Andre Cymone Wishes Jody Watley Happy Birthday and Notes 35th Anniversary of Solo Debut Album In Heart Warming Video.

Musician, Songwriter, Producer Andre Cymone, an early collaborator with Jody Watley on her solo debut album, co-writing hits like “Looking For A New Love” “Still A Thrill” “Some Kind of Lover” and subsequent hits “Real Love”, “Friends” “I Want You” on their work together over 4 albums. Andre Cymone joined Jody Watley for the first time onstage for the first 35th Anniversary Solo Debut Concert 1. 28. 22. Andre sat down for an interview and also recorded this message for the Grammy winner, also giving respect and praise for her influence on other female artists.

The former couple were also married divorcing in 1994 and have one son Arie. Andre Cymone has since remarried.

OTD. Jody Watley Blockbuster First Single “Looking For A New Love” Debuts On Billboard Charts

January 31, 1987

“Looking For A New Love”

by GRAMMY® Winner Jody Watley 

Debuted on the Billboard Hot R&B chart peaking at #1, ruling the Number 1 spot for 3 weeks!

Writers: Jody. Watley, Andre Cymone

Produced by Andre Cymone and David Z.

Additional Chart History:

#1 Dance

#2 Hot 100

The Grammy nominated solo debut single : Jody Watley “Looking For A New Love”

A Celebration. Jody Watley Brings Out Surprise Guest Andre Cymone At 35th Solo Debut Anniversary Concert

It was truly a celebration night of music in the first concert commemorating the international multi-platinum solo debut album “Jody Watley”, the Best New Artist Grammy win and so much more at Sycuan Resort & Casino in San Diego, California.

Former collaborator and producer Andre Cymone who co-wrote much of the debut with Watley was a surprise guest and joined in the concert playing guitar on several cuts. Jody Watley and Andre Cymone, who also made cameo appearances in music videos “Don’t You Want Me” and “Some Kind Of Lover” worked together on 4 albums from 1987-1993. Cymone continues to write and record on his various solo endeavors with politically minded themes more in the rock vein – but he hasn’t lost his funky riffs as evidenced onstage. The show was fast paced and hit packed with Watley performing songs from the debut album never performed live previously “Do It To The Beat” “Love Injection” as well as the rarely performed “Most Of All”. The show also featured hits from subsequent albums in addition the current single “Whenever” from the Top 5 UK Soul EP “Renderings” The Alex Di Cio’ Remixes. The concert included a multi-colored ballon drop to the delight of the packed house. Future Jody Watley 35th Anniversary Celebration concerts are planned throughout 2022 in select limited cities due to the ongoing pandemic.

“To not only celebrate my solo debut, but the longevity of my solo career still at top of my game as an independent artist, songwriter, producer and so on – is truly special. To share it will my fans and also those who mean so much in my life. My daughter Lauren, and son Arie were there flying in from each coast to share in the evening, seeing Andre and I onstage together was epic and truly meaningful in so many ways. We wondered why we haven’t done this before. On top of that for Lauren and Arie to be here for my birthday as well just made the entire weekend magical. Some people out there try to force what they think is important to you when it’s not important at all. This weekend is what it’s all about. I’m so blessed and can’t wait for future shows in select cities celebrating Jody Watley 35.” – Jody Watley

Jody Watley – casual before the show taking in the scenery.
Former husband and wife and collaborators Andre Cymone and Jody Watley reunited to commemorate the monumental Jody Watley Solo Debut album pictured at soundcheck, Sycuan Resort and Casino.
Jody Watley and Andre Cymone. 1.28.22 – Sycuan Casino
Andre Cymone and Jody Watley – performing the hit “Still A Thrill”
Grammy Winning Artist – Jody Watley. Celebrating 35th Anniversary Solo Debut.
Jody Watley. 1.28.2022
Jody Watley. Andre Cymone. 1.28. 22
Jody Watley – Birthday Art by Shawn West. 1.30.22

The evening was also a pre-birthday party for Jody Watley. On Sunday 1.30. 2022 Watley received numerous messages from music outlets, fans from around the world in addition to special greetings from music legend Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs, and heartfelt post from Andre Cymone on his social media pages.

