Welcome June 2019 – Part 2 Black Music Month

Inspiration Wattage

Sunday Greetings With Love.

Love to all. Enjoy your day, treat yourself to something special or simply pause to replenish your spirit.

The art on this matcha tea almond milk latte was too beautiful not to capture and share.


Monday Wattage Inspiration. Love Yourself.

Wise inspirational words from Steve Maraboli that I thought I’d share.

Happy First Day Of Spring 2019

Let’s all continue to bloom and blossom into our best selves!

“Plant a seed, watch it grow. The power of experience is that you learn and hopefully grow. There’s growing in knowing.” – Jody Watley “Flower” 1998

Still true! Life is change just like seasons.

Monday Wattage. A Thousand Candles.

It’s ok to wish other people well. Should paths move in different directions to grow, get better, not be stagnant or simply evolve in new directions – it takes nothing away from any experiences and opportunities life gives us – trying to diminish others is pointless 🕯 we all have our own journeys and lives to live and wishing others well is good for the spirit

Monday Wattage. Just Live.

People are always ready to put others in a box based on gender, age, race, economics, sexuality, job, career, body size, skin tone and so on .. define yourself for yourself no matter what. Defy all of it. Embrace who you are and just live life forget all of that – just live!

Photography; Mike Ruiz