Jody Watley. Glamour and Music.

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Photo Courtesy of Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Photo Courtesy of Jody Watley Music (c) 2013

My press release reads I’m bringing back the fun and glamour in music – with dance floor soul. Those elements to name a few are what I felt was and is missing. Always coming from an authentic place, this is where my spirit, which always guides what I do, led me. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be doing select interviews  and press beginning with urban media outlets – with a diverse range to follow. “Nightlife” – It’s In the Music!

“Nightlife, a career best vocal performance.” – Ernest Hardy, Music Journalist and Author

“Jody Watley delivers upon arrival..” – Okayplayer:

” The relevance in this tune is that Jody Watley is a master class in how to keep a career in dance and R&B going..” – CentricTV

“Jody Watley takes listeners for a twirl on the dancefloor with catchy lyrics..” – Soulbounce

“Jody Watley continues to define her artistic destiny unapologetically, it’s something in the  reality television era of R&B Divas that should be savored.” – QHBlend

Jody Watley. Nightlife. Editor’s Choice on CentricTV.


The GRAMMY winning diva takes it to the dance floor on her new single: Nightlife

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Jody Watley. The Howard Theatre Review. Buddah Desmond’s Place


Image Courtesy of CentricTV, SoulSessions

Image Courtesy of CentricTV, SoulSessions

“..I expected a high energy show..” – Read the full review:


Jody Watley Proves She Still Has IT – CentricTV Review. The Howard Theatre Concert


The name Jody Watley has been an integral part of music for over three decades, and it seems the Grammy award winning R&B/Dance music diva isn’t slowing down any time soon…Click HERE to read full review.

Jody Watley. Song of the Day. “It All Begins With You.”



Just back from the inaugural Soul Train Cruise 2013. I’ll be posting and sharing thoughts and photo’s. Being at sea and and looking out at the majestic natural beauty of the ocean made me think of this song from my third album “Affairs of The Heart.” When I recorded it, my thought was to celebrate my father and to show my gratitude and thank you to God and the universe. My experience onboard wasn’t flawless, but I’m glad to have been a part of it and I had a ton of fun. If you can’t change the situation – change your attitude.

It’s not lost on me that what we generate into the world on a daily basis is also a very pivotal part of living.

Blessings and love.


Jody Watley On The Culture List.

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