“Today is a very beautiful day for a very beautiful person. I want to wish Jody Watley a very Happy Birthday. I just have to share a few moments from such an amazing event in celebration of Jody, her work and her birthday. I stood backstage watching video highlights of all her accomplishments and was reminded of her dedication to breaking new ground always. I can’t really express how proud I’ve always been of our collaborations. We created so much magic together and when she invited me to join her on stage for the 35th Anniversary of the release of her hit Looking For a New Love we created even more magic. So thank you Jody and Happy Birthday. ” – Andre Cymone

More video of the triumphant night to come.

Jody Watley Celebrating Another Year Around The Sun.

Jody Watley. 1.30.2022. Living With Joy. Birthday Wattage!

In gratitude for another year around the sun – living with love and joy being and doing me, completely embracing what’s important in my life on this journey, wiser, stronger and feeling more beautiful than ever.

Grammy winning solo artist , songwriter, producer, entrepreneur  – owner of Avitone Recordings, Jody Watley Shop (creator of signature line of luxury soy candles) Avid Music, Jody Watley Music Publishing.

Listed as one of Billboard Magazines Top 60 Hot 100 Female Artists Of All Time, Top 25 Dance Artists of All Time, Billboard Dance Music Lifetime Achievement Recipient- Style Icon & Trendsetter … the professional accolades are amazing and still doing what I love, how I want to do it.

The most meaningful enriching part of my life is being Mom of 2 outstanding children,Lauren and Arie, raising them into grounded, intelligent and kind young adults, is everything. They are my hearts  – I’m blessed! To have them fly home to attend my 35th Anniversary Solo Debut Concert, which also included a special surprise guest Andre Cymone means more than any of you know for them to see us together onstage for the first time – ever. Having them home for this weekend here to celebrate my birthday is the best gift.

Thank you all to those support me and bring love and respect to my social media pages, continue to buy stream my music, buy tickets to my concerts, buy my merchandise and candles, take time to read my inspirational blogs and drop me kind words, giving me flowers daily …. thank you – I appreciate you!!

MCA Records Presents Jody Watley With Platinum Album For Solo Debut – Classic Rewind Photo.

Knocked it out of the park from the first single “Looking For A New Love” and first album – Jody Watley. I’ll be sharing highlights throughout 2022 and doing celebration concerts in select cities, due to the ongoing pandemic. I’m so thankful for everyone involved in this record, especially Jheryl Busby who understood me – look how he’s smiling in this photo, like a proud Papa! He was forced out of MCA on my second album – but we did the damn thing on this – all involved. Rest In Glory Jheryl Busby and Louil Silas Jr.

Looking forward to celebrating the 35th Anniversary Friday 1.28.22 Sycuan Casino Resort 8 PM in concert – all I can say is this will be a festive night – it’s also a pre-birthday celebration too.

Always believe in yourself and follow YOUR OWN path, that will always be my message to the world.

Jody Watley To Guest DJ For Black History Month on SiriusXM – The 80s on 8

One of the defining artists of the 80’s and one of music’s most enduring women in music – Grammy Award Winning Pop R&B Icon Jody Watley will be a guest DJ at these times and will spin 8 of some of her favorite jams.

Tuesday Feb. 1 12 PM. EST

Wednesday Feb. 9 3 PM EST.

Jody Watley- On Staying In The Light, Self Care and Boundaries.

Let your light shine! Loving being who I was born to be – me – JODY WATLEY! In gratitude always.

I want all of you to do the same – stay in your magic there’s always dark forces to distract you from being who you were born and choose to be. Society in many ways is set up to make us feel less than it question ourselves in one way or another. Keep shining!

If you find others getting upset when you set boundaries, chances are that they are the ones who have previously benefited, don’t respect your rights or don’t have enough self respect to set any themselves. Self-care is always doing what’s best for you and having the confidence to be who you were intended to be. Carry on!

Be Mindful.


Be Mindful On Your Path. Wattage Thoughts.

Be mindful: not everyone gets it – your life, your path – it’s yours. Not everyone sees your vision or wants to take the time to understand – they are caught up on their version of you whether present or outdated and want to force you into their dream – it’s not your reality. Not everyone stays on the journey, on this path with you-not everyone was meant to. It’s difficult for some people to accept when a person is truly committed to their path in life. Other people’s opinions aren’t your concern, be it bad or good. Keep going and being mindful of what feeds your soul, goodness and personal growth – in silence.

