My Career 2013 In Perspective. It’s In The Music.

Photography: Albert Sanchez

Photography: Albert Sanchez



Jody Watley Wax Poetic sCover Issue 57 2013

Jody Watley Wax Poetics Cover Issue 57 2013

It’s been a great year and nothing is going to put a damper on that – performing at Essence Fest, China Night of Fortune Grammy All-Stars Concert, Essence Fest, the historic Howard Theatre concert and of course  “Nightlife” a #5 Urban and #6  Commercial Pop single in the UK, ending the year at #20 on Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts and many other memorable events throughout the year – scroll my website, it’s all here. I’m full of joy and gratitude – nothing is going to distract from a year that was a banner year for me in a continued  multiple decades long journey. I’m not resting on my laurels – reveling in past achievement … always keeping it moving.

Some people will ALWAYS wish ill will and hold it against, try to marginalize or diminish  my happiness  and success because I’m my own person and always excel against the odds. I’m sure many can relate now matter your profession. Haters or those who will never wish you well are out there. I was going to do a post about haters who frequent my various social media and those from my past who continue to dwell in animosity and shady business..based on recent exchanges on my Facebook. That’s all a negative distraction and I decided not to put any further energy to it. I stand by my comments in this interview with Amalgamation with regard to false ads as well as my perspective shared briefly on black reunion tours: Here

Live your lives. I’m living mine.

You can also read this post of thanks. For now – I just want to say how grateful I am and I’m looking forward to 2014 – it’s in the music!

Nightlife Top Ten Chart Breakdown UK.


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In America, ‘NIGHTLIFE” is currently #25 View: HERE

NIGHTLIFE. Another Top Ten for Jody Watley




Photography: Albert Sanchez Make-up: Billy B.

Photography: Albert Sanchez Make-up: Billy B.

The UK is really bringing the love for “Nightlife” featuring Gerald Brown on backing vocals as the single goes into a highly competitive Pop Top Ten at #6, after peaking in the Top 5 Urban on Music Week Charts. I’m thrilled!!

On Billboard we continue to gain during this jammed packed 4th quarter that always brings a surge of activity for major labels and artists worldwide. That said, we move from #40  to  #31 on the Hot Dance Club Play Charts. It’s In The Music!

“NIGHTLIFE” video next!

2013. New Years Thought of The Day.