Monday Wattage Thoughts.

This resonated with me and so I’m passing it along for anyone that might need this message today.


Save The Date. Jody Watley Set To Appear on FOX 2 DETROIT

Catch Jody Watley on Fox 2 Detroit, Tuesday October 26, 2021 in the 8:00 A.M. EST hour. You can watch the live stream from wherever you are on their website.

Sunday Vibes. Feeling Joyful.

Thanks to everyone supporting my latest release – the uplifting and empowering ‘RENDERINGS’ EP -Alex Di Ciò Remixes.


Weekend Wattage. Small Cups Of Joy. The Simple Things In Life.

A cup of whatever you like – that brings a smile, a sense of calm, comfort and joy. It’s especially nice on an autumn afternoon or evening. Treat yourself – you deserve it.


Jody Watley One of Billboard Music’s Top 25 Dance Artists of All Time – Releases The Uplifting ‘RENDERINGS’ EP – OUT NOW!

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Jody Watley ‘RENDERINGS’ EP Available at all digital and streaming platforms.


Jody Watley Says Get Your Dancing Shoes and Roller Skates On – RENDERINGS EP. Arrives. October 22, 2021

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Avitone Recordings: Independently Fueling Quality Music Since 1995.


Jody Watley Classic Image Of The Day. Echoes Magazine UK Cover Story – Young At Heart 1992.

Jody Watley

Promoting ‘Affairs Of The Heart’ album.

Echoes Magazine, 1992

Photography Jonny Rozsa

Makeup: Paul Starr

Sanctuary Is Your Home. Creating An Autumn Vibe.

Home accents do have to be super expensive or extreme – you can achieve a wonderful ambience with small gourds, mini pumpkins, sunflowers – as well as changing accent pillow covers as well. Lighting the signature Jody Watley ‘Sanctuary’ luxury soy candle is an additional touch to illuminate your home space with intoxicating fragrance and good vibes.

We have a few select items that will be added to the boutique for the holidays including a the new Jody Watley ‘Holiday’ candle, restocking the classic debut t-shirt and the limited edition, the ‘Comfort’ candle as well as the limited quantity CD digipak of my new ‘Renderings’ EP.

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NEW On The Official Jody Watley YouTube Channel. Renderings EP Trailer.

Jody Watley ‘Renderings’ EP Remix Collection. Arriving October 22 Featuring The New Anthem “Not A Single Day Goes By”

Make sure to download it, stream it October 22. Support Independent artists!

Jody Watley. Renderings EP. Alex Di Ciò  Remixes.