In a passage from one of my favorite books “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, he writes “As you make a habit of not taking anything personally, you won’t need to place your trust in what other’s do or say and will avoid needless suffering. You will only need to trust yourself to make responsible choices. You are never responsible for the actions of others, you are only responsible for you….nothing they think about me is really about me – it’s about them.” This really resonates because for so long there are those who have created a false trope of anger, bitterness, grudges – when there is none, it’s gaslighting and narcissistic. That is their poison and emotional baggage being peddled as someone else’s. Be mindful.

In this internet age, people want reactions and drama, be mindful – it is not about you, it’s about them whoever is feeding the flames so to speak. When you are at peace, no explanation is needed. Be at peace without fanfare or need for attention and public spectacle. As I’ve gotten older, I continue to get better at this because I realize people will always come with their own beliefs and biases, emotional poison and baggage. I remind myself to be mindful of my own personal inner-peace, that is self-care. Boundaries are a form of self-care. No public spectacles required to prove anything in a continued personal evolution in each stage of life on this journey. Let whoever, think whatever – it’s about them, not you. Be mindful.

I want to share this, which was sent to me by a dear friend and colleagues of mine Bill Coleman from Peace Bisquit yesterday and I think it’s so profound :

This is true and happened many times to various people in my life along the way – just in the course of living life, no public announcements required, no need to prove anything to anyone when and where the forgiveness occurred especially when it’s decades ago, or in whatever present tense it may be – and no matter how many times I’ve been excoriated by others. Should you cross paths wit these types of people no longer on your journey – be cordial in the irrelevance of that person or persons. They have been released and don’t take up mental or emotional space. Be mindful. It’s like when you pray or meditate, or go through any healing – it’s a personal action – you release it and move on. Be wary of those manipulative ‘gaslighters – it’s not about you, it’s about them feeling threatened, wanting people to believe and support their version of events and a need to feel a sense of power and control. Be mindful, wish them well and keep moving in silence, no explanation required. Remember the opinions of others is not your concern. Be mindful.


Carry on. Live your life and be happy! 

Jody Watley. Finds Her New Love With Solo Success. Rolling Stone Magazine 1987 Solo Debut Feature

Jody Watley Solo Debut Feature – Rolling Stone Magazine 1987
Written by Anthony DeCurtis.

In celebrating the 35th Anniversary Solo Debut of the breakout “Jody Watley”album. Sharing archives of content that precedes the internet and social media.. Though firmly rooted in the now – the 35th seems worthy to note on such a timeless pivotal project – the video, photo’s, and highlighting the fact that breaking through into some of these publications was so rare for a black artist at that time, there were only a few.

This is my first Rolling Stone Magazine feature. It’s interesting to look back and see the context of the write-ups, how they framed it ( I was never trying to replicate anyone – rather, create my own fashionable and unique lane – no choreography, never tons of dancers in sync because from my point of view Michael and Janet Jackson had that on lock and were owning it. These articles inevitable contain errors (such as I left Shalamar in 1983 not 1984..)

It was a priority for me to establish myself as Jody Watley – solo entity, not a former member of.. to highlight the fact that I was no ones ingenue came with a strong vision, writing songs – very focused and strong willed.

Women are still often written about in a rather marginalizing manner, decades later. I continue to strive to be my own person focused on my art, business of Jody Watley and of course my happiness along the way – with style and grace.

Spread A Little Sunshine. Wattage Thoughts.

Jody Watley. January 2022. Selfie.

Gorgeous day in LA, in gratitude, always tending to the business of Jody Watley, my well being just living and loving life, my career and all that matters to me, I recommend it to everyone, live your life daily with joy, it will piss some people off that’s ok, keep doing you – Love to all!

“Renderings” The UK Soul Chart Top 5 Alex Di Ciò Remixes Out Now!

Be UpLifted.

See you next week January 28-San Diego/ El Cajon Sycuan Casino Resort let’s celebrate my Grammy Winning 35th Anniversary Solo Debut AND Aquarius Season!

Sometimes a smile a small gesture can bring sunshine to someone else and make their day — be sunshine.