Jody Watley Feature In YOU Magazine – London’s Daily Mail 1991 – Throwback Thursday.

YOU Magazine. Daily Mail On. Sunday.
Jody Watley in Azzedine Alaia – Classic Image Of The Week.

Jody Watley. YOU Magazine, The Mail On Sunday The Daily Mail Newspaper U.K.

December 1991 “Affairs of The Heart” Interview

Interview by Chrissy Iley

Photography: Mike Owen

Make-up: Paul Starr

Here are a couple polaroids from my collection from that session:

Jody Watley – Wattage!
Custom suit by Richard Tyler.


“Frail and delicate she may appear, but Jody Watley feels trapped by the image of the exotic songbird. Now, with a new solo album “Affairs Of The Heart” on the way and a little self-help psychology, she aims to soar”

“Since going solo, I’m very much a control freak. No one can be as passionate about my career as I am. It’s me, self expression, something I’ve wanted to do since I was 5…no one knows better as well that if you look a certain way – you’re going to be fighting to prove you’re also smart..”

“..If I’m good to myself I’ll be good to everyone else..I want to be remembered for what I have to say, the singer, the songwriter not the singer with Shalamar..”

As an artist always moving forward, these social media speciality days are an opportunity to share my past which is a part of my history and continued evolution. It’s good to be reminded that I’ve never lost myself in the midst of my ongoing desire to evolve, get better but remain true to myself. Women in any business are always fighting to be taken serious, to convey substance, value and intelligence as we are often the first to be demeaned and marginalized. In the music media often the tone is dismissive or condescending in some way..I’m not sure that has changed over the years unfortunately.

I love beauty and fashion and it’s a part of who I am and I’m proud of that – however it’s always been a dilemma at the same time, a double edged sword in a way because the substance is often overlooked — I continue to navigate this all these decades later.