Just Announced. Jody Watley and Jeffrey Osborne Come Together For An Evening Of Soul.



Just announced Jeffrey Osbourne and Jody Watley will come to Atlanta’s legendary MableBarnes House Amphitheater for “An Evening of Soul” Saturday night August 17, 2019. Tickets go on sale February 8.  Tickets


Jody Watley Delivers A Message of Love, Joy and Hope

“Like A Holiday” Alex Di Cio’ Remix Review SoulandJazzandFunk.com

Jody Watley New California Concert Date Alert.

Tickets now on sale! Give the gift of live music – nothing like it! Memories to last a lifetime.

Jody Watley, Evelyn “Champagne” King and S.O.S. Band. You know it’s going to be a classic soul party!

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Jody Watley and Squad -Taste of Soul Los Angeles

Jody Watley and SRL no KG Band TOS

Jody Watley with band and sqaud backstage Taste of Soul LA 2018 before taking the stage.  (Clarissa McElroy, Naz Chambi, Roland Hamilton, Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley, Nate Allen Smith, Keith Eaddy, John Gregory, Lizz Watts) not pictured Kerry Griffin. Photography by Tyler Miles.

Jody Watley Epic 3 Part Interview on Mi-Soul Radio With Mike Vitti

One of the most comprehensive interviews I’ve ever done. You really must listen to this..history,  first time onstage with my Godfather Jackie Wilson,Soul Train, Shalamar, aspects of my solo career moving up through to the current new music. Mike Vitti was masterful with the questions, knowledge as well as weaving a tapestry of quality music spanning decades.


Listen: Jody Watley Interview w Mike Vitti Mi Soul Radio The Funky Nation


UPDATE:: To those outside of the UK here are the individual shows without restriction:

Jody Watley’s Waiting In Vain Top 10 With Smooth Jazz Global Listeners

This is very exciting news. “Waiting In Vain” after making it into the Smooth Jazz Top 10, Billboard Top 25 remains in rotation on various stations. We go this exciting news today that it’s Top 10 with global listeners.


Check out the Top 50: Here – Download the single today and please tell a friend! “Waiting In Vain” is the perfect musical companion for a chillaxing summer evening or weekend.



Jody Watley and Shalamar ® Turn Up The Heat and Celebrate Single Release At Exclusive Bash


Hot and sweaty. Jody Watley in Chanel and Shalamar ® fresh from an insane mini celebratory performance. Photo Courtesy of: AB Images . Gaia

Photo Courtesy of: AB Images / Gaia

Jody Watley.  Shalamar ®  ‘SlowDance” Single Release Event. Photo Courtesy of: AB Images / Gaia


Jody Watley. The Standard Hotel. Photo: (c) 2015 Avid Music Inc.

Jody Watley. The Standard Hotel. Photo: (c) 2015 Avid Music Inc.

Photo: (c) 2015  Avid Music Inc.

Photo: (c) 2015 Avid Music Inc. Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy, Nate Allen Smith

It was a packed house with a crowd for our highly anticipated performance. The energy was potent at Bryan Rabin and Adam XII Present: Giorgio’s A Modern Discotheque on the Sunset Strip it caused first ever power outage as we were about to take the stage for our mini performance. Shalamar ® celebrated the debut single release “SlowDance.” Not to be cliche’ but it was truly a night to remember with new members Nate Allen Smith, Rosero McCoy and everyone who came out to party and celebrate with us,