Jody Watley Classic Image and Wattage Inspiration.

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Look up. Get Up. Never Give up. Find and stay in your light. Wattage!


Classic Jody Watley Image Photography by Victoria Pearson from Smash Hits Magazine, UK.


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Jody Watley Billboard Live Tokyo 2018 In Concert Photos

It’s always a joy to come to perform and share the love with everyone. I feel very blessed to have these opportunities. Billboard Live staff is fantastic as well which also makes everything go smoothly.

Chic and Disco Fabulous – Shalamar Act 3 Of Show

Jody Watley Solo Act 1 Of Show

Jody Watley and SRL. Photography courtesy of Billboard Live.

Jody Watley and SRL Keep it Moving Studio Flow

We don’t share everything we do but enjoy it when we do.

Leaving studio – gorgeous sun kissed day with Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy

WerK it. Jody Watley ft. SRL. — it’s a group thing..solo career still going strong just added another compelling element and creative extension with Rosero McCoy and Nate Allen Smith. of are more ambient thoughtful songs.. no need for everything to be shake your ass. We each bring something to this party and it’s a very rewarding process and collaboration.

— and having fun which is the best part for me and all of us.

Nate is quick .. I wish you could always see their exchanges, Rosero tries it but usually no match for the quick comebacks.

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Two definitions

a structure spanning and providing passage over a river, chasm, road, or the like.

a connecting, transitional, or intermediate route or phase between two adjacent elements, activities, conditions, or the like

Jody Watley Classic Image of The Week.


Photography: Steven Meisel

Thank you: Instagram/jodywatleystyle

Jody Watley To Perform at Alameda County Fair.

July 8 at 8 PM. promises to be another exciting summer concert experience! This will be more of a hits themed show with music from my vast solo catalogue Hot 100, R&B and Dance Hits  as well as some choice cuts from my Shalamar days and joined by SRL.’s Nate Allen Smith and Rosero McCoy, we bring the heat and always sprinkle in something new and funky!

For info click : Here Tickets

Jody Watley Debut Album Turns 30. AndresMusicTalk

“If 80’s funk was baseball I’d say Jody Watley hit a home run on this one.” AndresMusicTalk



Jody Watley 30. Classic, Rolling Stone Magazine 87.

It’s very rewarding to see the acknowledgment of the impact of my debut.

Check out another feature writeup on music blog: AndresMusicTalk “Jody Watley’s Debut Album Turns 30: It’s Been Some Kind of Love: Here

Jody Watley. Shalamar Reloaded Friday Flashback and Update.

A year ago today Nate Allen Smith, Rosero McCoy and I were out in the Mojave Desert, Death Valley filming our first music video for SlowDance. It was a very monumental moment in our new journey. I’ve put my money where my heart is and invested in us because I believe in what we’re doing. You can’t just talk the talk – you have to walk the walk. Investing in myself isn’t new since becoming independent with Avitone in 1995 which has entailed paying for recording, photography, marketing, staff and so on. Extending the business to include Shalamar Reloaded is a big picture look as artist and entrepreneur. Certainly, it’s not the common road at this juncture in my music and professional life but one of which I’m totally enjoying and believing it will pay off it other ways doing something that hasn’t really been done like this. After the release of this single and video, it was picked up for license by Spectra Music Group. We’re currently about to do a digital distribution deal with Universal Japan for Asia and something exciting just came up with regard to a possible deal for the UK. We are also in the midst of writing and recording the forthcoming “Bridges” with a new video for “The Mood” in the pipeline.

Some people want to stay stuck in what was, could have been..I’m not one of them. It’s awesome to create,  make new goals and dreams. conquer obstacles, go out on a limb however one looks at it – now – today.

SlowDance is an in concert favorite by the way! It’s so cool to some of the couples accept our invitation and get up, put their phones down and come close.

We’d like to thank our growing new fan base and the media outlets who are showing us love by supporting what we are doing.

Shalamar_Reloaded_SlowDanceVideo_2a copy

Shalamar Reloaded. SlowDance Video Still. Sept 2, 2015 Photography All rights reserved Avid Music Inc.


