Jody Watley. Song of the Day.

Written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI) and Andre Cymone (Ultrawave, ASCAP)¬†Produced by Andre Cymone from the 1993 full length ‘Intimacy’

Thought Of The Day.

Shared on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. This is funny and so true!

Photo Quote: via For The Love of the People  / Facebook


Jody Watley. Video of the Day. “Real Love Concert Montage” Yoshi’s Jazz Club San Francisco

Jody Watley Keeps it Glam. Backstage Soul Train Awards 2012

Outside on a crazy windy chilly night in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood for the Soul Train Awards 2012 – regal, poised and classy!

Photo’s: Jody Watley

Jody Watley. Weekend Jam.

From the critically acclaimed 2003 ambient release “Midnight Lounge” available at iTunes – add to your post Thanksgiving cardio workout or holiday party playlist!


Thought of The Day.

My view of today’s sky on my morning run/power walk. Photo: Jody Watley

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air..” Ralph Waldo Emerson

My interpretation is to live each day to the fullest and appreciate the things that don’t cost a thing. Often those things are what many take for granted. Each morning I always look up to the sky whether it’s cloudy or sunny. It’s a reminder that there is a higher power than all of us – and natural beauty to behold.

Jody Watley. Thanksgiving Greetings 2012

Jody Watley Beauty. In The Rain.

Jody Watley Musings. Disappointments.

We all experience disappointments in life. These moments should be seen as learning tools and character builders as much as we may hate to look at them that way. Dealing with disappointment is also an opportunity to learn something more about ourselves be it personally or professionally. I always look for the takeaway meaning. Sometimes not getting what we want when we want it may just be a stroke of luck or the universe simply saying not now or ever because there is something greater that we don’t about yet. Keep moving forward no matter what.

Fashionable Quote of The Day.


“There is nothing charming about a woman who cannot walk in her shoes.” – Manolo Blahnik

This is so true to me – and a frivolous pet peeve of mine. Learn to walk in heels!