Be Selective. A Tip To Personal Wellness and Self-Care

You don’t have to roll with everyone – be selective with who you give your time, access and energy to.


Monday Wattage Thoughts.

This resonated with me and so I’m passing it along for anyone that might need this message today.


Home Vibes.

Live Today – Each Day In Gratitude. Create an atmosphere great for your mind, body and spirit. These principles have always been a way of life for me and I feel blessed to be able to share that with you in creating these home products of ‘Sanctuary.’

We all have down days as well and lighting a candle – saying a positive affirmation is always a good pick me up.

Wattage Thoughts. Take Time For Yourself.

Just a few reminders for your well being and say ‘No’ if you’re not feeling up to something to do any of these things as well.