OTD. March 2, 1988 – Jody Watley Wins Best New Artist Grammy Award.

Jody Watley. Best New Artist 1987 – Pictured at ceremony 1988 New York Radio City Music Hall.

The ultimate award – reward is to live your life on your terms and do what makes you happy. Ignore the chatter, the naysayers – always believe in yourself and that God and the universe will find a way. That said – this night will always be very sweet and monumental in my journey.

“Looking For A New Love” was also nominated that night – what a debut. I talked about my vintage dress (thrift store) paired with the custom biker jacket on The Wendy Williams Show last week and how I always rep being true to myself as we’ll being a style influencer showing you don’t have to spend a fortune to have style and look nice.

I’m blessed to continue to walk my own path and have a solo career that I’m proud of as I continue always moving forward.


I talked about my Best New Artist night on The Wendy Show 2.25.21 – Watch it now!