Jody Watley – “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò  Remixes Continues To Heat Up UK Radio

“Photographs” and “Love Hangover” Alex Di Ciò  remixes are bonus tracks on the limited edition CD Digipak of the former UK Soul Chart Top 5 release “Renderings”. The digipaks sold out upon pre-order in November 2021.

Both are receiving play and moving up on the Sweet Rhythms Chart.

The digital version is streaming on all platforms.

Jody Watley Is Still A Thrill

Jody Watley’s Renderings #1

Jody Watley is still a thrill with latest release “Renderings”  The Alex Di Ciò Remixes. The EP continues to heat up UK Soul radio and charts as 2021 comes to a close.

Download it, stream and playlist it – share it. Get your groove on with this uplifting release, available at all digital platforms.

Jody Watley #4 on UK Soul Chart December 19, 2021
Jody Watley – Jumps 23 to 4 on UK Soul Chart.

Jody Watley’s Renderings Grooves It’s Way Into The Top 5 On The UK Soul Chart

Jody Watley – “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes Top 5

Jody Watley’s “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes grooves its way into the UK Soul Chart with a #4 position on chart ending December 19, 2021. With standout soulful house uptempo cuts “Whenever” “Not A Single Day Goes By” “A Beautiful Life” receiving heavy play and currently also at #1 on the Sweet Rhythms Chart. It’s a nice way to close out 2021. The reason for music is not charts and awards – however it’s very nice to see the continued support.

Watch Jody Watley Bring Holiday Cheer To Good Day Sacramento

Jody Watley Brings Holiday Cheer To Good Day Sacramento.

It’s always a fun time as a guest on Good Day Sacramento with host Courtney Dempsey. You must watch the spinning of the holiday wheel!


Jody Watley Goes To Number 1 With “Renderings” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes

Jody Watley ‘Renderings’ goes to Number 1 featuring singles “Not A Single Day Goes By’ and “Whenever”. Thanks so much to all of the UK Soul radio DJ’s – especially those on Solar Radio where “Renderings” is in heavy rotation and tops their Sweet Rhythms Chart at Number 1! “Renderings’ also made into the overall Top 20 at 17 on the UK Soul Chart.

America is focused on trap and hip-hop commercially however, there’s a big world out there and the UK radio has always embraced veteran artists who continue to release quality music along with respect for legacy artists as well.

Massive thanks as well to Alex Di Ciò for his unyielding passion and support for my music and our collaborations, to my co-writers Rodney Lee & Draks Themo (Not A Single Day Goes By), along with Shawn West for his art which really inspired me to do this project to showcase it along with the music and remixes. Music and Art -Wattage!

Jody Watley. ‘Renderings’ The Alex Di Ciò 

Jody Watley’s Renderings Lights Up Various UK Soul Radio Charts

Radio Indie Alliance compiles radio spins and action on independent artists. Jody Watley “Not A Single Day Goes By” The Alex Di Ciò Remix is into the Top 10 at Number 8.

Over on popular UK station Solar Radio “Renderings” a Top 20 UK Soul Chart peak is at 2 on their Sweet Rhythms Chart with plays on “Not A Single Day” “A Beautiful Life” “Whenever- The Alex Di Ciò Remixes.

Download, playlist, stream, share Jody Watley “Renderings” “Whenever” and “Not A Single Day Goes By” at your digital platform of choice.


Jody Watley Born To Shine

Definitely check out the full Jody Watley interview – 5 minutes well spent on Good Day Alabama chatting with Toi Thornton. Watch it – Here

Toi asks about my beginnings to which I jovially add that I was born to shine. Of course my first hit solo single “Looking For A New Love” which remains a universal favorite comes up as well. Hear what I have to say about the importance of music and art as well when talking about ‘Renderings’.


Holiday Cheer – “Renderings” Limited Edition CD Digipaks Have Arrived

Jody Watley- “RENDERINGS” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes Have Arrived.
The CD disc. Jody Watley “RENDERINGS”
Music and Art. Art Renderings by Shawn West.

Jody Watley Limited Edition “RENDERINGS” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes CD Fold-Out Digipaks have arrived. There are two additional mixes not available on the digital release. This package is a perfect and exclusive addition to your Jody Watley music collection with art by Shawn West.

Shipping will begin to everyone that secured copies on the Pre-Order in November. Emails went out to subscribers of JodyWatleyShop newsletter. 

If you were unable to snag a physical copy, definitely download the digital version of “Renderings”, along with single edits “Whenever” and “Not A Single Day Goes By” at outlets like iTunes and Amazon.

Dance, workout, stream, playlist, share it!

Music Monday. Jody Watley Shines A Light With New “Renderings” Releases.

Jody Watley – Whenever – The Alex Di Ciò Remix Edit.
Jody Watley – “Not S Single Day Goes By” – Alex Di Ciò Remix
Jody Watley – “RENDERINGS” The Alex Di Ciò Remixes

Be Inspired and Get Your Groove On! Jody Watley “Renderings” “Not A Single Day Goes By” “Whenever” Remix edit – Available at all digital platforms – Download, Stream / Playlist It, Share, Gift It!

Get IN the Music and ART!

Art Renderings by Shawn West.

Jody Watley Shares Secrets To Success and December Update

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