Jody Watley With The Uplifting Jam Of The Day – “Whenever”

Hot Jam Uplifting Jam Of The Day – Jody Watley delivers an uplifting dance jam and UK Soul Chart hit “Whenever” The Alex Di Cio’ Remix. Download it, stream, playlist it at the digital platform of your choice. It’s touch out there, listen to something to uplift your spirit and soul, walk, workout, commute.. take some Jody Watley with you!


Flashback Friday – Jody Watley Goes Into Top 10 With “Everything”

#OTD January 20, 1990


by Best New Artist GRAMMY® winner Jody Watley

Peaked at #4 on Billboard Hot 100 chart

Additional Chart History: #3 Hot R&B, #11 Adult Contemporary

Writers: Gardner Cole, James Newton Howard 

Produced by Andre Cymone 

Jody Watley’s Platinum 2nd album “Larger Than Life.”

Jody Watley 1998 Off the Hook On The Rosie O’Donnell Show

Jody Watley. Off The Hook.

Watch it Now!! Multi-platinum recording artist/songwriter/producer Jody Watley in a vintage performance from the 90’s on the Rosie O’Donnell Show performing the Number 1 Billboard Dance Single “Off The Hook.”

Jody Watley The Best Of The New Week To All

Embrace each new day with gratitude, hope and love. Wishing everyone the best of the new week – I love you all!


Jody Watley Solo Debut Gets New Multi-Platinum Certification

For me it always feels like 10 million.

When my self-titled debut album “Jody Watley” was released in 1987, I would go to different record stores and various areas in LA county to see how it looked in-store (I’d also call stores around the country to see how I was doing in the market beyond MCA reports to my management in my excitement. Most of the time my album was sold out, out of stock. No one anticipated it would do so well right away which resulted in modest manufacturing-the stores would tell me they had been requesting restock & more inventory and as a result there were lags of unavailability. Sales were lost despite the success. I’d see with stacks and stacks of paid prime placement for other artists I was neck & neck on charts with and it would make me so frustrated (was still learning how this biz works). Big promotional budgets, politics are always at play, alleged attempts to blackball me from a heavyweight label owner in the black music game, bigger artists paying to keep my records out of rotation from what I’ve learned over the years – the playing field is never even.

To this day I still look at it all as God’s plan, I succeeded and still succeeding no matter what the obstacles and forces against me that exist.

Anyway, all good. Time flies my music and career continues with occupational stamina and longevity, healthy and happy.

This is a very awesome notification and update – solo debut album – Happy 36th Anniversary “Jody Watley“.

Despite most thinking I’d fail .. it was a success for me regardless because it is me doing ME coming into my own personally and professionally. I will forever remind everyone ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. no matter what, Do YOU! People are going to talk trash no matter what, at the end of the day to success is in living without fear toward the life you choose to live. Your calling is not a conference call and neither is mine – Carry On!

Thanks to all who continue to buy my music (not just my classics like this) and support me, the music, concerts, online store and beyond.

False Concert Ad For Jody Watley At Long Beach Arena

This is a notice to let you all know if you see any ads that include Jody Watley on a concert bill for February 11, 2023 at The Long Beach Arena it’s false advertising. The promoters are illegally using my name and likeness for this concert bill that I knew nothing about until ads started popping up.

There is no contract or agreement and I wouldn’t even consider this type of bill. Cease and desists have been issued by my attorney to these shady promoters (Latif Mercado, LA Entertainment, Mike Diaz) as well as Ticketmaster, Spotify, Youtube where ads have been attached to my pages and channel. Don’t waste your money, do not buy tickets to this concert thinking I will be thereI won’t.

There are no planned or scheduled concert appearances for Jody Watley in 2023 at this time – I am taking a much needed break from travel and concerts.

Happy 35th Anniversary Jody Watley’s Sizzling “Some Kind Of Lover”

Jody Watley – “Some Kind Of Lover” Single Cover Art. Photography by Victoria Pearson. Art Direction and Design: Jody Watley & Lynn Robb.

SOME KIND OF LOVER : 35th Anniversary

January 4 1988 , Grammy Award Icon Jody Watley .

“Some Kind of Lover” was Jody’s third Top Hot 100 Top 10 Single from the album, and third number-one of the US dance chart, Number 3 Hot R&B. 

The music video premiered in January 1988 and was nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards, for Best Female Video and Best New Artist in a Video, she also performed “Some Kind of Lover” at the MTV award show that year, and with Stevie Wonder on his 1988 MTV Special “Characters.” 

Billboard: #1 Dance, #3 Hot R&B, #10 Hot 100

Written by: Jody Watley, Andre Cymone

Produced by Andre Cymone & David Z.

Styling & Creative Direction as with all of her music videos and appearances.

Some Kind Of Lover video directed by Brian Grant who also lensed her videos for “Looking For A New Love” and “Still A Thrill” 

“Signature” Jumbo Hoops, Chanel belt, Chuck Taylor sneakers Jean Paul Gaultier Velvet and Metal Bustier and Watley’s Iconic customized leather jacket with the artwork on the back emblazoned with JODY. For the Soul Train performance Watley wore the equally iconic and highly coveted rare blue Issey Miyake Plastic Body Bodice.

Jody Watley 4 Decades Of Vivienne Westwood Style

Jody Watley In Vivienne Westwood, circa 1982.
Jody Watley in World’s End – Vivienne Westwood 1982 (“A Night To Remember” Performance on British TV Show – The Tube).
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood 1987- Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Solo Debut album 1st appearance.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood Denim Bubble Skirt – 1987.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood Jacket and Blouse 1989 with MCA Records executives.
Jody Watley. American Music Awards in Vivienne Westwood.
Jody Watley. American Music Awards in Vivienne Westwood.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood Classic Squiggle Shirt – Let’s Rock London 2015
Jody Watley – 2018 – Pink & Gray Tartan Vivienne Westwood.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood T-shirt at soundcheck Phoenix Pride with Canadian Hall Of Famer Deborah Cox
Jody Watley tea with longtime friend designer and co-founder of LeSuperbe LA fashion brand. Jeannine Braden.
Jody Watley (Vivienne Westwood Handbag) with Debbie Harry in West Hollywood, Paul Smith ‘Blondie’ event.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood pearl choker – performing National Anthem, SoFi Stadium 12.25.22
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood pearl choker to perform National Anthem, SoFi Stadium 12.25.22
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood pearl choker to perform National Anthem, SoFi Stadium 12.25.22

Rest In Peace Dame Vivienne Westwood. I’ve been a fan of her designs and worn them since early 80’s while living in London and throughout my solo career professional and personal style life to this day.

Rest In Paradise Dame Vivienne Westwood one of my favorite designers of all time. 

Trailblazer. Godmother of punk, a revolutionary designer, conquered high fashion, built a global empire and a formidable activist throughout. 

Thank you for your brilliance, creativity, badassery and tenacity throughout the decades. 

Happy New Year Blessings And Love From Jody Watley

Jody Watley. New Year’s Eve 2022 Glam a bit of sparkle and shine!

Wishing everyone the best that 2023 have to offer – with infinite possibilities to be manifested into opportunities you might be working toward. Blessings and love to all. Thank you for your continued support.

Stay in your light – but don’t be afraid to pass it on to others who may be stuck in the darkness. One light will never dim another.

Jody Watley. New Year’s Eve 2022 Glam a bit of sparkle and shine!


Love to All, Dr. Jody Watley

A Mini Jody Watley 40 Year Tribute to Dame Vivienne Westwood – Trailblazer.n Jody Watley Style Appreciation in Her Honor. Have worn her designs since early 80’s and still do. Watch!