Jody Watley – Affairs Of The Heart. Happy 30th Anniversary.

Jody Watley. 1991.

Happy 30th Anniversary “AFFAIRS OF THE HEART” released on this day 12.3. 1991 featuring the hit singles “ I Want You”, “I’m The One You Need”, and the inspirational “It All Begins With You”

“..the new album celebrates love, togetherness, commitment and communication.” – Jody Watley

“Affairs Of The Heart” was released at a difficult time in my personal life and marriage as it began to unravel in addition to MCA being sold and morphing into Universal Music Group and a new regime at the top. It was very meaningful album in my catalog as artist and songwriter, not for everyone especially those who wanted the formula and vibe of my first two albums. Ever fearless, always thoughtful about my music, art and evolution – always me.

The reception was disappointing overall in many ways though 2 of the singles did well-not blockbusters but respectable. That said I don’t regret my creative choice and to this day don’t like the notion of being predictable, stagnant. Each album from my debut through today with my most recent reflect where I am and how I feel as opposed to what will sell the most – that is not really what being an artist is about, to me.

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