Jody Watley 4 Decades Of Vivienne Westwood Style

Jody Watley In Vivienne Westwood, circa 1982.
Jody Watley in World’s End – Vivienne Westwood 1982 (“A Night To Remember” Performance on British TV Show – The Tube).
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood 1987- Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, Solo Debut album 1st appearance.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood Denim Bubble Skirt – 1987.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood Jacket and Blouse 1989 with MCA Records executives.
Jody Watley. American Music Awards in Vivienne Westwood.
Jody Watley. American Music Awards in Vivienne Westwood.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood Classic Squiggle Shirt – Let’s Rock London 2015
Jody Watley – 2018 – Pink & Gray Tartan Vivienne Westwood.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood T-shirt at soundcheck Phoenix Pride with Canadian Hall Of Famer Deborah Cox
Jody Watley tea with longtime friend designer and co-founder of LeSuperbe LA fashion brand. Jeannine Braden.
Jody Watley (Vivienne Westwood Handbag) with Debbie Harry in West Hollywood, Paul Smith ‘Blondie’ event.
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood pearl choker – performing National Anthem, SoFi Stadium 12.25.22
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood pearl choker to perform National Anthem, SoFi Stadium 12.25.22
Jody Watley in Vivienne Westwood pearl choker to perform National Anthem, SoFi Stadium 12.25.22

Rest In Peace Dame Vivienne Westwood. I’ve been a fan of her designs and worn them since early 80’s while living in London and throughout my solo career professional and personal style life to this day.

Rest In Paradise Dame Vivienne Westwood one of my favorite designers of all time. 

Trailblazer. Godmother of punk, a revolutionary designer, conquered high fashion, built a global empire and a formidable activist throughout. 

Thank you for your brilliance, creativity, badassery and tenacity throughout the decades. 

New Jody Watley Painting In The Fan Art Gallery

Jody Watley. Watercolor Painting by Paul Sidhu 2022

New in the Jody Watley Fan Art Gallery here on the site is this striking watercolor painting by Paul Sidhu, inspired by the photography of “Don’t You Want Me” in the Jean Paul Gaultier velvet cone bra.

On This Day 1987 Jody Watley Eponymous Multi-Platinum Solo Debut Album Is Released.

“Jody Watley”, the eponymous multi platinum debut studio album by Jody Watley was released today February 23 in 1987. 

The albums’ success culminated in Watley winning a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1988 and featured 3 Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 Singles (Looking For A New Love, Don’t You Want Me, Some Kind Of Lover) all co-written by Watley  and #1’s in R&B/ Dance, amongst other notable benchmarks including a duet with Pop Superstar George Michael for the breakthrough breakout debut many consider to be one of the best debut albums of all time. 

Happy 35th Anniversary Jody Watley and Here’s to the celebration of the sustained longevity and continued solo success through the decades.


Jody Watley Stands Tall -Black History Month At National Museum Of African American Music In Nashville

Named the first Membership Ambassador for 2021, Jody Watley digital billboard still stands tall at The National Museum Of African American Music In Nashville. If you’re in the city check out the museum, lots of history spanning hundreds of years in a variety of genres something for each generation of music lovers.

Fan Photo 2.7.22 – Jody Watley Digital Billboard. The National Museum Of African American Music.
Jody Watley. ody Watley Digital Billboard. The National Museum Of African American Music 2021 Ambassador

A Beautiful Life. Accepting Yourself.

Thich Nhat Hanh always had the wisdom and inspiration. I’m sharing this reminder because it resonated with me this morning on my mediations – you don’t need to be ‘accepted’ by others as long you have self acceptance of who you are, who you continue to become on this journey of life. Block out the noise – be and believe in the special person that is distinctly you. As I wrote in my song “A Beautiful Life” “.. stronger, wiser and feeling beautiful because I want a life – that’s beautiful..” it won’t be if you try to shrink yourself into other people’s fantasies, misperceptions, preconceived notions, desires and so on..

Jody Watley – Feeling beautiful with total self-acceptance of being me. Love is always the message.


Giving Them Their Roses. Jody Watley Appreciation Blog

Jody Watley Appreciation Blog.

