3 Trailblazers. Jody Watley with Eartha Kitt on The RuPaul Show 1998 Interview

A classic rewind snippet of interview with Jody Watley, Eartha Kitt on The RuPaul Show, VH1 in 1998.

Eartha Kitt and Jody Watley, 1998.

Grammy Winner Jody Watley Has The Trills That Thrill – US Weekly

Pieces of the Jody Watley music history – 35 years have flown by! Celebrating this 35th Anniversary milestone of my breakout Grammy winning solo debut throughout the month of January. Pre-internet and social media I’m sharing some of the highlights of which there were many. It’s significant as well in that no one expected my success but with with, hard work and a great promotional team effort by MCA Records and PR team that included Juanita Stephens and Gloria Boyce at Rogers & Cowan anchored by great music it was a knockout punch. For me, it’s always a way to remind people to always believe in yourself and to not be afraid to make gutsy decisions . Your life and calling is not a conference call. A lesson I’ve learned in recent years as well is to always tell your own story – too many put out false and misleading info or try to erase or marginalize altogether.

Here’s my first feature in US Weekly. My Dad called it for me as a little girl – I wish he had lived to see my success and his prophecy but I feel he’s always watching over me and know how much I always want to make him proud.

It touches upon the fact it was said women couldn’t sell records, that always struck me as odd since I grew up with Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Wilson, Donna Summer, Karen Carpenter.. and so many greats. True – men have it easier however women have also been viable despite the obvious sexism, ageism, etc. I confidently made plan for myself while living in London, worked with Musical Youth (uncredited guest vocal on 16) and was a part of the historic Band Aid “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” My daughter always kept my perspective grounded as to what’s important. It wasn’t easy balancing motherhood with Pop stardom but I tried my best and all turned out well.

Working on a screenplay – yes, fast forward some things take a lot longer, and all things in time!!


Jody Watley – Solo Debut Feature UK Magazine Record Mirror

Jody Watley. Record Mirror Magazine UK Solo Debut feature.

“I’d met with other labels. Jheryl Busby of MCA got me right away. He’d worked with Donna Summer at Casablanca Records another woman with a strong artistic vision, a songwriter and force of nature. I ultimately I chose MCA over labels like Warner Brothers, A&M, CBS – because the vibe was right knowing Jheryl understood and respected my artistic vision and sense of self from the first meeting.

I’m eternally grateful, he galvanized the entire label and promotional team

35th Anniversary solo debut vibes all month of January.

Photography: Victoria Pearson.

Grammy Winning Artist Jody Watley – Marks 35th Anniversary Solo Debut

Fashion forward Jody Watley wears iconic Issey Miyake plastic bodice.

Grammy award winning singer, songwriter Jody Watley marks the 35th anniversary of her monumental solo debut single “Looking For A New Love” (released January 6, 1987) and self-titled album with a series of posts of classic images and moments during the month of January across her Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

Finding Your Personal Joy This Holiday Season. Here’s To What’s Important.

Merry Christmas! The best of the day and holiday season to all. It’s a joyful time for many while a sad melancholy time for others. Wherever you are with it and as with life in general, find your own way and make it work for you – most of all don’t let the season overwhelm and stress, in particular as the new variant in the pandemic is spreading. It’s all about knowing what’s important and those are not material things. I love the excitement in small kids and making wishes come true the best you can, however as adults we know or should that the greatest gifts don’t come with a price tag.

The greatest gift for me this year is having my daughter Lauren and son Arie home for the holidays, after being apart nearly two years due to the pandemic. They are lights in my life.

Whatever it is that lights up your heart – may it be illuminated ten fold.

Sending the spirit of love, peace, hope, comfort, goodwill, great health and joy to all – Jody Watley

Jody Watley – “Holiday” Luxury Soy Candles


Jody Watley Delivers Epic Performance In Concert With The Isley Brothers and Frankie Beverly – SHEEN MAGAZINE

Jody Watley Live In Concert – Winter White Glam.

Jody Watley delivers an epic performance in concert with The Isley Brothers, Frankie Beverly & Maze in Winter White Concert. Read the full SHEEN Magazine feature: Here

Jody Watley – A Weekend of Hot Soul, Love and Good Vibes At Texas Trust CU Theatre Winter White Concert Party

Dressing Room Selfie. Jody Watley. Winter White Glam. 12. 12. 21
Jody Watley. Winter White Glamour.
Jody Watley. Receiving the love – live onstage.
Jody Watley performing classic ballad ‘Everything’
Jody Watley Texas Trust CU Theatre December 12, 2021
Jody Watley – Texas Trust CU Theatre. December 11, 2021
Jody Watley. December 12, 2021 – Texas Trust CU Theatre Winter White Concert
Jody Watley – Lights of Love!

