Queen Of Cool Jody Watley Honored At Georgia State Capitol

Atlanta Journal Constitution: https://www.ajc.com/life/radiotvtalk-blog/georgia-holds-jody-watley-day-for-legendary-rb-and-dance-singer/M6SXYVPKY5ETBIBMMBILLWXZQI/

OTD. March 2, 1988 Jody Watley Wins Prestigious Best New Artist Grammy Award Win – WATCH

#OTD March 2, 1988: 

30th Annual GRAMMY Awards 

Radio City Music Hall, New York City.

Wins Best New Artist

“Always believe in yourself and be happy being yourself. I’m glad my Dad instilled in me the principal that it’s not what other people think about you – it’s what you think of yourself.”


This night was special on so many levels – the presentation by music pioneer and legend Little Richard egregiously never given his props as the Architect of Rock and Rock and father to many sub genres of influence in style (I always think when he saw my name and said “..the winner really is me..” he felt a connection. He consoled me backstage and then came Michael Jackson – King Of Pop – it really is a biopic worthy scene and moment!

Jody Watley To Make Major Announcement On ‘The Real’ Talk Show

Jody Watley – The Real May 10, 2021

Don’t miss it!! Major and very special announcement coming!!

Check your local listings.


Music Monday. Jody Watley Funk Sessions Appreciation Mixtape.

Push Play — Turn It UP! Some real gems start to finish.

Jody Watley Takes Center Stage On Digital Billboard At National Museum Of African American Music in Nashville On Historic 5th and Broadway. Tennessee Tribune.

Jody Watley. Digital Billboard. National Museum of African American Music.

Tennessee Tribune: https://tntribune.com/jody-watley-takes-center-stage-on-digital-billboard-at-national-museum-of-african-american-music-on-historic-5th-and-broadway-street-in-nashville/

Singer Jody Watley Becomes National Museum of African American Music’s First Ambassador

“Iconic Singer Jody Watley Becomes National Museum of African American Music First-Ever Ambassador

Jody Watley, the Grammy award winner trendsetting icon in music, video, fashion and style has been appointed to be National Museum of African American Music’s first ever membership ambassador for the museum.” Read the full feature: https://atlantadailyworld.com/2021/03/03/singer-jody-watley-becomes-national-museum-of-african-american-musics-first-ambassador/

OTD. March 2, 1988 – Jody Watley Wins Best New Artist Grammy Award.

Jody Watley. Best New Artist 1987 – Pictured at ceremony 1988 New York Radio City Music Hall.

The ultimate award – reward is to live your life on your terms and do what makes you happy. Ignore the chatter, the naysayers – always believe in yourself and that God and the universe will find a way. That said – this night will always be very sweet and monumental in my journey.

“Looking For A New Love” was also nominated that night – what a debut. I talked about my vintage dress (thrift store) paired with the custom biker jacket on The Wendy Williams Show last week and how I always rep being true to myself as we’ll being a style influencer showing you don’t have to spend a fortune to have style and look nice.

I’m blessed to continue to walk my own path and have a solo career that I’m proud of as I continue always moving forward.


I talked about my Best New Artist night on The Wendy Show 2.25.21 – Watch it now!

Jody Watley To Be Award Recipient 2021 100 Successful Women In Business Global Trade Chamber.

I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be a recipient of this recognition during this event – 100 Successful Women In Business!

You can be a part of the live streaming event, watch me receive the honor. Learn more at  www.100swb.com  – Sign Up Today For Free!

A Jody Watley January.

January has always seemed to be a good music month for me as my birth month – and it has only been now in this time of being home during the pandemic a lot of things are hitting different. For instance – in my mind ‘Looking For A New Love‘ was a summer single when in fact it was released January 6, 1987. MCA had begun the campaign for my solo debut in the summer and with extensive promotional tours lined up for me. I traveled extensively like a politician shaking hands, spending time with so many people; including lots of Mom and Pop stores (though they no longer really exist there was a time they played a pivotal role for black artists), pressing plants, program directors meet and greets across the states.. the list is vast of all the the work put in before the single was even released. This is the part of the business that isn’t seen of what the business was at that time anyway.

A lot of planning and effort and definitely all the stars of the universe being aligned too! The summer, and fall of the work is probably why I think of summer because that is what the journey is always about — the subsequent success or destination isn’t what you really remember.

Always do the work – focus on the work.

From there this month over the years has also seen benchmarks with my singles “Your Love Keeps Working On Me” peaking at 2 and my makeover dance mixes of “Borderline” reaching the 2 spot on Billboard dance January 13, 2007 respectively. There are probably others but for the purpose of this quick blog – these stand out.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am…also today in Los Angeles mid January – it was 88 gorgeous degrees.