Famously Hot South Carolina Pride Recap.

We went to Columbia, South Carolina not really knowing what to expect especially in light of the current divisiveness and climate of hate in the country.

What I came away with is as always once you get out and about most people are pleasantly just living their lives and not what is so often highlighted.

On the Famously Hot Pride Facebook page they announced it was a record attendance over the two day festival (the first time they added the second day) of 75,000 in attendance.

Here are some photos and video!

Headed to soundcheck with Rosero Mccoy and John “Havic” Gregory- they’ve been dancing and working with me for almost 20 years are truly like my brothers.

Early morning soundcheck.

With Organizer Jeffrey March – outstanding job , staff and event.

Meet and Greet


Dancer Freestyle battle is always epic and full of surprises! SC’s Wayne Brody went off!!

Great night!


After the concert – it’s a tradition!

Jody Watley Added to Famously Hot South Carolina Pride.

jody watley south carolina pride

Always happy to support a most loyal and beloved fan-base, Jody Watley will perform a short set at the Famously Hot South Carolina Pride on October 21, 2017. Last year there were over 55,000 in attendance!


Learn More: Festival Β Info and Event Β Info



Other concerts on the schedule:

Sept. 2 Yoshi’s Oakland ft. SRL.

Oct. 6 Private event Palm Springs, CA

Oct. 21 SC Pride

Oct 28 Waukegan IL Genesee Theatre (opener)

November 11-18: 80’s In The Sand Punta Cana Resort Dominican, Republic

December: Colors of Christmas Tour (Cities and Info) Here



Jody Watley. August Updates and Transmissions of Love

As the world continues to turn for all of the bad and good..life keeps ticking. I choose to focus of the energy of always being the change I want to see and encouraging others – love is the message.


I’m Nashville as honoree “Crossover Music Icon” for my contributions to soul and pop music as trendsetter and Icon – it’s really even more special to be honored on same night as The Jacksons (rest in peace King of Pop Michael Jackson)..they were such an inspiration to me growing up as I’ve said along the way of my career and life journey- my Mom could tell you that! Music is such a powerful force in life. Heals, inspires, motivates, gives hope..and so much more. I’m so thankful to continue to spread joy and to also continue to inspire others to be yourself, stay strong and do you — no matter what people have to say.

The taping is this evening and will be televised in September and October.


We still have a long way to go as human beings on planet earth…

In Nashville, I came across the reminder of how those who fight for change with the system being as it is are often penalized. Hats off to fighters for civil and human rights then and now.

What the commemorative sign reads : “On February 13, 1960 124 students from Nashville’s historically black colleges and universities walked into Woolworth’s, Kress and McClellan’s and sat down at the lunch counters and asked to be served to no avail. The students also targeted Walgreens, W.T. Grant as well as Harvey’s, and Cain Sloan Department stores. Their goal was to desegregate Nashville lunch counters. The student protesters experienced no violence until February 27. On that day at Woolworth’s and McClellan’s white resisters threw the students from their seats, punched, kicked and spat upon them. Nashville police only arrested the student protesters. 81 students were arrested and charged with loitering and disorderly conduct. Two days later, the court fined each student 50.00. They took a principled stand and refused to pay the bail and spent 33 1/3 days in jail. ” let that sink in and fast forward to 2017

Music Honors, Rosero McCoy (SRL) choreographer for the Jody Watley Tribute and other artists in the show snapped this photo.

Learn more and be a part of the taping Tickets

Current single “Sanctuary” – peace of mind and happy times..create an environment of love – cherish the time.

Video. Watch it Now

Classic Jody. Crossover Music and Style Icon

Upcoming concerts:

Sept.2,2017 Jody Watley ft SRL. Yoshi’s Oakland (I’ll be doing a tribute to George Michael) and celebrating Jody Watley 30! As well SRL on the show and we will be previewing two new songs.


Oct 6 Palm Springs Private Event – Jody Watley solo

Oct 21 Columbia “Famously Hot South Carolina Pride”

Info – Jody Watley

Nov 11-18 – 80’s in the Sand Punta Cana Resort Dominican Republic – Jody Watley

Colors of Christmas Tour December 2018 : Cities and Tickets – Jody Watley

More to come Jody Watley AND Jody Watley ft. SRL.

Summer Concert Highlights!!!

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