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Thought of the Day. Think Big!

quote_think_bigIt’s true that life is a succession of  moments and experiences running the gamut from big to small. Remember that if you settle for less – you will always get less than what you would have settled for.

Plan, prepare, dream, strive and think big and don’t get stuck in a rut of small and narrow thinking. Some people as they get older it seems their idea’s may become smaller; I hope to avoid that. Expand and keep an open mind and a healthy outlook on life, people, experiences and everything in between.


Jody Watley. LIVE At Yoshi’s Oakland.



Thought of The Day. Breathe and Relax.

You don’t have to be at sea to allow for a bit of breathing room and mental space in the midst of your day. Visualize a peaceful place, remove mental clutter for a few seconds or minutes.

Breathe. Relax.oceanview_jw_soultraincruise_mini


Photo: Jody Watley (c) 2013

Taken at sea aboard Soul Train Cruise February 2013.

Jody Watley. Song of the Day. “It All Begins With You.”



Just back from the inaugural Soul Train Cruise 2013. I’ll be posting and sharing thoughts and photo’s. Being at sea and and looking out at the majestic natural beauty of the ocean made me think of this song from my third album “Affairs of The Heart.” When I recorded it, my thought was to celebrate my father and to show my gratitude and thank you to God and the universe. My experience onboard wasn’t flawless, but I’m glad to have been a part of it and I had a ton of fun. If you can’t change the situation – change your attitude.

It’s not lost on me that what we generate into the world on a daily basis is also a very pivotal part of living.

Blessings and love.


Black History Fashion Icons. Jody Watley.

From StellarInc.:



For this edition of Black History Fashion Icons I will be focusing on one of my fashion icons, Jody Watley!

Jody Watley started off her career at just 14 being a dancer on the hit tv show, Soul Train, as a dancer. Jody fast became popular on the show for her killer moves and her trendsetting style…

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Photo: Steven Meisel

Thought of the Day. Love Beyond Valentine’s Day.



Photo Card (c): Jody Watley 2013

Jody Watley Cardio Jam of the Day. “Candlelight”

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Jody Watley. Spinner. Grammy Winners and Their Statues.


“Grammy winners reveal what happened to their statues after the event.” Including Henry Rollins, OK Go, Alannah Miles, Jody Watley, and more: Read the article here:  Spinner

Stylenote: I wore  a vintage turquoise cocktail dress and paired with a customized black leather biker jacket to give the outfit edge and of course my signature jumbo hoop earrings!


Jody Watley. Song of the Day. “More.”

Written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI), Rodney Lee (Dream Planet Music, BMI) Produced by Jody Watley and Rodney Lee for Innocent Bystander Productions. “More” from the 2003 critically acclaimed full length “Midnight Lounge”. – “Best album of her career..” – Blues and Soul, UK