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quote_theway_miniIf you’ve ever had people trying to tell you what and how to do something you’re working toward personally or professionally  – yet have never achieved anything in your field, relationships, etc. and they seem to feel they have all the answers for your life without your ever asking for advice – this might resonate! I knew someone who knew the secret to winning the lottery, though they’d never even won even a small prize. Walk the path of your own life – ignore the know it all’s, naysayers and crabs in the barrel of life.

A Night To Remember. theLIFT Presents CHURCH.

It went down April 27, 2013 at a very secret location in downtown Los Angeles. You needed to RSVP before being given the address. This is an ultra groovy music affair. If you’re not hip to internationally renowned DJ/Producer/Jazz Musician/Classically trained pianist/ Mark de Clive-Lowe you need to update your musical palette. His event CHURCH is a must attend night on the town if it ever pops up in your city – anywhere in the world. The framework and atmosphere were laid by an eclectic range of DJ’s including Jeremy Sole and KCRW’s Aaron Byrd mixing tunes on a stellar sound system inside the warehouse. I’m not talking the glut of the same Top 40 songs being spun in clubs around the world now. If you’re old enough to remember what it was like going out to dance and you heard songs that made you go “Whoa..what’s that?!”

This was handpicked music ranging from jazz, soul and house all woven together amidst a first class lighting designer to create the right type of ambience. Mark de Clive Lowe’s set is a combination of DJ and musicianship – with vocal pieces and musical bits being created on the fly accompanied by a tight knit band that included an esteemed cast including Freddy Washington (Herbie Hancock,Patrice Rushen on bass; Derf Reklaw (The Pharoahs, Ramsey Lewis) percussion, Dexter Story (Kindred Spirits, Lifeforce Trio), drums Bob Reynolds (John Mayer) on saxophone, , as well the gifted Nia Andrews (Common, Janelle Monae) on vocals.

Food trucks, full bar and a packed house of music devotees not worried about trend or popularity – rather the type of night of music and dancing that’s all about substance. Legacy artist/songwriter producer Leon Ware (Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Maxwell) did a memorable brief set that included Minnie Ripperton’s classic “Inside My Love” to which I joined him on a sublime and sexy rendition of one of his classic penned tunes “I Want You.” I felt as if I were in a dream. It wasn’t one of those generic ‘old school’ moments – this was born of the moment to a packed house of primarily 20 and 30 somethings that appreciate the music and vibes enough to be in the ‘know’ about an evening like this. They also seem to know the history not as nostalgia (like some older fans tend to do) but true modern appreciation  rather than what’s force-fed ad nauseam in today’s commercial scene. After coming onstage to join Mr. Ware, I returned in the second set of De Clive-Lowe to perform “Tonight’s The Night” one of our club gems as well as the new “The Dawn” – it was the first time he and I had performed that one. My guys Rosero McCoy and John “Havic” Gregory went in with me on both.

It’s a pleasure to be a legacy artist with history myself while continuing to be a part of something fresh to those who really understand – as an alternative to some of the more straight up shows and events I do with my own band. It’s a continued evolution which is an element and one of the many unique things about what I do and the variety of ways I choose to do it. Being an artist for 3 decades in this crazy business, it’s always important for me to find ways to remain authentic though never staying the the ‘box.’ The vibe of ‘CHURCH’ is one of the elements of the underground that I’ve loved since I discovered and began to embrace back in 1999; a quality mixture of soul, jazz, dance, electronic – just happens to be ‘club.’ There is a wealth of great music and artistry – you may have to work harder to find it, but it’s there for the open-minded. I had so much fun – it was another night to remember for all involved.

Mark De Clive-Lowe and Jody Watley (c) 2013

Backstage. Mark De Clive-Lowe and Jody Watley Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Mark De Clive-Lowe, Jody Watley, Leon Ware. Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Backstage. Mark De Clive-Lowe, Jody Watley, Leon Ware. Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Jody Watley "LIVE" theLIFT presents CHURCH Spring 2013 Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Jody Watley “LIVE” theLIFT presents CHURCH Spring 2013 Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Backstage. Limited edition Jody Watley T-shirts!

Backstage VIP Lounge. Limited edition Jody Watley T-shirts!

Pre-Show - Always staying "in the light!" Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Pre-Show – Always staying “in the light!” Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Meeting Leon Ware backstage for first time. Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Meeting Leon Ware backstage for first time. Photo: Jody Watley 2013 (c)







Thought of The Day.

There’s so much going on in the world..never become immune to the plight of others. I feel like if we all collectively put good vibes into the globe by our thoughts and actions even if for a second -though it may sound cliche, I feel it makes the world a better place. One never knows how a prayer, or well wish can have a positive impact on another’s life or struggle.