Caught in a moment on location Mojave desert – SlowDance Video. Shalamar Reloaded.  Photography: All Rights Reserved Avid Music Inc.



Original. Fan Made. Hoops. Enduring Style.

This is another fun video with a take on the new Shalamar Reloaded single and video “”

Ironically in the past few days, fans have shared with me these posts heralding the jumbo hoop earring, the blend of eclectic style high and low fashion.. it’s been  pointed out “they mention other artists who have followed the trend, trends you set –  except the person who started it – you” people, learn it! “What you mean you don’t know about my hoops!”


Read the Teen VOGUE Post: HERE – News Flash to the Teen VOGUE style writers – they’ve always been chic – and never left! I think it’s wonderful that the style endures generation to generation. To see them the Jody Watley Hoops -always makes me smile. Go girls – WerK!!





Don’t You Want Me – 1988. Recently signed with love from legendary designer Jean Paul-Gaultier.


JodyWatley_OriginalVideo_Still1_SRL – Jody Watley 2016 

Thank You Ramshead Onstage and Blues Alley

bluesalley_sign_shalamar_reloaded_jodywatleyAll of the shows on our DC and Maryland swing were memorable for a variety of reasons. Each venue had great staff, food – and all of the audiences who came out in force to check us out made the experience an absolute joy. New members Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy are being embraced and applauded at every show. Nate steps out into the audience to screams now as he handles the male lead vocals – I love that! With his infectious energy and charm, he’s hard to resist. Rosero is smashing the stage and mesmerizing with his moves and charm as well. The audience can feel what we have is real  – the connection and what we’re bringing to the stage. Performing ‘SlowDance’ is also cool because right away with the intro – people respond which represents they know the song now and sing along as they sway with us side to side.

My new single ‘DANCER’ is a highlight of the new Jody Watley set – as I get people to feel the release of ‘werking it and getting in the music!” It’s a party but I make sure to send everyone back into the world with love and gratitude for being alive – living in the moment, the now.

Nate, Rosero and I also had our first movie day together. I can tell you this was also a first for me – in my previous Shalamar life that would have never happened.

Thank you Ramshead Onstage and Blues Alley (it was an honor to be a part of the 50th year anniversary milestone) for having us. Thank you to everyone who came out. I’m thankful for my blessings and being able to share the gift of music.

The journey!

We are bringing music, dance and style to the stage. Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley and Nate Allen Smith. Shalamar® Reloaded

We are bringing music, dance and style to the stage – there is no one doing and giving the people what we’re doing right now.. Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley and Nate Allen Smith. Shalamar® Reloaded

Nate Allen Smith, Bryan Monroe (former editor and analyst at CNN, editor of JET and Ebony), Kim Keating, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded for a new era

Nate Allen Smith, Bryan Monroe (former editor and analyst at CNN, editor of JET and Ebony), Kim Keating, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded for a new era, backstage at Blues Alley after a soldout concert.

Jody Watley and Nikki Strong WHUR / Voice of America at Blues Alley

Jody Watley and Nikki Strong WHUR / Voice of America at Blues Alley

Rosero, Jody and Nate take in 007 "Spectre" at a Regal 16 Theatre in VA.

Shalamar in the house!Rosero, Jody and Nate take in 007 “Spectre” at a Regal 16 Theatre in VA.

Nate Allen Smith photographed by Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded

Nate Allen Smith photographed by Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded (shared via Instagram)

Selfie. Jody Watley backstage at Blues Alley 2015.

Selfie. Jody Watley rocking twists and braids – backstage at Blues Alley 2015.

Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® - Style.

Rosero McCoy. Shalamar®  Reloaded- Style.

Jody Watley and Shalamar® poster at Ramshead Onstage

Jody Watley and Shalamar® poster at Ramshead Onstage

Live at Ramshead Onstage. Jody Watley and Shalamar® 2015

Live at Ramshead Onstage. Jody Watley and Shalamar® 2015 (via Instagram)

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