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Just added in the site Gallery -Mixed Media by Antwanyce Richardson, inspired by Jody Watley.

Canvas. Jody Watley Inspired by Antwanyce Richardson

Mixed Media, Acrylic and Oil. Jody Watley Inspired by Antwanyce Richardson

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Despite keeping a fairly low profile and out of tabloid grabbing headlines (thankfully), I’ve continued to evolve and release quality music, while raising my son and daughter who are now young adults and in college. Check out my bio and discography to get updated.

If you’ve missed music such as my last release 2006’s “The Makeover” a #3 Top Electronic Albums featuring the 3 Top 5 Hot Billboard Dance/Electronic Singles (A Beautiful Life #5, Borderline #2, I Want Your Love #1) – head to iTunes and update your Jody Watley collection!

Make sure to check out my gallery of photo’s from my recent trip to perform in Chengdu, China at Chendu Stadium Sports Center as a part of the “Night of Fortune GRAMMY Concert.”


French Horn Rebellion “Dancing Out” featuring Jody Watley and Young Empires.




Essence Festival. July 6, 2013. New Orleans, LA Mercedes Benz Superdome. Superlounge.

The Howard Theatre. Washington D.C. July 19 : Ticket Info: HERE

The forthcoming new single “Nightlife.” Produced by Count De Money for Peace Bisquit and Jody Watley. Written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music BMI), Julien Aletti, Raphael Aletti (Aletti Brothers, BMI).


Quote of The Day. Nelson Mandela.

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” Nelson Mandela

Just a Thought. A Week of Politics and Emotion.

This week has been quite memorable in terms of the news. One minute we seem to be moving forward (electing-reelecting a President who happens to be black) backwards (Supreme Court striking down a major portion of The Voting Rights Act from 1965), forward (Supreme Court ruling on Defense of Marriage Act, allowing same sex adult couples to marry who they choose). I learned as well via my Twitter feed that the President had declined meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for over 700 days (read here); which definitely thought provoking. I’m still perplexed by his signing of the Monsanto Protection Act protecting from lawsuits or any judicial action (read here).

Add historic abortion rights filibuster in Texas by Wendy Davis lasting 11 hours, and subsequent vow by Governor Rick Perry for another session to see the bill through that would close the majority of planned parenthood and abortion clinics in the state – another potential blow for women’s rights, which are under attack.  Then you have a Congress, approving the bill to double student loans (read here) – rather they approving to keep the loans low. This act of course will send children and families seeking higher learning in hopes of a better life – into debt. Currently, student loan debt has out-paced credit card debt in this country. The rich get richer, while the rest seem to get challenged more each day. Of course – these elected officials can write a full check for their children to attend universities of their choice. Once again, the poor and middle class are being pushed further into a cycle of debt, simply for wanting to go to college in the first place – when did college education become a privilege? Are everyday working class people and young people being penalized by striving for a better life? Then vilified when nor educated enough?  Public schools are closing in urban areas at record numbers, more prisons are being built … “I IS who I Is”, Paula Deen..I never saw any tears just a contorted crying ‘face’ from the snippet I saw of her mea culpa interview. Own your behavior – grow, change and evolve. Create a better work environment – respectful, just and fair. Apples and oranges, however, I’m just as appalled by commercial use of the ‘n’ and other offensive language and behavior in rap music.

It’s going to take me a minute to give my thoughts on Rachael Jeantel in the Zimmerman case, however it did make me think of our responsibility as parents to make certain our children learn to speak clearly (and I can recall the ‘you sound like you have a mouth full of marbles – speak up”) with my own children when they were young; however I grew up with parents who were conscious of diction. Additionally, looking people in the eye and all of that. As a Mom, and not to place myself on a pedestal of parenting, but it is the most important role and job we have as parents; to be teachers and role models. However, I will say that simply because a person doesn’t fit the box of ‘polished’ doesn’t reflect a lack of character, truth – especially with many of today’s youth, many of whom don’t have teachers in life when being raised. Some can’t teach or pass along what they don’t know themselves. I felt for Rachel Jeantel from some of the moments I saw. Admittedly, I was agitated and wanted her to pull it together as well, however Jeantel was authentic – no filter. It also crossed my mind that as a society we don’t need to mock, rather uplift, mentor, reach out – whatever one can do. Watching how she was dissected it almost felt like now there were two black victims in this case. She was a teen girl (and still a teen) on the phone with a friend just before he was murdered as the last person to hear his voice. Being on that witness stand under those circumstances, being picked apart couldn’t have been easy – no matter whose side you’re on. I was agitated with the defense as well for the way in which she was cross examined from what I saw – though understanding they have a job to do as well. I wept when I heard the screams for “help.”

Life and the internet is a harsh place at times.

Jody Watley Classic Photo of The Day. Essence Magazine Cover.

jodywatley_essence_cover_lorezMy performance at this years Essence Festival is July 6!

Read More: Here

Just a Thought. Voting Rights Act and The Supreme Court.

Clearly, though things in the country have changed with regard to Civil Rights, with recent elections and reports of efforts to redistrict and discourage people from voting we can’t be naive. There seems to be a clear and continued undercurrent of racism in this country – which I personally find quite sad and baffling. We may have a black President in Obama, however inequality and racism still exists albeit in different forms under various guises.

The media, gossip bloggers and so forth may distract – but I hope people are really paying attention and finding the outlets of their choice to keep informed on the changes that are happening – around the world; especially here at home. As a rule, I’ve learned to keep my political opinions to myself and leave the politics to the ‘professionals’ – however there are some things that one must pay attention to which is – just a thought.
While lamenting the anniversary of the loss of one of my favorite childhood and music inspirations today – this happened..while also watching live stream of Wendy Davis public filibuster in the Texas Senate gallery via the web.

Read the ruling at Democracy Now. Here

NEW Remix. French Horn Rebellion ft. Jody Watley. Young Empires.

“Dancing Out” my current single feature with French Horn Rebellion and Young Empires has a new remix by Blende and is available at iTunes today. Listen and Buy it NOW!! With all of the negative music and lyrics that dominate commercial airwaves attention – support this pure electro-pop dance delight, share the link, tell a friend.

NEW Jody Watley ESSENCE Interview. Part One.

Grammy Award winning artist speaks to about career, fashion, memoirs and  ESSENCE Festival Performance.

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Coming Up Next. Jody Watley. Essence Festival July 6.

Thought of The Day. Possibility.




Dwell in Possibility.

I’ve been collecting and giving cards of all types since I was a teen-ager.

Card/Art: “Spanish Girl” (73) design by Anahata Joy Katkim