“Wishing everyone a day that brings more joy than despair, more love than anguish and more laughs than tears.” – Jody Watley

Jody Watley. Special Guest Tonight with Mark de Clive-Lowe

Tonight’s the night at a downtown Los Angeles warehouse secret location; TheLIFT presents the Spring Edition of Mark de Clive Lowe’s “CHURCH.”  This is one of those one time only events you don’t want to miss. It’s also the first time we’ll be performing together officially. Deep cuts fans of mine will know that he and I have collaborated on a few songs; Midnight Lounge (Remix) from “The Makeover”, “Tonight’s The Night,” a single we wrote together for his project a couple of years ago, as well as a funk filled dance groove he produced that we wrote titled “The Dawn.” I’m so excited to be performing and debuting that one here in Los Angeles tonight from my forthcoming new music project. The icing on the cake is that I’ll also be doing a guest vocal with Leon Ware. Underground, soulful, funky, club – yes indeed. As a note, I’ve always liked the underground club scene which served as the inspiration for one of my classic video’s “Don’t You Want Me” which was filmed at a downtown Los Angeles warehouse.

Get info: HERE

Thought of The Day.


Jody Watley. Brooklyn Bowl with French Horn Rebellion.

Despite going on at a way past my bedtime 2:00 a.m. – I had an absolutely fun time onstage with French Horn Rebellion at Brooklyn Bowl. My son, who was with me (we bowled while I waited to go on) knew their songs. It turns out their music is in rotation at his part-time job at Club Monaco all the time. Fun, danceable hyper-electronic funk – not unlike Daft Punk to a degree with less marketing, promotion and history is what the band sounds like somewhat – though I don’t like to compare. The reference is only to give an idea of the sound, which is also totally distinctly their own. The crowd was young, not hipster but totally into the music which doesn’t have to be Top 40 to be good or likable. Sprinkled in the crowd were a few Jody Watley die-hards who came out to check things out and support. It’s such a joy to be a veteran artist – and be involved with a young band of artists like this.

I came out mid set and did a brief remix they’d put together of one of my classic hits “Don’t You Want Me.” “Dancing Out” which will be their next single was up next. French Horn Rebellion were quirky and delightful with glowing accents to their denim jackets and glow in the dark custom T-shirts. Their band and onstage crew including a vibrantly hot pink coiffed backing vocalist named Bebe Panthere dancing in floral shorts was just the right touch to add to the vibe. Look for “Dancing Out” and make sure to pick up their EP “Love Is Dangerous (FHRekles Remix).” I came out to sing that one for their last song of the night – such a good vibe.

Brooklyn Bowl is a must experience, if you’ve never been. I’d add they also have great food amidst the entertainment (live music, or DJ’s) and of course – bowling and loved the staff. That sounded like a Yelp review, but it’s true.

Party people in the house!

French Horn Rebellion FT. Jody Watley, Jody Watley 2013 (c)

French Horn Rebellion FT. Jody Watley. Photo: Arie, Jody Watley 2013 (c)

Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl - Photo: Tres

Jody Watley at Brooklyn Bowl – Photo: Tres


Bebe Panthere and Jody Watley

Bebe Panthere and Jody Watley Photo: Arie (c) Jody Watley 2013

Jody Watley. Jean Paul Gaultier. Dukes of Melrose.

With Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc, Dukes of Melrose in Dita Von Teese Collection to commemorate my appearance in tonight’s episode of The Dukes.. on Bravo TV along with Dita Von Teese and focus on Jean Paul Gaultier and trendsetters!


With Christos Garkinos, launch party Dita Von Teese Collection at Decades Inc., 2012

Read my Gaultier Blog: Here

Thought of The Day.

QUOTE_SIMPLEOf course there are many other things that can be added to this daily to do list (pray, meditate, eat good healthy food, don’t sweat the small stuff, add the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz into this as well,  etc.) – these however are all great starts and reminders.


Greetings From Japan – With Love.

The shows in Tokyo at Billboard Live were a smashing success, packing the house and having the fans dancing in the aisles, singing, and love One of the Billboard Live staff said to me of all of the artists who perform there – I seem to have the most special connection to the fans, which made me feel very happy and appreciative. One person told me seeing me live and hearing my songs makes them feel strong and motivated again – that’s the power of music. Real love indeed!

We arrived in Osaka yesterday April 12 – and woke up to a 6.0 earthquake this morning. Thank God we’re all OK though I’m reading about ongoing threats from North Korea to Tokyo and of course America about nuclear attacks – which make me very pensive and sad to consider that these leaders have so much power to destroy at their fingertips. Let’s send heaps of prayers, meditation (if you do that as well) and overall positive energy into the  universe.

Blessings and love to everyone – for now I’ll focus on the the escape and good feelings music provides globally. More pics and video highlights to come! Billboard Live Osaka – get ready for a night to remember!


Photo: Jody Watley Music (c). All Rights Reserved 2013


Photo. Jody Watley Music (c). All Rights Reserved. 2013


Some of my material gifts from the fans which I always cherish and appreciate! Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) All Rights Reserved 2013

Adorable! Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) All Rights Reserved.

Adorable! Photo: Jody Watley Music (c) All Rights Reserved.