Wattage Thoughts. Autumn Equinox 2020.

And just like that summer transitions to fall. It’s been a blurring of one season onto the next in this pandemic. No concerts or travel since February has really been an adjustment. No travel hustle and bustle, no concerts and adoring supporters enjoying the music, no hanging out grabbing dinner after show and all of the social interaction that comes with tours and putting on shows. My heart had dropped a little with each 0 miles and hotel points earned notification. Winter, Spring, Summer .. now here we are. I miss it all and being onstage – but what can we do under these circumstances? So many out of work .. even our favorite family restaurant Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Beverly Hills has shuttered for good as summer ended. We can’t do anything beyond finding other ways to stay creative, productive, motivated and healthy. This season is one for even greater reflection-it is the season of change.

Autumn Equinox Blessings :
As we transition into this new season – may we be like trees shedding dead leaves from it’s branches and let things go that are no longer serving our well being-making room for new blessings and growth like the leaves falling away for continued transformation in the ever changing flow of life.


Wattage Thoughts. Be Grateful.

Jody Watley. Good Day Sacramento Recap.

The Healing indeed!
I’ve had to quickly learn how to apply makeup, including lashes with only the use of my left hand.

A broken wrist from weekend slip and fall won’t get me down!

No matter the circumstances-pull it together as best as you can.


Some Days ..

Jody Watley Signature Hoop Earrings Coffee/Tea Mug

Some mornings require two cups-and extra effort. Push through.


Monday Wattage. Let Your Light Shine

Like I wrote for “The Healing” never let anyone dim your light – and I’d add don’t dim your light to make others feel more comfortable. I’ve been guilty of that a time or two along the way – lessons learned.


Wattage Thoughts. Lighten Your Load.

Lighten your load.


Wattage Thoughts. Never A Perfect Time.



Wattage Thoughts. Your Heart.

Protect in, take care of it, don’t lose it.


Wattage Thoughts. Your Journey.

Keep going, doing the work, keeping the faith and not comparing your journey and progress to anyone else.

Embrace ‘Your’ Wattage!

Wattage Thoughts. A Peaceful Mind.

Clear out the noise and mental clutter, begin each day with clarity and purpose no matter what’s going on.