Giving Them Their Roses – By Gran Varones

what a time it was to be alive and witness the brilliance of jody watley thrive at every level of pop culture. when people talk about the pop/dance divas of the 80’s and 90’s, jody watley’s legacy is often omitted, which is nothing short of criminal. jody watley is arguably one of the most influential pop/dance artists of the musical era.

born in chicago on january 30, 1959, jody was introduced to the stage by her godfather & soul music pioneer, jackie wilson. by the time she turned 17, her trendsetting fashion style and dancing made her one of the most popular dancers on the weekly TV dance show “soul train.”

by the late 1970’s and early 80’s, jody was charting hits on both sides of the pond as one third of the post-disco group, shalamar. their sound and style made them one of the most influential r&b/dance groups of the 1980’s.

after exiting the group in 1983, jody moved to london for a few years before returning to the US to slay with gurls with her 1986 monster hit, “lookin’ for a new love.” her solo debut album followed and the hits continued. she would go in to win the grammy for best new artist in 1988.

in 1990, she released her sophomore album “larger than life” which included two of the pop/dance genres most influential songs. the video for the lead single, “real love” introduced high runway fashion into the pop music esthetic. it also became one of the VMA’s most nominated videos. the follow-up single, “friends” a collaboration with hip-hop duo erik b. & rakim invented the rap/sing genre that continues to dominate contemporary pop music.

for the past 40 years, jody watley has remained one of music’s most innovative performers, writers, singers and fashion icons. in 1990, long before AIDS advocacy became the “thing” to do, she was part of one of the first global HIV/AIDS projects.

jody continues to perform all over the world and champions lgbtq rights. miss watley is a living legend who have amassed 32 top 10 singles and 13 No. 1 singles across multiple  genres over the past three decades as a solo artist. all this and she never, ever had to gay bait. why? cuz miss jody was and still is THAT gurl! – Gran Varones

Full post: Here

Grammy Winning Artist Jody Watley – Marks 35th Anniversary Solo Debut

Fashion forward Jody Watley wears iconic Issey Miyake plastic bodice.

Grammy award winning singer, songwriter Jody Watley marks the 35th anniversary of her monumental solo debut single “Looking For A New Love” (released January 6, 1987) and self-titled album with a series of posts of classic images and moments during the month of January across her Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

Music Monday. Jody Watley Shines A Light With New “Renderings” Releases.

Jody Watley – Whenever – The Alex Di Ciò Remix Edit.
Jody Watley – “Not S Single Day Goes By” – Alex Di Ciò Remix
Jody Watley – “RENDERINGS” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes

Be Inspired and Get Your Groove On! Jody Watley “Renderings” “Not A Single Day Goes By” “Whenever” Remix edit – Available at all digital platforms – Download, Stream / Playlist It, Share, Gift It!

Get IN the Music and ART!

Art Renderings by Shawn West.

New Music Friday. Jody Watley Takes Us To The Dancefloor with “Whenever” Guaranteed To Make You Feel Good

Currently Number 3 for the second week in a row on the UK Soul Sweet Rhythms Chart – Jody Watley “Whenever” The Alex Di Ciò Remix Edit. Add to your playlists for home. car, workout, party or simply to feel uplifted.

“Whenever” The Alex Di Ciò Remix Edit is now available at all digital platforms. Download it, Stream It, Playlist It – Tell A Friend! You can also give it as a digital music gift.

The third installment art rendering is by Shawn West is divine! If you’re on Spotify – be sure not to miss the Canvas feature when you stream the songs from “Renderings” and the “Whenever” “Not A Single Day Goes By” releases as well. The entire project was inspired by the art and concept of a rendering or interpretation and bringing art and music together in this contemporary way!


Jody Watley – ‘Whenever’ Alex Di Ciò Remix Edit Arrives December 3 To All Digital Platforms

More Music. More Art from “Renderings” the Top 20 UK Soul Chart Release. UK and various global radio continues to spin various songs from the EP and by request, we are making another remix edit available.

The remix edit of “Whenever” arrives December 3 to all digital platforms to add to your collections and playlists.

“Whenever” – Written and Produced by Jody Watley and Rodney Lee.

Remix by Alex Di Ciò 

Art by Shawn West.