Jody Watley – Birthday Wattage.

On the eve of my birthday, my friend Christos Garkinos of Decades Inc. and the forthcoming new Bravo TV series “Dukes of Melrose” took me out to dinner to the chic Fig and Olive on Melrose Place. As always, a fun time was had by all!

Birthday Girl. Thought of the Day.


Me, today – January 30, 2013.


At 18 – WerKin it in Shalamar, 1 or 2 years into the music business


Still fabulous at 54!

Every day is a blessing, and I really try to live my life on that principal – birthdays are a refresher course. I’m sure I have a poignant post in me for what this day means..being another year older and all – but really I’m grateful in this moment because I’m still here – you’re here – we’re here in this crazy unpredictable world on this journey of life; love, pain, joy, disappointments, triumphs, twists and turns, highs, lows, life lessons, pleasures, sorrows, laughs, heartbreak and everything in between – fabulous! I’m ready for the next chapter, as always.

Upper and Lower Photo’s: Jody Watley (c) 2013

Middle Photo: Photographer Unknown

Jody Watley. New Music Update.


My recent music collaboration with electro pop duo French Horn Rebellion “Cold Enough” is now available at iTunes from their EP “Love is Dangerous.” This keeps in line with my creative progression and joining forces with unexpected partners and keeps my musical journey fresh. Additionally, I’m going to do some appearances with the band and perform in front of their younger generation unaware of my history (I love that), allowing another type of freedom and broadening of my fan base in a non-contrived way. Often, I feel older fans just want the ‘previous’ and long ago incarnations – namely my first 2 solo albums’ and aren’t always open-minded of my continued growth, creative experimentation and evolution. My thing is to always do what feels natural and authentic to me – and each time I’ve planned, envisioned, conceived, recorded and released an album – my goals and motivations have changed. Each year when The GRAMMY’s come around, and as a former nominee and ‘Best New Artist’ winner; I can truly say that I continue to be a torch bearer for longevity, artistic progression and that indomitable spirit of being ‘new’ – even as I’ve continued to blossom in age.

In line with that, I recently connected with funky Australian and globally acclaimed music artist Sam Sparro and we’re in the midst of a couple of fabulous collaborations – one for Chameleon, one for him. I’m also writing with one of music’s best electronic bands out of London – that I’ve been a fan of since their debut. This is another major major creative milestone for me, and I can’t wait to tell you about it – soon! The one and only ‘modern funk‘ master Dam-Funk is also still in the mix, along with Count De Money and Richard Morel. What’s also fun is the inclusion of one of Shalamar’s original male lead vocalists Gerald “Take That To The Bank” Brown who contributed vocals to one of the mixes of the forthcoming single ‘Nightlife’ – perfect for the classic disco modern funk inspired song-this song and collaboration with Count De Money from Peace Bisquit also provided a perfect way for me to give a node to my Shalamar past. This is quality music as my standards have remained high.

The one time only sold out musical event ‘Loving The Silent Tears’ directed by the legendary Vincent Paterson is still receiving praise around the world. As one of the stars of the global cast if you missed it I must say it was really something to behold and experience. The cast album is available for purchase, including my African tinged ‘A Real Fool’ written and composed by Grammy winner and Emmy nominee Nan Schwartz and Oscar winner Al Kasha. Learn more here: 

Speaking of ‘Chameleon,’ I’ve been working with the title for some time now and have recently considered changing as the process as evolved – we’ll see. One thing is certain – I will be finally be releasing singles and the full length in 2013 the follow-up to my 2006 #3 iTunes Electronic album and former #1 VirginMega exclusive “The Makeover.” Stay tuned.

essence-fest-2013I’m looking forward to my performance this summer at Essence Festival, and will be letting you know about upcoming shows in and a handful of other select rare engagements coming soon. Up next, my concerts on the sold-out first ever ‘Soul Train Cruise: The Hippest Trip At Sea,’  February 17-24. March 23, Yoshi’s Oakland. More to be announced.

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Photo: Jody Watley (c)

Thought of the Day.

Every day may not be perfect or meet our expectations. One of my dear friends once said “Every day can’t be lollipops and rainbows”, which is so true. Like you, I’m prone to my moods and challenges even when the sun is shining. We deal with disappointments, frustrations and so forth – but I’m a firm believer in counting blessings not woes. So, “LIVE” “LOVE” and most of all keep your sense of humor and “LAUGH” – it’s always good for the soul! jodywatley_livelovelaugh_quotepic

Photo: Luke Duval

Makeup: Billy B.

Hair: Syd Curry

Jody Watley. Weekend Jam.

From the #3 iTunes Top Electronic Album “The Makeover” written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI), and Mark De Clive Lowe, Remix Produced by Mark de Clive Lowe. The original version appears on the critically acclaimed “Midnight Lounge.”

Jody Watley Is Still A Thrill

I have always been reinventing myself…I like to challenge myself and keep it interesting. I like evolution. It is part of my journey as an artist. ~ Jody Watley, 2012, More Magazine
I cannot recall when I first heard Jody Watley’s music.  But I know that I’ve been a fan nearly all my life.  There’s something about Watley that’s always moved and fascinated me.  She’s a multi-talented, intelligent, knockout beauty who’s always been at the top of her game.  Whether it was dancing on Soul Train, being an original member of Shalamar, or being a solo artist, Watley has always stood out from the rest as a trailblazing, trendsetting phenom in music, video, style, fashion, and dance…, BuddahDesmond

Read the full article here:

Photographer: Lauren Watley

Thought of The Day – Surround Yourself..


Photo Quote (via): EverythingYNTK on Facebook.


Jody Watley. Ageless Chic. Black and White for Spring 2013.

“ know it’s funnny – funny how time flies as I’ve watched days turn into yeeaars..” – lyric from ‘Still a Thrill’

Though the pairing of black and white has always been a classic in fashion and runway mainstay it’s back at the forefront of what’s hot for Spring 2013. I can’t help but recall wearing it  back in 1980 for a photo session I did while a member of the group Shalamar. In fashion, everything comes back around in some form or another.

If I see something I like and buy it; it’s simply about what appeals to me and my individual style and taste – this has remained consistent with me through the years. If you’ve been around for a ‘trend’ that has returned and you choose to wear it;  it’s about what works for you now. It’s key to not be stuck in what worked in the past – make it work for you now. The same applies to make-up you can’t wear the same hues that you did as a teen or young adult. Tweak, revise, remix, update! In this case I paired my new black and white blouse from Zara with bright orange slacks from H&M – effortless and relaxed chic.

The photo of me on the left is from 1980 when I was in Shalamar, the photo on the right was a couple of nights ago at a party I attended; still fabulous and still me – aging gracefully. If we’re lucky, we’re all going to get older; the key is to do it with style and grace!

Jody Watley Style.  Left (1980), Right (2013)

Jody Watley Bold  Style. Left (1980), Right (2013)

Mickey Boardman (Paper Magazine), Jody Watley

Mickey Boardman (Paper Magazine), Jody Watley

Photo’s: Jody Watley

Jody Watley NEW Wattage Episode.

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Thought of The Day.