Christmas Time Is Here – Jody Watley Unwraps The Spirit Of The Season

Jody Watley delivers an enchanting rendition of the classic “Christmas Time Is Here.”

This holiday season, unwrap the gift of joy and festive spirit with the Grammy Award-winning music icon who puts her own ambient spin on her favorite holiday song and album “Vince Guaraldi’s A Charlie Brown Christmas.” “So many Christmas songs are so over the top and chaotic to me and so this is your jazzy chill song to add like a your favorite cashmere sweater or slippers, evoking the feeling of sitting in front of an inviting fireplace – no hustle and bustle.”

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Download the single today and add to your seasonal playlist, along with Watley’s timely “Like A Holiday” an original composition from her diverse discography.

Don’t Miss The Encore of The Jody Watley Show with Special Guest Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson-Get In The Groove

The Jody Watley Show on Sirius XM ‘The Groove’

In case you missed the groundbreaking episode of “The Jody Watley Show” featuring NBA Hall of Fame icon and entrepreneur Earvin “Magic” Johnson, you’re in luck!

The extraordinary interview will rebroadcast on SiriusXM The Groove, Channel 51, on November 16th at 5 PM (PST) / 8 PM (EST). Tune In!! You’ll always learn something new about Jody Watley in the process!

The captivating conversation delved into Magic’s remarkable basketball career, his success in business, and his inspiring journey beautifully depicted in the AppleTV+ documentary series “They Call Me Magic.”

Reflecting on the initial airing, Jody Watley expressed her excitement, saying, “It was great having Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson as a guest on my show. His incredible achievements, both on and off the court, are a testament to his tenacity, business acumen, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in our communities.”

During the enlightening interview on “The Jody Watley Show,” Earvin “Magic” Johnson shared insightful reflections on the art of reinvention, drawing parallels between his own journey and Jody Watley’s dynamic career evolution. 

Johnson highlighted Jody’s ability to successfully reinvent herself over the decades, mirroring his own commitment to personal and professional growth.

Acknowledging the transformative nature of their careers, the conversation underscored the resilience, adaptability, and visionary spirit that both icons have embraced to stay relevant and impactful in their respective fields. 

This exchange added a compelling layer to the interview, emphasizing the shared ethos of reinvention that defines the enduring legacies of both Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Jody Watley.

Magic Johnson, currently serving as the Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE), specializes in providing high-quality products and services to ethnically diverse and underserved urban communities. His influence extends to ownership of multiple sports franchises and management of businesses such as EquiTrust Life Insurance Company and SodexoMAGIC.

Listeners can catch the rebroadcast on November 16th at 5 PM (PST) / 8 PM (EST) on SiriusXM, The Groove, Channel 51. 

The encore interview offers another opportunity to enjoy this enlightening discussion and experience the best of Old School R&B music with Jody Watley as the host.

For those who may have missed the initial broadcast, the show is also available on the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable episode! 

SiriusXM is available to subscribers in their car, on their phone, and connected devices at home with the SiriusXM app. Streaming access is included with all trials and most popular plans.

Catch Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson On The Jody Watley Show

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The legendary Grammy winning singer-songwriter Jody Watley will be hosting a special episode of The Jody Watley Show exclusively on SIRIUS XM’s The Groove Sunday, November 12 at 6 PM EST. 3 PM PST.

Jody Watley states “I look forward to talking to NBA Hall of Fame Legend and Renowned Business Owner Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. about some of his favorite classic R&B bands, sports, business and more.”

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Tune In!!

Jody Watley and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson Talk Business, Music and Inspiration

(NATIONWIDE) – The legendary Jody Watley will be hosting a special episode of “The Jody Watley Show” on SiriusXM’s The Groove,November 12th at 6 PM (EST) / 3 PM (PST).

The show, exclusively on SiriusXM’s The Groove, has attained a huge mass appeal to their subscribers and dedicated fanbase.

The highlight of this episode is a captivating conversation with none other than NBA Hall of Fame Legend and billionaire businessman Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

Previous guests have included: Emmy winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, NYTimes Best Selling Author Tabitha Brown, Grammy nominated and celebrated artists Deborah Cox, Kenny Lattimore, Vanessa Williams, Rahsaan Patterson along with legendary stylist Ty Hunter.

