Jody Watley ‘Larger Than Life’ Ranks Among Top 50 Greatest New Jack Swing Albums on Boombox

Jody Watley Larger Than Life Album 1000 Great Covers

Larger Than Life. 1000 Record Covers / Taschen


Super awesome my second album “Larger Than Life” featuring the groundbreaking collaboration “Friends” ft. Eric B & Rakim, “Real Love” and the ballad “Everything” is amongst these great albums! When people tell you it can’t be done – prove them wrong, focus on your goals, always have a vision, work hard, pray and believe in yourself.
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Black Music Honors 2017 Crossover Music Icon Honoree

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Jody Watley Update. Soul. It’s In The Music.


The Soulpersona classic soul remix of “Nightlife” is available at iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and other select digital outlets around the world. Make sure to add it to your collection. It’s been wonderful to hear so much Soul R&B here in the UK nearly everywhere I’ve gone from boutiques , restaurants and coffee bars – it’s so prevalent from 60’s classic Motown to 90’s R&B from artists like SWV, Aaliyah and more. There’s also no shortage of soul music from now – and I have heard my classic soul mix of “Nightlife” making me smile. It’s been nice to see music channels that play music video’s as well. The genre of soul has continued to take many forms over the years for each era and generation, though today more than ever it seems to have morphed into the EDM craze. What ever happened to diversity of sounds – where did the soul go? It’s there – you just have to look harder and as many do fall back to your favorites I suppose.

In America, it’s a shame that music and artistry are more flavor of the moment and not so much the vast longterm respect and appreciation of artists – they never stop playing ‘the music just as if it’s right now, not a part of a ‘Hits of the..” pick an era.  Being on this Legends of Soul Tour has reinvigorated my own appreciation of the genre and the artistry, the stories behind the music, the longevity, the survival.

What’s next will be another single and video before “Paradise” – right now the consensus is it will be titled “Dancer,” another soulful club tune full of attitude, funky beat and a percolating rhythm guitar written and produced by Luminodisco from Italy and myself. Teaser snippet will be posted soon as we evaluate the remixers for the song. Dance music doesn’t have to be soulless -it didn’t use to be.


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