Weekend Wattage. Small Cups Of Joy. The Simple Things In Life.

A cup of whatever you like – that brings a smile, a sense of calm, comfort and joy. It’s especially nice on an autumn afternoon or evening. Treat yourself – you deserve it.


Wattage Thoughts. Morning Walks. Wellness and Daily Gratitude.

Morning Wattage!
Me – my shadow and my thoughts.
A beautiful autumn day.

Morning power walks have been a longtime part of my lifetfyle though there have been times I haven’t been as diligent and disciplined. Now – if I don’t feel like going out, I tell myself just go – even if you do a 10 minutes it’s better than nothing. My goal is usually 3 miles and I’m always happy when I exceed it with 4 miles, 4.5, 4.1 – I’m like Yess!

Walking is a great way to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, increase your heart health and overall mood. I make it a point to look around at the beautiful trees and flowers, the sky – the things that remind us the beauty of nature and life. There are so many blogs are I see really heavy on promoting who’s wearing what super expensive designer item..and not being judgmental because I love nice things..but as life goes along and getting older you appreciate or should appreciate that many of the best things are free. Taking moments of solitude to clear your mind of cluttering thoughts, social media, news.. is important. If you don’t live in the best neighborhood find a local park.

Whatever you choose to do the point is to keep moving and never take for granted just looking up – whether the sky is gray, full of clouds or blue – it’s another reminder to appreciate life and not get jaded. The autumn season is perfect to really be reminded of the beauty of changing seasons before it gets too cold to be out – take advantage of it. Do something good for your mind, body and spirit daily.


Weekend Wattage. Live. Love. Laugh.

Jody Watley – Casual Weekend Chic!

Wishing everyone the best of the weekend!


Monday Wattage Thoughts. You Are The CEO Of Your Life.

You are the CEO of your life. You are allowed to hire, fire, demote – promote and adjust your life path and vision how you see fit. Make sure you have a great team, remain open to learn and grow but know that you must have and take agency over your life and decisions. Handle your business – your life.


Wattage Thoughts. Your Calling. Live Your Life.

People always chiming in on what other people should be doing..if you are living your life’s passion and dreams, pursuing your personal goals it’s not for others to understand as this quote says. Keep going – do you. I’m reshaping this.. can’t say it enough.

Carry on.


Rewind. Jody Watley ‘Illinois Entertainer’ Cover Feature

Jody Watley. Cover Story September 1987
Jody Watley. Photography by Victoria Pearson
It’s a good feeling to be reminded that I continue to remain true to myself and continued growth -and living my own life with happiness.


Monday Motivation. Wattage Thoughts. People.

Pay attention. It’s not what people say – it’s what they do that will always let you know where you really stand with people. Actions will always speak louder than words – this is true both personally and professionally.


New Day. New Week. New Month. Let’s Go!

Earlier this morning on morning walk. I did another quick one for my YouTube channel now that they have ‘Shorts’ – and my third one is on my Facebook page where I asked what do you do to stay healthy – mind, body and spirt? What have you incorporated into your lifestyle?


Welcome August. Manifest Your Goals and Intentions.

Wishing everyone the best of the month. Set your positive intentions and work to manifest them, write them down to make them more real. The universe will often work with you when you are working toward your goals. It may not all go smoothly – but keep going that’s always key. Your choice – one day or day one.

I’ll be seeing some of you this month –

Chicago -August 7 – Northalsted Market Days Festival

Cabazon / Palm Springs -August 19 – Morongo Resort and Casino.


Wattage Thoughts. Stay Solid On Your End.