Be Mindful On Your Path. Wattage Thoughts.

Be mindful: not everyone gets it – your life, your path – it’s yours. Not everyone sees your vision or wants to take the time to understand – they are caught up on their version of you whether present or outdated and want to force you into their dream – it’s not your reality. Not everyone stays on the journey, on this path with you-not everyone was meant to. It’s difficult for some people to accept when a person is truly committed to their path in life. Other people’s opinions aren’t your concern, be it bad or good. Keep going and being mindful of what feeds your soul, goodness and personal growth – in silence.

In a passage from one of my favorite books “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, he writes “As you make a habit of not taking anything personally, you won’t need to place your trust in what other’s do or say. You will only need to trust yourself to make responsible choices. You are never responsible for the actions of others, you are only responsible for you….nothing they think about me is really about me – it’s about them.” This really resonates because for so long there are those who have created a false trope of anger, bitterness, grudges – when there is none, it’s gaslighting and narcissistic. That is their poison and emotional baggage being peddled as someone else’s. Be mindful.

In this internet age, people want reactions and drama, be mindful – it is not about you, it’s about them whoever is feeding the flames so to speak. When you are at peace, no explanation is needed. Be at peace without fanfare or need for attention and public spectacle. As I’ve gotten older, I continue to get better at this because I realize people will always come with their own beliefs and biases, emotional poison and baggage. I remind myself to be mindful of my own personal inner-peace, that is self-care. Boundaries are a form of self-care. No public spectacles required to prove anything in a continued personal evolution in each stage of life on this journey. Let whoever, think whatever – it’s about them, not you. Be mindful.

I want to share this, which was sent to me by a dear friend and colleagues of mine Bill Coleman from Peace Bisquit yesterday and I think it’s so profound :

This is true and happened many times to various people in my life along the way – just in the course of living life, no public announcements required, no need to prove anything to anyone when and where the forgiveness occurred especially when it’s decades ago, or in whatever present tense it may be – and no matter how many times I’ve been excoriated by others. Should you cross paths wit these types of people no longer on your journey – be cordial in the irrelevance of that person or persons. They have been released and don’t take up mental or emotional space. Be mindful. It’s like when you pray or meditate, or go through any healing – it’s a personal action – you release it and move on. Be wary of those manipulative ‘gaslighters – it’s not about you, it’s about them feeling threatened, wanting people to believe and support their version of events and a need to feel a sense of power and control. Be mindful, wish them well and keep moving in silence, no explanation required. Remember the opinions of others is not your concern. Be mindful.


Carry on. Live your life and be happy! 

Spread A Little Sunshine. Wattage Thoughts.

Jody Watley. January 2022. Selfie.

Gorgeous day in LA, in gratitude, always tending to the business of Jody Watley, my well being just living and loving life, my career and all that matters to me, I recommend it to everyone, live your life daily with joy, it will piss some people off that’s ok, keep doing you – Love to all!

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Be UpLifted.

See you next week January 28-San Diego/ El Cajon Sycuan Casino Resort let’s celebrate my Grammy Winning 35th Anniversary Solo Debut AND Aquarius Season!

Sometimes a smile a small gesture can bring sunshine to someone else and make their day — be sunshine.


Wattage Thoughts. Take The Small Steps.

As I wrote in ‘Whenever’ – “ can be a challenge, at times overwhelming..’ today’s Wattage Thought is to remind you that whatever your goals are and whatever you might be going through on the daily – don’t overwhelm yourself. Simply put, just take small steps every day to get to where you want to be mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, relationships and so on. Nothing happens overnight and it’s human nature to get ahead of ourselves or become disappointed if things aren’t moving quickly enough. You’ve got this – just take it one day, one step at a time. The main thing is to the the small steps.


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Jody Watley on KTLA5 2021

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Wattage Thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving. 2021. Practice Daily Gratitude.

11.25.21. Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Live In Gratitude, Joy and Thankfulness Every Day Of Life – without the extra calories! A grateful heart recognizes many blessings.

It will be Zoom again for my kids and I later today – looking forward to their being home for Christmas! Thankful for them – the loves and lights of my life! Thankful for technology like FaceTime & Zoom!

Thank you for supporting my latest release The Top 20 UK Soul Chart “Renderings” – The Alex Di Ciò Remixes. Always thankful for music!


Wattage Thoughts. In Your Favor.

It’s easy to get discouraged if you aren’t seeing results from something soon enough – according to your plans. Everything in time. Most importantly always learning each step of the way and never give up. Others may give up on you – just don’t give up on yourself.


Wattage Thoughts. Everyday Gratitude. Fresh Starts.

Just a reminder.


Tuesday Morning Coffee and Fox 2 Detroit.

Coffee in hand 5:30 AM PST – Ready for my close-up. Jody Watley Fox 2 Detroit.
Jody Watley on Fox 2 Detroit. Oct. 26, 2021

Got up super early to prepare for my interview this morning. Lit a candle, said a prayer for the day of gratitude – stretched, showered and began my day.

With ‘Renderings’ EP playing and a fresh press of my a medium blend of my favorite coffee (I skipped tea because it was so early) – I was ready!

Thanks for tuning in – a great day to all. Keep making it happen for yourself and handling the business of life with a positive attitude and grateful heart – that’s what I’m doing!


Monday Wattage Thoughts.

This resonated with me and so I’m passing it along for anyone that might need this message today.