Jody Watley – Wattage Thoughts. Keep Walking In Your Light

Today’s inspiration. Wattage!

Wattage Thoughts. Decide The Kind Of Life You Want.

Never be pressured into doing what doesn’t serve you, never be afraid to say ‘No’ – to people, places and things. It’s true that the flip side may be ‘do what you need to do before you can do what you want to do’ – that said it’s always OK to say No and find another way that is closer to your purpose, livelihood and well being. Remember you are the architect of your own life and God, the universal higher power will conspire with you to take care of the rest.


Welcome March. Women’s History Month.

Keep being yourself – you are enough.


Be Selective.

Be selective. Protect your time. Not everything and everyone that calls your name is for you.


Practicing Daily Gratitude.

Sunrise. Photography by Stephen Sheppard

Be thankful and in gratitude for each day as the sun rises. As the sun rises, so does another day of life, living and opportunity to – be, to do.

Do What You Love.

There are times in life you have to do what you need to do to get to do what you want to do along the way in life.

That said, as often as possible do what you love and what makes you happy – don’t get caught living someone else’s life or trying to please other people. It’s your life – live it. Doing what you love is a form of self care.


Autumn Leaves. Wattage Thoughts.

Morning Walk!

Autumn vibes – early morning walk – the leaves always remind me of being a child in the Midwest. I loved when we had to find the best leaf to bring in to class. As an adult I still love the colorful leaves – It’s the simple things in life always that can bring the greatest joy.

The best of the day and weekend to all – do something that makes your spirit feel colorful, joyful and happy in the constant flow in negativity and information. Feed your soul the good stuff and always accentuate the positive.


Wattage Thoughts. In Your Favor.

It’s easy to get discouraged if you aren’t seeing results from something soon enough – according to your plans. Everything in time. Most importantly always learning each step of the way and never give up. Others may give up on you – just don’t give up on yourself.


Monday Wattage. Your Calling.

Live YOUR life – it’s not for everyone to understand or agree with. Do YOU.


Happy Sunday.

I hope your week was a good one – always cherish each day, you made it through, look up in gratitude. Keep your standards and head held high.

Photo: 4/22/21 – Get Into It With Tami Roman Show on Fox Soul

Dress by Stevie Edwards.