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Jody Watley Appreciation Blog.

Giving Them Their Roses – By Gran Varones

what a time it was to be alive and witness the brilliance of jody watley thrive at every level of pop culture. when people talk about the pop/dance divas of the 80’s and 90’s, jody watley’s legacy is often omitted, which is nothing short of criminal. jody watley is arguably one of the most influential pop/dance artists of the musical era.

born in chicago on january 30, 1959, jody was introduced to the stage by her godfather & soul music pioneer, jackie wilson. by the time she turned 17, her trendsetting fashion style and dancing made her one of the most popular dancers on the weekly TV dance show “soul train.”

by the late 1970’s and early 80’s, jody was charting hits on both sides of the pond as one third of the post-disco group, shalamar. their sound and style made them one of the most influential r&b/dance groups of the 1980’s.

after exiting the group in 1983, jody moved to london for a few years before returning to the US to slay with gurls with her 1986 monster hit, “lookin’ for a new love.” her solo debut album followed and the hits continued. she would go in to win the grammy for best new artist in 1988.

in 1990, she released her sophomore album “larger than life” which included two of the pop/dance genres most influential songs. the video for the lead single, “real love” introduced high runway fashion into the pop music esthetic. it also became one of the VMA’s most nominated videos. the follow-up single, “friends” a collaboration with hip-hop duo erik b. & rakim invented the rap/sing genre that continues to dominate contemporary pop music.

for the past 40 years, jody watley has remained one of music’s most innovative performers, writers, singers and fashion icons. in 1990, long before AIDS advocacy became the “thing” to do, she was part of one of the first global HIV/AIDS projects.

jody continues to perform all over the world and champions lgbtq rights. miss watley is a living legend who have amassed 32 top 10 singles and 13 No. 1 singles across multiple  genres over the past three decades as a solo artist. all this and she never, ever had to gay bait. why? cuz miss jody was and still is THAT gurl! – Gran Varones

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Andre Cymone Wishes Jody Watley Happy Birthday and Notes 35th Anniversary of Solo Debut Album In Heart Warming Video.

Musician, Songwriter, Producer Andre Cymone, an early collaborator with Jody Watley on her solo debut album, co-writing hits like “Looking For A New Love” “Still A Thrill” “Some Kind of Lover” and subsequent hits “Real Love”, “Friends” “I Want You” on their work together over 4 albums. Andre Cymone joined Jody Watley for the first time onstage for the first 35th Anniversary Solo Debut Concert 1. 28. 22. Andre sat down for an interview and also recorded this message for the Grammy winner, also giving respect and praise for her influence on other female artists.

The former couple were also married divorcing in 1994 and have one son Arie. Andre Cymone has since remarried.

Grammy Winner Jody Watley On New Release and Being Fashion Pioneer

Jody Watley on KTLA5 2021

It’s always an upbeat time with Sam Rubin on KTLA 5. I talk about beauty secrets, being a fashion trendsetter and of course my latest release “Renderings”. Watch it now – On KTLA 5

Jody Watley On Spectrum News 1 Los Angeles

Jody Watley – Morning Glam.

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Jody Watley kicked off her solo career in the 80s with multiple Billboard top ten hits. Her music has transcended decades, and she is out now with a new project, The Healing – The APX Remix, a collaborative project with the Atlanta-based husband and wife duo, The APX, blending classic funk vibes with modern electro-funk. 

Watley joined Your Morning live via Skype to discuss the new project, staying creative during the pandemic, giving back to those in need, and what’s next in her career. Watch the full interview: Jody Watley YouTube

Music Monday. Jody Watley Appreciation Post on The Medium – Homage To Jody Watley

This is a really nice appreciation post from February 2020.

“Jody Watley laid the foundation for every hot girl in the hood. All praises due.”

Read Full Article Written by By Keka Araújo : The Medium

On This Day. January 6, 1987 – Looking For A New Love Released.


Jody Watley Solo Debut Full Page Ad


Full page ad Billboard Magazine, 1987 for my subsequent crossover smash debut hit – first Number 1 – AMA’s, Soul Train Awards, NAACP and Grammy nominated solo debut single “Looking For A New Love.”

The single was was of the biggest of the 1987 and the 80’s in general – a pop culture phenomenon, trendsetting style –  as well with the catchphrase “Hasta La Vista Ba-by” later further popularized by Arnold Schwarznegger.

Written by Jody Watley and Andre Cymone. Produced by Andre Cymone and David Z. Photography: Victoria Pearson, Art Direction: Jody Watley & Lynn Robb. Styling: Jody Watley.

The single set the stage for one hell of a solo debut album ‘Jody Watley’ to follow. Despite my naysayers saying I’d regret leaving Shalamar, I’d fail, future in doubt as some of the black magazines wrote I succeeded then and continue to do so over 3 decades later and still on my own terms – most of all I’m happy, healthy, working and enjoying myself with my spirit and soul intact. It was never about being solo – it was to live life with joy, the greatest success. Having this all roll out this way was a gift from God and the universe – a bonus for looking after my own well being on my life’s journey. There’s so much more to say about this time, it will be in my memoir. Until then..

Thankful and full of gratitude a song of this magnitude is a part of my discography. As a note: “Looking For A New Love” also made a bit of history with the 2005 Remixes going to Number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts, one of the first hits to become a hit again in an entirely different decade. Thanks so all the 80’s and Classics stations that keep it in rotation and shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Pose and beyond for the exposure to a younger generation.

What I’ve said for decades now is I hope my career and being represents to others is believe in yourself and to never be afraid to remove yourself from any situation that on the outside might look good to others – but to you it’s everything but that. You will always have doubters – just never let it be you and always be the best version of yourself – keep growing and going no matter the obstacles, often the universe will align in one way or another.

Happy 33 Anniversary —  ‘Looking For A New Love”!! Timeless jam and still a damn good break up and empowerment anthem.



Jody Watley Thursday Classic. Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Editorial 1991.

1991 “Affairs Of The Heart” album – Music & Fashion Editorial in Harper’s Bazaar – before it was common to see artists in high fashion magazines. This was my third such feature – the first came with my solo debut.


Jody Watley Thursday Classic. A Chat With Dick Clark on Iconic TV Show American Bandstand.

Music. Fashion. Everything.

In 1987 after performing one of my hits from solo debut.. I think it was my second time from that album, chatting with Dick Clark on his American Bandstand. Music – Fashion – Jody Watley Style. I remember vividly Patti Labelle telling me at an American Music Awards “..a lot of people don’e get your style, but I do – It’s magazine baby, Magazine!”

Always be yourself whether people get you or not, has always been my thing.


Blessed to still be here – still a thrill being myself and doing what I love