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Grammy Award Winning Artist and Music Icon Jody Watley on “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan” at 6:30pm PST.

This conversation is going to be informative and compelling, and it’s also airing on FOX Affiliate stations in various cities such as New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Detroit; including streaming services from the Fox Soul app, Youtube page, website, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, XUMO and

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Black Lives Still Matter. Police Reform and Accountability. Scenes From The Neighborhood.

WAYS YOU CAN TAKE ACTION. Add your voice to the petition: Color of Change
Elijah McClain
This needs to stop. Justice for Elijah.
Elijah played his violin for cats waiting to be adopted on his breaks.

These are more images I’ve captured around Beverly Hills and Hollywood since my one of my previous blogs.

The officers have still not be arrested or charged-they shot Breonna 8 times while she was home in her own bed.
I found myself in the middle of the tail end of a peaceful protest so I joined in the chants from my car. No racist police.

My heart is heavy with each of these killings, as a human being as a black Mom of a daughter and son – we must fight on in the midst of living life for police reform, defunding, whatever needs to be done – it’s beyond time. Beyond the hashtags, slogans and definitely beyond what we are not asking for (Black Lives Matter streets, Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben getting removed from product, realtors removing term “master” bedroom, non black actors stepping down from voicing black animated characters..) we need an end to systemic racism and police brutality.

Becoming Anti-Racist.

A couple of updates: The 3 men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery have been charged with murder.

In the George Floyd case charges have been filed against the officers. Two are out on bail..

Minneapolis police ban chokeholds due to public pressure. The AP

One officer fired in the murder of Breonna Taylor – no arrests have been made. CNN

Baby steps – with a long way to go.

Wattage Thoughts. Medicine.

Be medicine to someone – give a smile, a kind word, listening to a friend who just needs an understanding ear, donating to someone in need..telling someone you love – how much they mean to you, wear a mask, do something for your own mind, body and spirit. More love.


Father’s Day Reflections. Celebrating My Father.

Though it’s been decades – not a single days goes by when I don’t think of or miss my Dad -Rev.John Watley Jr.

I’m glad I was able to know him, many kids don’t have relationships with their Dads unfortunately. My father the first one to claim my destiny as a music star. He was always bragging about me his “Princess” his “Superstar.” He didn’t live to see all of it but his prophecy for me came true. My Dad instilled in me many pearls of wisdom and character that continue to inspire and keep me strong Dad was also charismatic in and out of the pulpit, a showman, first stylish male figure I saw, never wore jeans, always read the newspaper paper, made sure I read the encyclopedia, and so many strict rules that I grew to appreciate once I grew up. He had a great smile (I have his smile and forehead, and cheekbones) was a visionary in the COGIC a fact that also got him excommunicated because he openly accepted gay people and spoke on it. This is a subject I learned about later growing up through my Mom. He had love for all; embraced and created the concept “Christmas In August” (don’t wait to be charitable or giving, and don’t wait to use your nice things or to celebrate life). Seeing how the church people did him made me not religious or one of organized religion – but more of a spiritual person. I cover this in my in progress memoir.

I’m an Aquarian like him – his birthday is the day before mine. He was outside the box – I got that from him. My Dad loved fresh salads and spicy foods-I do too!

His sudden passing in 1982 changed how I live my life – cherish each day and those you love-never take either for granted. I can always hear him saying “It’s not what other people think of you -it’s what you think of yourself “ “.. only the strong survive” “always have your own money..” endless gems.

Continue to Rest In Peace Dad.
Happy Father’s Day.

Note: I have no pictures of my father and I together- at one one our family lost everything in storage when we went through a tough time. I have only a couple of him. He would have loved seeing Tiger Woods success I’m sure.

I love this one of him as a young man-making history in golf, he endured racism coming up of course and wanting to be a pro golfer at the time.

My Dad would give up his passion for the sport to follow his own fathers path into the ministry.

NEW. Jody Watley. The Healing Lyric Video.

“The Healing” – Jody Watley now live on the Official Jody Watley YouTube Channel.

Visuals by Shawn West.

Celebrating Juneteenth. Eric B & Rakim. Friends.

JUNE 19 — Today Happy Juneteenth :: I’m so looking forward to to being a part of this live stream celebrating Eric B & Rakim “Let The Rhythm Hit Em’ 30- other guests include Chuck D, Fat Joe, Dapper Dan Harlem, Dr. Cornel West and more 5:30PM PST / 8:30 PM EST!!

Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em came out 30 years ago so we’re going live on Today the new app caffeine . Follow at to celebrate with us.

Jody Watley. The Healing Lyric Video Update.

Jody Watley - The Healing Art Final

Tune in tomorrow June 19, 2020 –  11 AM PST / 2 PM EST to Jody Watley Official Youtube Channel to check out the previously delayed lyric video to the current and timely release “The Healing.”

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Jody Watley Vintage TBT Photo of The Week – In Rifat Ozbek.

Jody Watley_Rifat Ozbek_Johnny Rozsa Photography_91

Jody Watley. 1991.

Photography: Johnny Rozsa

Makeup: Paul Starr


Jody Watley. BMI Stay At Home Session Replay On YouTube.

In case you missed the live mini set this afternoon: