Today’s Inspiration: Push

Some doors close for a reason and should remain that way – others you have to kick and push through. Pay attention and learn the difference.

Saturday Greetings. Jody Watley Update

Happening this month – Blue Note Napa

January 27. Timeless!

I’ll be performing some of my favorites and fan requested songs from The Saturday Night Experience Volume 1, Midnight Lounge and The Makeover and of course a few hits to round out the evening.

A celebration of life and music.

Jody Watley Dance To Fitness. A Milestone Classic Photo Of The Day

If there is no opportunity or representation-create it. Flashback to 1990 – “Dance to Fitness” which went on to become a number one fitness million selling video – “I wanted to do this because there were no videos by women of color in the health and fitness was time and my music is perfect for it.”

Of the many business and marketing ideas (clothing line, cosmetic endorsements, a signature perfume) I had back then, this is one that actually came to fruition.

Another reason I’m so happy for Rihanna with her endeavors – the times often dictate and the door is opened a bit wider each generation.

Thought of The Day. Honesty and Loyalty Matter

If people are friends with your enemies- they are probably your enemy too. Not everyone wishes you well.

That’s just me. Know your circle.

Jody Watley Classic Photo Of The Day London Sunday Times Magazine

Did someone say National Bird Day?!

Photo is Polaroid – an interview and feature session from the London Sunday Times in the 90’s, my co-star was a beautiful bird that belonged to the photographer.

Thought of The Day. Your Own Canoe

Another Chapter. Happy New Year 2018

Another Chapter. Lifting a verse from my spoken word song of the same name from Saturday Night Experience Vol.1 from 1999 – always an apropos message. Here’s to new chapters and always riding the waves of change and the knowledge moving forward-wishing everyone well navigating your journey and paths -I appreciate your love and well wishes.