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Jody Watley Domo Arigato Japan and Billboard Live With Love.

jodywatley_BillboardLive_2014 copy


© Jody Watley 2014 Photo: Jody Watley Music

Photo: © Jody Watley 2014 Pictured with fans: Hiroaki, Yoshinori, and Shun in Tokyo.


© 2014 Jody Watley. Love. It's In The Music!

© 2014 Jody Watley. Love. It’s In The Music!

© 2014 Jody Watley, she was inspired by my makeup, music and style - and presented me with this beautiful piece of art.

© 2014 Jody Watley, (he) lovingly dressed in drag was inspired by my makeup, music and style – and presented me with this perfectly executed piece of art. I appreciate the diversity of my fans and celebrate them all!

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley. These young men in Osaka were so enthusiastic to meet me and told me they'd been introduced to my music by their parents! I love that.

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley. These young men in Osaka were so enthusiastic to meet me and told me they’d been introduced to my music by their parents! I love that. What a blessing to appeal to a younger generation as well!


© Jody Watley 2014. Art gift.

Photo: © Jody Watley 2014. Fan Created Art, gift in Tokyo.


Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley -

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley – There were always  fans waiting – I signed a lot of vinyl.

Photo: © 2014 with John 'Havic' Gregory and Rosero McCoy (choreographer/dancer) - I LOVE these guys!

Photo: © 2014 with John ‘Havic’ Gregory (dancer/dance teacher) and Rosero McCoy (choreographer/dancer/best friend) – I LOVE these guys!

Photo © 2014 Jody Watley. Music spanning decades!

Photo © 2014 Jody Watley. Music spanning decades!


Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley with illustrator Hatsune.

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley with artist illustrator Hatsune.

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley  - merch.

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley – some of the merchandise.


Photo: © 2014 with my band.

Photo: © 2014 with my band, dancers and backing vocalist/dancer. Pictured: Donnell Spencer Jr., Rodney Lee, Christina Grady, Sam Sims, Adam Hawley, Upper: John ‘Havic’ Grady’, Rosero McCoy 

© 2014 Jody Watley. Real Love Live 2014.

© 2014 Jody Watley. Rocking the house with Real Love Live 2014.


Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley. Rosero McCoy killin' it with his freestyle dance on 'Still A Thrill'

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley. Rosero McCoy killin’ it with his freestyle dance on ‘Still A Thrill’

© 2014 Jody Watley with Maya Chou (she's done youtube video's to my music including 'Nightlife' and her Waacking Crew from Taiwan. I love that my fan base is so diverse.

© 2014 Jody Watley with Maya Chou (she’s done youtube video’s to my music including ‘Nightlife’ and her Waacking Crew from Taiwan. I love that my fan base is so diverse.

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley. With my band and dancers after another successful and fun series of concerts at Billboard Live.

Photo: © 2014 Jody Watley. With my band and dancers after another successful and fun series of concerts at Billboard Live.

Here are some photo’s from my recent Japan Tour in Osaka and Tokyo at Billboard Live. Stellar shows, fans, staff — my favorite place to perform. Fans really watch and participate in the shows – no one is filming or taking pictures, they respect the policies. When I perform a ballad or speak – they listen, no one talking, this as an artist is greatly appreciated so respectful; no distractions.

It’s In The Music!!

I’m going to miss being with them on my UK appearances as a part of David Gest Presents: Legends of Soul Concert Tour. Hopefully, my abbreviated appearances on this tour will kindle the fire to get us all over to do my dynamic show and present the full Jody Watley live concert experience.

Jody Watley. Nightlife Interviews. 2013 Rewind and Forward.

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Photo Courtesy of Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Photo Courtesy of Jody Watley Music (c) 2013


NIGHTLIFE: written by Jody Watley (Jody Watley Music, BMI) Julien Aletti, Raphael Aletti (Aletti Brothers Music, BMI) Produced by Count De Money for Peace Bisquit and Jody Watley – Remixes by Moto Blanco; Jodie Harsh, Dave Doyle, Soulpersona, Luminodisco, released on Avitone.

Despite the accessibility of information and frequent posts on all of my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest), some seem to lag or simply too lazy to read and actually get updated to see what’s NEW with Jody Watley. “Any new music coming?” What have you been up to?” It’s all here and out there. In the event you’re sincere with interest and have missed or overlooked the numerous updates and interviews, I’ve compiled a easy to follow list of links to read, watch and get plugged in. “Nightlife” featuring Gerald Brown another fellow original Shalamar lead built momentum beginning in the summer of 2013 and continues going into 2014 (NIGHTLIFE moves to #18 Hot Billboard Dance Club Play will it will peak in the Top 20), and I prepare for the next single – It’s In The Music!

The “Nightlife” video is still to be released with the single still on the rise on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts – the edit took longer than we all thought, but’s it nearly done. There really are no rules in the music industry these days especially for independent  artists – it still takes a while to get the word out, without some sort of scandal! With the video, as with anything I do – it has to be right or not at all for me. Limited edition vinyl is available in the boutique. Do you have yours?

Upcoming Concerts: Billboard Live Osaka and Tokyo, Japan: Jan 18-22, 2014. David Gest presents Legends of Soul UK, get info: HERE. I look forward to doing select cities in 2014 in support of “Nightlife” and the forthcoming “Paradise. Expect a couple MAJOR surprises this year and a bombshell or two!


Jody Watley “Nightlife” -Single Preview Edit

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NIGHTLIFE. Another Top Ten for Jody Watley




Photography: Albert Sanchez Make-up: Billy B.

Photography: Albert Sanchez Make-up: Billy B.

The UK is really bringing the love for “Nightlife” featuring Gerald Brown on backing vocals as the single goes into a highly competitive Pop Top Ten at #6, after peaking in the Top 5 Urban on Music Week Charts. I’m thrilled!!

On Billboard we continue to gain during this jammed packed 4th quarter that always brings a surge of activity for major labels and artists worldwide. That said, we move from #40  to  #31 on the Hot Dance Club Play Charts. It’s In The Music!

“NIGHTLIFE” video next!