A Short Walk. Monday Inspiration.

I’ve been sharing a few short wellness videos on my social media to encourage everyone to stay healthy in this self quarantine time – it should be a lifestyle in general however since this time is a resetting of energy it’s a good time to think about these things like your immune system and overall well being.

Jody Watley. Classic Thursday.


For this #TBT – a look back at my #1 workout tape “Dance to Fitness.” A first for a woman of color, my motivation was that there were no fitness tapes with black women a fact that baffled me. It was the era of Jane Fonda and Denise Austin..and then me! Light cardio dancing, it was an awesome opportunity and moment in my journey. It’s in the Music!

Watch a clip:

Jody Watley 2014 New Years Greetings

Jody Watley. The Global Remix Sessions Mixed by rhe

Enjoy these deep Jody Watley remixes woven together courtesy of Ray ‘rhe’ Easmon out of London. Cardio and twirl!!

Jody Watley. Morning Walk Musings

I love morning run-walks. It’s not only a good for your heart and body, it’s a wonderful way to clear your mind.

It’s easy to take nature for granted but I always make sure to look at the trees, smell the flowers if in bloom, and to look up at the sky with a heart full of gratitude. If your neighborhood isn’t so great, go to a local park where you can give yourself some breathing room -stop making excuses. Remember that despite life’s obstacles, stumbles or challenges – every day is a miracle.

Photo (via): Jody Watley

Health & Beauty. Berries

Not just for delaying the effects of father time, but for any age; all of these berries provide benefits with natural anti-oxidants and vitamins. Make them a part of your daily health, beauty and wellness routine.

1. Blueberries: http://www.foods-that-heal.com/blueberries-health-benefits.html

2.  Lingonberries:  http://factoidz.com/ample-health-benefits-of-eating-lingonberry/

3. Strawberries:  http://www.healthdiaries.com/eatthis/8-health-benefits-of-strawberries.html

I keep frozen bags of fruit in my freezer to add to a daily protein shake in the morning; of course they’re all wonderful fresh. Lingonberries are quite tart and are better as a jam or in the smoothie.

Health and Beauty. Flaxseed Oil

Think about adding flaxseed oil to your daily health routine, along with your Omega-3’s. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke. I generally put a tablespoon or two in my oatmeal or a protein shake in the morning. I’d stopped for a while, but I’m back on track.




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