Wattage Thoughts. Take Time For Yourself.

Just a few reminders for your well being and say ‘No’ if you’re not feeling up to something to do any of these things as well.

Jody Watley New Cover Interview Alert.

Always keeping it moving — Despite the pandemic, social unrest, a contentious election season theres been a lot of activity. We’ve all been dealing with the challenges of the lockdowns and work stoppages. Initially reluctant to release “The Healing” it’s message was so timely and relevant to the Now it was a must. As a result it’s been rewarding to spread a message of healing, hope and positivity.

Though consistently promoting my independent releases over the decades, it feels as though I’ve ended up doing more than I have in a while and most importantly with the focus on the business entrepreneurial aspects of my career this far. If you have missed the many TV interviews, interviews and appearances you can look them up here on my site and social media.

The universe and God has always seemed to introduce people or opportunities in my life at the right time. This 9 months have been no exception and I’m grateful. Being mentioned and represented as a part of the Selena Netflix Series, as an influence in her journey that was so tragically cut short is really something. We never know who we impact just by being ourselves fighting to be who we are on any scale.

It’s my hope that you always find some inspiration through what I’m saying and doing. Just keep going the motion even when sitting still pondering what’s next – the answers and opportunities arrive when you least expect it.

The next cover story arrives January 4, 2021 digital magazine COMMUNIQUE!


Monday Wattage Thoughts.

Thank you Toni Morrison. Never get that twisted.


Jody Watley. Every Day In Gratitude.

Jody Watley Autumn 2020.

Find something to be grateful and thankful for each day – especially in challenging times. Get up, dress up, show up, bless up.

With so much loss this year — let’s all do our best to be responsible, safe, healing and fearless.

Never let the worst of life – get the best of you..a line from my song “Evertlasting”.

Carry On.


Mornings. New Beginnings and Favorite Things.

Tranquility.. early morning waiting for sunrise with two of my favorites, coffee & candle -in gratitude. New beginnings each day – get your mind and energy right. There are special seasonal items like pumpkin and squash to enjoy in this fall season to perk up your sanctuary with robust color, take advantage of it. Get the vibe right.

The best of the day to all.


Wattage Thoughts. Stop.

A bit of motivation and inspiration for you .. yes these are challenging times, pandemic, unemployment.. there’s a contentious election, division, social inequalities, the list is long – but guess what?? We are here and alive – Live YOUR LIFE, no matter what’s going on.

If you are spending a lot of time online complaining about politics and aren’t being paid to do so stop to consider if that energy is helping you do what you need to do to make your life better, change your circumstances. My purpose is always wrapped in reminding you of the possibilities, the up side to keep you encouraged about life not to be down in life and your well being. As a person that is self employed, a total work stoppage of live music would do nothing for me to get online and complain or be discouraged by all of the divisions, attempts at voter suppression and beyond. What I’ve done in put my focus on creating new opportunities for myself in business. If you can’t change the circumstances such as the pandemic – change the way you are thinking or dealing with it.

After we vote and yes I hope Trump is voted out in terms of the national election — there is still life ahead, life is happened NOW — So STOP doing these things;

Embrace YOUR Wattage!

Wattage Thoughts. Protect Your Magic. Your Peace.

Jody Watley. All Rights Reserved. 2020.

Life can be tricky and people can be shady – not wanting you to succeed, be happy or see you shine. We experience these things in so many ways. I’d have to say as a woman constantly navigating efforts to undermine, devalue and marginalize efforts and achievements can be frustrating and tedious but as I wrote a while ago “The beat don’t stop..”

Cultivate & Protect Your Magic. Carry On.


Wattage Thoughts. Cultivate Peace.

Offline and Online.


Wattage Thoughts. Don’t Let Opinions Limit Your Potential.


Wattage Thoughts. Enjoy Life.

The best of the day and good vibes to all!

As challenging as times may be — we are here, we should always make the best of it.