Wattage Thoughts via Steve Maraboli

I love this from one of my favorite inspirational writers and speakers Steve Maraboli. I’m passing along as it may resonate with you too.


Wattage Thoughts. Don’t Be Afraid To Rock Alone.

Thanks Ty Hunter for this quote – totally resonates. Don’t wait for approval from others on making moves or for others to be ready for your journey –

Shine on. Wattage!

Wattage Thoughts. Mindfulness.

Thought I’d pass this along.


Wattage Thoughts. Today.

Wattage Thoughts. Listen.


Wattage Thoughts. Take Time For Yourself.

Just a few reminders for your well being and say ‘No’ if you’re not feeling up to something to do any of these things as well.

Jody Watley. Every Day In Gratitude.

Jody Watley Autumn 2020.

Find something to be grateful and thankful for each day – especially in challenging times. Get up, dress up, show up, bless up.

With so much loss this year — let’s all do our best to be responsible, safe, healing and fearless.

Never let the worst of life – get the best of you..a line from my song “Evertlasting”.

Carry On.


Wattage Thoughts. Enjoy Life.

The best of the day and good vibes to all!

As challenging as times may be — we are here, we should always make the best of it.


Wattage Thoughts. Seeds.

Rise and shine! Spread seeds of love, happiness and hope.
Feeling discouraged? Keep going, life has many chapters.


Wattage Thoughts. Life Has Many Chapters Not One.

It’s that simple when you’re feeling overwhelmed, disappointed.. breathe – keep going, learning, evolving and moving forward no matter what.