Wahlberg was also in the house, along with actress and comedian Mindy Kaling from “The Office” and “The Mindy project.” In these situations, I’m like anyone other person who gets excited when you see people you recognize and like. Not wanting to be a bother, I only asked for one photo.

Jody Watley Live On Air With Dyana Williams

It’s a Super Soul Sunday and you can hear me LIVE on air with the awesome Dyana Williams – worldwide.

Jody Watley JET Magazine Feature.



Read what I have to say about the new music to Jet Magazine:

Thought of The Day. Self Worth.

Being an artist you often encounter people ready to put you in a box (writers, journalists, fans..). They keep you there in their head with their limited view and try to define who they perceive you are. This often happens with lazy writers who don’t do research and don’t come with respect – young or not so young. You can feel marginalized or diminished momentarily. It happens. I say and live in the realm and saying to you as I do to myself – know your worth and don’t remain silent if you don’t feel you’re getting what you deserve – and then move on. We only have control over ourselves. Take their limited view as a reflection of their narrow view, their problem – and not a reflection of you, your achievements or who you are as a person and human being. Something happened today that I didn’t like and it reminded me of this quote:

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.” – Virginia Satir

Virgina Satir was a key figure in the development of family therapy. When I share quotes, I like to know something about the person.

Great day to all!