Jody Watley White Hot At Show Of Hope Gala

Music and Style Icon Jody Watley White Hot.

Jody Watley before taking the stage at Show Of Hope Gala benefiting San Francisco Community Health Center.

Jody Watley Performs At Show Of Hope Gala San Francisco

Looking forward to “Show Of Hope Gala” tonight San Francisco for a great cause benefiting San Francisco Community Health Center helping so many – the event will be honoring Brett Andrews, CEO, PRC; Founder, SF Black/African American Leadership Council with 2022 Community Impact Award along with Claudine Cheng, President, APA Heritage Foundation; Founder, San Francisco Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration. There’s an auction for fabulous art/photography from renowned photographer Michael Childers and more!

Info- SF Community Health Center

Women Songwriters Hall Of Fame Awards To Induct Iconic Hitmakers Including Jody Watley June 2022

Women’s Hall Of Fame – 2022 Inductees

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New On Jody Watley Youtube Channel – Taking Daily Steps.

Taking Steps

Take steps daily for your well being, and steps toward living your best life.

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Wattage Thoughts. Be Awesome.

Whatever you may be going through good or not so good – make sure the mental tapes you play in your head in self-speak that you make sure it’s positive.

In case you forgot, this is your reminder, don’t forget to be awesome, because you are and have the ability. Be prepared, be optimistic, be open to new endeavors and experiences. If someone is trying to place you in the box of less than – remember to be awesome anyway. Other people’s perceptions of you are not your concern and not your reality.

Own who you are and know you are enough at your authentic self.


New To The Gift Shop. Jody Watley ‘Calm’ Luxury Soy Candles

Jody Watley – ‘CALM’ luxury soy candle with top note of French Lavender.

I’ve had a longtime love of candles since I was a Girl Scout. One of the may things I learned from being a Scout was basic candle making. In my home candles are a longtime staple be it tea lights for morning meditations and prayer as a symbol of faith, hope, healing or simply gratitude for another day.

A longtime lover of candles with favorites for splurging like Diptyque Paris, Jo Malone, Votivo and other countless other brands. Yes, I also buy even inexpensive ones from Target every now and again. My home and travel lifestyle has always included candles. Not only for making everything smell good but for bringing a sense of comfort, calm and peace. When my children were growing up The Watley house was always known as ‘the peaceful house’ – yes as I wrote for the song – “Sanctuary is my home..’

It made sense to eventually start developing my own line 6 years ago after the release of my “Paradise” EP giving me the idea for my first two signature candles “Paradise” and “Sanctuary.” Fast forward to 2022, other candles in addition to the new “CALM” in my line include “LOVE”, “COMFORT”, “HOLIDAY” with more to come. Be sure to subscribe to so you don’t miss drops since most items are released in limited quantity – we are not Amazon selling in large bulk. Support small business.

The first Jody Watley signature luxury soy candles from 2014 in tandem with release of the “Paradise” EP.

My online shop was started 20 years ago as a source for limited edition Jody Watley music items and merchandise. In recent years especially during the pandemic, I decided to change the business model into more of a wellness lifestyle boutique with specially curated items, including my candle and home line and now branching out to adding other select items from other small owned – women owned businesses. One of the first jobs I had was working in a gift shop a friend of my Dad owned for a few hours a week when I was around 12.

I’m still learning, while enjoying the process of the desire I’ve always had since 5 years old as my Mom says to have my own store, my own business. Being an artist is a business in itself, though it’s really nice to get away from that at times to focus on my other interests as an entrepreneur.

Wattage Thoughts – Learn To Be Done

Remember we can never change another person, we can only change our response to their behavior – learn to be done.

So when someone repeatedly is deceitful, dishonest, manipulative (a form of disrespect), it’s up to you to stop playing their game. No matter how long you’ve tolerated it and or made excuses for behavior.

In life we should all continue to grow and improve. The only competition we have is staring us in the mirror – being the best you. Some people are too busy trying to be what and who they are not, often it may be rooted in envy, jealousy, lack of self-esteem; causing an inability to live their own authentic loves. Sometimes you get to a point of doneness – to leave them where they are.

Protect your peace. Pay attention to what and who you allow and what is tolerated in your circle. Pay attention to what we and others make excuses for. Are you elevating your standards or lowering them to accommodate others? What you allow with continue and the more you allow it, forgive, the less respect they will have for you in the end – to those people, it’s all a game.

Not everyone is trying to grow and that is their choice, however when you add dishonesty and deceitful behavior, that’s an integrity and character issue – do you want that? If you’re not careful you can find yourself repeatedly frustrated, disappointed and betrayed. Pay attention to who is trying to justify the unhealthy behavior, even if it’s you.

Know when to leave people exactly where they are. Be done – not mad, not bothered just done.  Being done is not a grudge, it’s a boundary of which we are all entitled to set personally and professionally. Once you’ve seen who a person truly is, repeatedly – you can’t unsee it especially if there’s never any personal accountability nor growth. There’s immense power in being over it and protecting your personal peace – no games, no manipulations, no phony sneaky behavior accepted – just be done. Not every one gets a permanent seat at your table in this journey of life.

Stay in the light. Continue to grow and cultivate sustained personal peace. That’s my wattage thought for today! – Dr. Jody Watley

Jody Watley -Wattage Thoughts. Paying Attention To Behaviors.

Pay attention in various aspects of life be it personally or professionally. A lack of changed behavior is definitely a red flag.

As always, if I come across something that resonates with me I like to share these lightbulb moments with you as well. Know your circle. Sometimes you have to remove people if there is a pattern that is causing concern or anxiety, doing so is self-care. If the behavior isn’t changing they don’t respect you and don’t care. What you do this this realization is up to you moving forward.

The best of the new day and week to all.


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Jody Watley. Hyrda Bloom Rose Love Bath & Body Oil.

This is so divine. Hydra bloom Rose Love body and bath oil, infused with organic rose buds, argan and coconut oils, rose essential oils and flower essences. Can also be used on your face as the perfect hydrator. Infused with good mood enhancing Australian Flower Essences. Oil can also be dropped into your bath to keep skin hydrated and smooth. Rose is the flower of love. Apply to damp or dry skin after bathing.

Welcome April. Welcome Spring!

A staple in my beauty bag.

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Wattage Thoughts – Setting Boundaries Is A Form Of Self-Care

Pay attention to people who have benefited from your ignoring or making excuses for the myriad of red flags. Ignoring boundaries is a from of disrespect to you truth be told.

Setting boundaries is a form of self-care and personal agency over what you will and won’t allow. Remember you teach people how to treat you.