2012 Rewind. Jody Watley-A Favorite Professional Moment.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

Being selective about what I do is a part of my journey. Things have to stir my creative passion and interest as an artist. I like the sense of new endeavors where not liking the feeling of retracing my steps so to speak. There’s something to be said about being in a forward motion – for me. When this musical came about with a chance to work with the amazing choreographer/director Vincent Paterson for starters I couldn’t say no – not to mention it’s message of finding one’s inner peace, love and faith. Loving the Silent Tears – A New Musical is my favorite professional experience of 2012 and one of THE most fun, beautiful and rewarding of my career – and that’s saying a lot! The music was composed by Academy Award Winner Al Kasha, Grammy winner and 7 time Emmy nominee Nan Schwartz (among others), with arrangements by Emmy winner Doug Katsaros; to the poetry of Vietnamese humanitarian Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Check out this highlight video montage to get a glimpse of the majestic and spectacular production.

Another Musical Pivot.

jodywatley_plum3_web_blog3“I enjoy the diversity of my musical range and feel comfortable in various genres. I can go with ease from R&B/Pop, dance/disco, funk, ambient electronica to a more smooth out jazz vibe – finding total joy and passion in all of it. The versatility is something that also separates me from a lot of artists and songwriters and defies the box that some have tried to put me in over the years.” – Jody Watley

Christmas Time Is Here. Jody Watley

Another unreleased holiday treat from Jody Watley, taking on Vince Guaraldi’s ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ classic. Recorded initially several years ago for friends and fun without commercial intent and produced with longtime collaborator and band member Rodney Lee.

Jody Watley. “Do They Know It’s Christmas”

One of the most monumental and memorable musical moments I’ve been blessed to be a part of was Band Aid – which just happens to have made musical history and influenced other such charitable recordings.


Jody Watley, #15.


A smiling Jody Watley far right.

“Do They Know It’s Christmas” – Band Aid; was released on November 29, 1984, and went straight to No. 1 in the UK Singles Chart, outselling all the other records in the chart put together. It became the fastest- selling single of all time in the UK, selling a million copies in the first week alone. It stayed at No. 1 for five weeks, selling over three million copies and becoming easily the biggest-selling single of all time in the UK. In October 1984, a BBC repprt was aired in the UK highlighting the famine that had hit the people of Ethiopia. Irish singer Bob Geldof saw the report and wanted to raise money and wrote the song with Midge Ure and featured some of the biggest music stars of Great Britain and Ireland including Duran Duran, George Michael, Sting, Bono of U2, Boy George, Phil Collins and more.

in HD:

Jody Watley. Unreleased Ambience.

“Like A Holiday” will be on my Soundcloud player until December 26, 2012.

With recent tragic events especially Sandy Hook Elementary School killings and with all of the little ones still being laid to rest, this song came into my head.  I wrote some years ago after finishing ‘Midnight Lounge’, while tinkering around creatively and considering doing a chilled out electronic non-fussy holiday album with classics and one or two holiday themed songs. The first line ‘It seems the world’s gone crazy, I don’t want to watch the evening news..where did life’s innocence go? I’m thinking…”

..and I’m still thinking..

The families remain in my thoughts and prayers, and to all who remember a more innocent time and long for the loving spirit of this season – every day.

Season’s Greetings from Jody Watley. Photo Card.


jodywatley_seaonsgretingsTake time to remember the reason for the season. The world was supposed to end according to some, but we’re all still here. Every day is a gift, don’t take that for granted – even if you’re having a bad day. Pay attention to the taste of your food, look at the sky, laugh loud, often and hard. Breathe deeply and feel the oxygen in your body. Avoid being unnecessarily stressed, overwhelmed and caught up in overblown commercialism and overspending. Remember that people will forget what you said, what you did – and maybe even the gift you gave – but they won’t forget how you made them feel. Spend time with the people you love and love you in return if you can. If you’re alone – don’t be blue, celebrate YOU and be your own gift and shining light.

Most of all don’t forget to spread holiday love, kindness and cheer!

Jody Watley. “Definitely In Tune”. MORE Magazine

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Jody Watley Classic Photo of The Day.

Santa Baby!!jodywatley_earthakitt

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On set of  VH-1’s “The Rupaul Show” 1996

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