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Jody Watley Talks Music, Sports and More With Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson

Jody Watley, the celebrated singer, songwriter, and iconic figure in the world of music and fashion, is delighted to announce a special guest appearance by Earvin “Magic” Johnson, the legendary basketball icon and accomplished entrepreneur, on “The Jody Watley Show’ airing on November 12th. Read More on Upscale Magazine – Here

The Jody Watley Show October Edition – Speaking On Former Group Shalamar

This month’s all music episode of The Jody Watley Show was a treat. The music was jamming and she filled the show with a variety of positive pearls of Wattage wisdom and light.

Jody Watley also took a moment to not only congratulate the entity of Shalamar on the honor of the unveiling of the stone on the newly created Camden Music Walk Of Fame (U.K), as well as addressing the subject of lies and rumors with regard to the falsehoods as to why she wasn’t in attendance. It’s a classy and honest response – you be the judge.

Listen Now!

Catch the full 2 hour show rebroadcast Thursday at 5 P.M PST, 8 P.M.EST on SIRIUS XM’s The Groove, Channel 50.

A Celebration Of Herb Ritts. Jody Watley For GAP Classic Campaign

Portraits. Individuals Of Style By Herb Ritts 1989.
Poster caption: Gap long sleeved pocket-t as customized by JODY WATLEY singer-songwriter Photographed by Herb Ritts.
Jody Watley Photographed by Herb Ritts, 1989.
Style Icon Jody Watley Photography Herb Ritts For GAP 1989 Celebrity Campaign
GAP. Individuals Of Style Celebrity Ad Campaign 1989.

With so many efforts to erase, rewrite or revise history in all aspects of society from books to what we see and hear across social media depending on the source, it’s important to have source information to refer to. Jody Watley was a part of the first celebrity ad campaign for GAP in 1989. The inclusion in this particular campaign and theme “Portraits: Individuals Of Style” photography by the legendary Herb Ritts is important for a variety of reasons. The campaign included ‘Larger Than Life’ images in-store, bus stops and billboards across the country. Jody Watley was one of the few black crossover stars of that time to be featured in this what is now called ‘rebranding’ or ‘artist branding’. Jody received notice not just from her breakout solo hits, she became a stand-out in her personal self-styling in music videos, album and single art, appearances and promotional photography.

“When asked to be apart of this, I was so excited at the opportunity. The team said I could wear the T-shirt however I chose. In addition, it gave me an opportunity to change up the big hair to a sleek short pixie-cut. My fans at the time hated it but I loved it, felt fresh and modern. Today’s artists are the luxury to change it up frequently, fans almost expect it now, unlike the 80’s and 90’s.”

Jody Watley was recognized as a style icon going back to her teen years on the iconic show Soul Train. Excerpt from Nelson George “The Hippest Trip In America – Soul Train and the evolution of culture and style “….with Jody emerging as a late 70’s style icon. She could rock silver shorts and red glitter converse sneakers, vintage 1940’s inspired dresses with pumps or her prom dress. Her hair was an ongoing adventure, sometimes filled with tons of ribbons, sometimes long ponytails, or a 1940’s hairdo..” ~ Book published by William Morrow Imprint of Harper Collins Books.

“Working with Herb Ritts in this campaign was just incredible. California born and raised Herb was relaxed, charming and so kind, easy to work with.” Watley has said. “He also threw incredible birthday parties that were a virtual who’s who and I was thrilled to be invited to a few!”

Talking Fashion. VOGUE 1996. Herb Ritts Birthday Celebration with such notables as Diana Ross, Madonna, Tom Ford and Jody Watley to name a few!

In addition to the GAP campaign, Jody Watley’s Herb Ritts portrait of disco mirrored eyes was featured in 2008’s historic Black Issue of Vogue Italia. The “Outstanding Ladies” in the issue included Jody Watley and actress Angela Bassett.

Jody Watley by Herb Ritts. August 2008 VOGUE Italia The Black Issue.
Legendary Photographer Herb Ritts August 13, 1952 – December 26, 2002.