It all went down Saturday and Sunday night at The Texas Trust CU Theatre December 11 and 12th for 2 sold out shows with The Isley Brothers and. Frankie Beverly & Maze. I’d been looking forward to this show since it was confirmed and booked. I’ve been a huge fan of The Isley Brothers since high school – to be on the same bill was surreal. As an esteemed legacy artist myself, I’m not above some legit fan girl emotions and excitement – never too cool for school and always humble and don’t mind showing my enthusiasm when I love other artists.

Ronald Isley, Jody Watley, Ernie Isley. Legends In The Game.

Dream come true! A special thank you to Kandy Isley who made the introduction meet and greet happen. I watched both of their shows from the wings of the stage and was singing along like everyone else. They put on a stellar show, vocals, dancers – everything top notch.

Kandy and her sister Kim are also really gifted singers – the blend and harmonies on point as well as being beautiful and kind ladies.

Etnie Isley and Jody Watley. Texas Trust CU Theatre.
Jody Watley and Kandy Isley.
Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs still killin’ it!
Frankie Beverly and Jody Watley. Legends in the game.
Frankie Beverly in his signature white and cap. He had the crowd locked in the groove. We Are One. (Photo via 105.7 KRNB.

Meeting the incomparable Frankie Beverly was also a highlight.

Jody Watley with Band and Dancers. (Hubie Wang, Kerry Griffing, Joseph Szekula, Keith Eaddy, Roland Hamilton, John ‘Havic’ Gregory). Texas Trust CU Theatre. Winter White Concert.

In my funky spontaneous vibe – “Friends” – it was lit!

For more pics and video check out my Instagram page, I shared a few live snippets of The Isley Brothers.. I was totally mainly trying to me in the moment and singing along with everyone else most of the show.

Thanks to all involved for such a fabulous weekend of classic music – in winter white sharing the gift of music is always such a blessing. These were my final concerts of 2021 – in an ongoing pandemic and challenging time – it meant even more to so many. To successfully get through all of my shows with everyone remaining healthy is also a blessing. We love bringing joy and the light to the people to forgot your woes and escape in the music.

Jody Watley.


Jody Watley Welcomes December 2021 With Gratitude and Joy Along With What’s New On The Horizon.

Jody Watley 12.1. 21

Hasta La Vista November! As always, here’s to embracing the gift of life no matter the obstacles we may encounter and endure. The highs and lows, the disappointments the triumphs, the setbacks- which are often the set ups for success as we continue to move forward with gratitude. It’s been a whirlwind year, and challenging for so many – here’s to finishing strong!

This month I’ll be wrapping up the extensive promotion I’ve been doing since 2020 with “The Healing” and pretty much non-stop since. I’ll be on Good Day Alabama on December 3 – 10:40 A.M. EST the same day the remix edit for “Whenever” arrives at all digital platforms – make sure to support! I’ll also be on Good Day Sacramento December 15 in the 9 A.M. PST Hour for a special holiday episode.

Jody Watley- “Whenever” The Alex Di Ciò R Remix Edit Arrives Dec. 3

December 11 and 12th, it’s live concert time with The Isley Brothers and Frankie Beverly & Maze, for a Winter White Concert Party – Texas Trust CU Theater. I don’t get to Texas often so I hope to see a lot of Jody Watley Wattage Crew in the house.

Jody Watley, The Isley Brothers, Frankie Beverly & Maze – A Winter White Party.


Jody Watley – ‘Whenever’ Alex Di Ciò Remix Edit Arrives December 3 To All Digital Platforms

More Music. More Art from “Renderings” the Top 20 UK Soul Chart Release. UK and various global radio continues to spin various songs from the EP and by request, we are making another remix edit available.

The remix edit of “Whenever” arrives December 3 to all digital platforms to add to your collections and playlists.

“Whenever” – Written and Produced by Jody Watley and Rodney Lee.

Remix by Alex Di Ciò 

Art by Shawn West.

Wattage Thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving. 2021. Practice Daily Gratitude.

11.25.21. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Live In Gratitude, Joy and Thankfulness Every Day Of Life – without the extra calories! A grateful heart recognizes many blessings.

It will be Zoom again for my kids and I later today – looking forward to their being home for Christmas! Thankful for them – the loves and lights of my life! Thankful for technology like FaceTime & Zoom!

Thank you for supporting my latest release The Top 20 UK Soul Chart “Renderings” – The Alex Di Ciò Remixes. Always thankful for music!