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Wishing everyone the best of the day and new week.

May your heart be happy, may your days be bright, may your roads be smooth, may the bumps in the road teach your life affirming lessons. May your burdens be light, may you find and exceed dreams, may you touch the stars and feel the joy of unexpected blessings. May you never forget how special you are. May you always live in gratitude for the gift of life no matter what is going on around you.


Finding Your Personal Joy This Holiday Season. Here’s To What’s Important.

Merry Christmas! The best of the day and holiday season to all. It’s a joyful time for many while a sad melancholy time for others. Wherever you are with it and as with life in general, find your own way and make it work for you – most of all don’t let the season overwhelm and stress, in particular as the new variant in the pandemic is spreading. It’s all about knowing what’s important and those are not material things. I love the excitement in small kids and making wishes come true the best you can, however as adults we know or should that the greatest gifts don’t come with a price tag.

The greatest gift for me this year is having my daughter Lauren and son Arie home for the holidays, after being apart nearly two years due to the pandemic. They are lights in my life.

Whatever it is that lights up your heart – may it be illuminated ten fold.

Sending the spirit of love, peace, hope, comfort, goodwill, great health and joy to all – Jody Watley

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