Wattage Thoughts. Procrastination.

Stop overthinking, procrastinating and waiting for the right time..you are simply delaying your progress moving forward on whatever your goal (s) may be. Get out of your own way, get out of your own head. Life is not standing still — Do It!


Monday Wattage. Stay Motivated.

It’s easy to get discouraged, feel a lull or hit the Covid 19 wall – find ways to keep yourself motivated. Keep learning, growing and going.


Let The Sun Shine In. Weekend Vibes.

Let the sun shine in! A wonderful weekend to all. Stay in the light and spread light – metaphorically and otherwise.

Shout out to all of my fellow Aquarians!!


Welcome February 2021. Wattage Thoughts.

Do your thing – Don’t wait! Your life, your journey, your goals.


In Celebration of My Father. Born On This Day.

I lit extra candles today, didn’t capture them all here .. next to pics of my Dad celebration remembrance his born day today January 29 – my father Rev. John Watley Jr. was my first true encourager- his Princess Jody – His SuperStar, as he called and claimed when I was a little girl .. Love is Eternal – though he passed away decades ago in 1982-he’s always in my heart and memories – and I always hope to continue to make him proud and follow my own path. His sudden passing changed my life – to live your own life with joy and cherish each day – weather your storms and keep going as best you can.


Wattage Thoughts. Don’t Be Afraid To Rock Alone.

Thanks Ty Hunter for this quote – totally resonates. Don’t wait for approval from others on making moves or for others to be ready for your journey –

Shine on. Wattage!

Wattage Thoughts. Mindfulness.

Thought I’d pass this along.


Wattage Thoughts. Be A Light.

“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Wharton


Wattage Thoughts. Today.

Wattage Thoughts. Set The Tone For Your Day.

Setting the tone for your day makes a difference no matter the turmoil of the world. Gratitude and thanks – positive affirmations, favorite candles and a favorite hot cup of your morning drink of choice! The best of the day to you.

Jody Watley. Sanctuary. Home. Set The Tone.