The work of Herb Ritts as a photographer and video director is iconic and renowned – never forgotten.

Save The Date. New Episode Of The Jody Watley Show Comes To SiriusXM

Tune In This Sunday August 13, 2023 as Grammy Winning Singer-Songwriter Jody Watley welcomes legendary stylist and author Ty Hunter to Episode 6 of The Jody Watley Show.

Don’t miss this inspirational conversation and get your groove on with classic R&B hits.

3 P.M. PST, 6 P.M. EST – Sirius XM’s The Groove Channel 50.

It’s a radio show, not a podcast – no archived broadcasts.

Jody Watley Welcomes Legendary Stylist and Author Ty Hunter To New Show

NEW!! Music icon Jody Watley welcomes legendary stylist and author Ty Hunter as a guest to “The Jody Watley Show,” on SiriusXM’s The Groove, Channel 50.  

Tune in on August 13 and catch the inspirational Ty Hunter interview. 

About Ty Hunter: From his humble beginnings in Houston, Texas, Ty Hunter rose to fashion icon status as the stylist for first, Destiny’s Child and then for the legendary Beyoncé.   Ty’s inspirations and collaborations have graced the cover of countlessVenerable national and international publications. His creative style genius is coveted by celebrities as well as corporations.  

Since creating some of the most iconic looks of all time and inspiring a whole new generation of fashion, Ty has collaborated with such ad campaigns as Hyundai, Footlocker, Charming Charlie, just to name a few. Ty has also dedicated himself to motivate those around him to be the best they can be with daily affirmations and inspirations as demonstrated in his instagram account @tytryone.  

Legendary Stylist, Author, Motivational Speaker – Ty Hunter.

The Jody Watley Show, a 2-hour monthlyshow airs every second Sunday exclusively on SiriusXM’s The Groove at 6 PM (EST) / 3 PM (PST) and on the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices, as well as online. SiriusXM reaches nearly 34 million subscribers monthly. The Jody Watley Show is packed with the best of classic to contemporary R&B music and engaging conversations with surprise guests.Watley is a multi-platinum selling GRAMMY winning artist as well as an award-winning songwriter. An accomplished producer, businesswoman, she is also one of the architects of 21st century pop affectionately referred to as “The Queen of Cool.’Renowned as one of the defining artists of the 80s with an everlasting influence on style, music and pop culture, Jody Watley forged the template that is now everybody’s playbook.From her groundbreaking marriage of rap & R&B (1989’s “Friends,” a collaboration with hip-hop legends Eric B. & Rakim pairing that is the first to crossover R&B/Hip-Hop, Pop and Dance into the Billboard Top 10 “Friends,” to her vision-forward marriage of high fashion, street fashion and music in the ‘80s long before it became the norm), to her fusion of jazz and underground club culture with keen pop instincts, and the ease with which she crossed and still crosses genre with hits spanning 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, 20s, Jody Watley is the embodiment of longevity and artistic fearlessness in the industry as a legacy artist.Get your groove on with Classic R&B on SiriusXM’s The Groove channel 50.SiriusXM is available to subscribers in their car, on their phone and connected devices at home with the SXM App. Streaming access is included with all of our trials and most popular plans. Go to to learn more.

It’s a Radio Show – Not A Podcast!!

Jody Watley Hot Summer In The City Greetings.

Jody Watley 2023 – Hot Summer In The City. Photo: All Rights Reserved Avid Music Inc.

I hope everyone is staying cool, hydrated and encouraged this summer. Although the months are flying by, hopefully you are finding time for personal self-care for your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

A new Jody Watley Show airs this month on August 13, 3 P.M. PST 6 P.M EST airing on SIRIUS XM’s The Groove Channel 50. Remember it’s a radio show, not a podcast. Furthermore, it’s not archived so make sure to tune in. I’ll be announcing this month’s special guest midweek to get you ready for Episode 6.

In the meantime, stream Jody Watley music on the digital music streaming platforms of your choice an eclectic variety from the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, 20s! Thanks again for subscribing to my website.

In short, and as always; remember to always let your light shine – Wattage!