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Jody Watley Classic Image of The Day. Solo Debut Promotional Image.

A Jody Watley Milestone Release

Originally released January 6,1987. The American Jody Watley debut solo single for the former original female lead of the group Shalamar was Written by Jody Watley and Andre Cymone and Produced by Andre Cymone and David Z. “Looking For A New Love” went on to become the first Jody Watley Number One solo single R&B and Dance and first Top 5 single remained at Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 kept out of Number because of the U2 single “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” for 4 weeks.

Watley’s debut mega hit single also started the pop culture phenomenon phrase “Hasta La Vista Ba-by” later used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the blockbuster film “The Terminator”

The styling and free spirit funky self styled Watley in the music video filmed in London by Brian Grant was also widely seen as trendsetting. The single was Grammy and American Music Awards nominated. The single also made history in 2005 when it was re-recorded, remixed by top DJ/ producers and rereleased through Peace Bisquit, Curve and Watley’s Avitone for the contemporary dance market. The single again vaulted to Number One -the first song to reach that status in two separate decades according to Billboard Magazine. Not bad for someone a lot of people assumed would fail lol. To everyone I always encourage – “You will have many doubters, just don’t let one of them be you-always believe in yourself and your personal happiness and peace of mind.”


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Jody Watley. Classic Photo of The Day.

Jody Watley 1987 Solo Debut Smash Hits UK

A timeless image from 1987, from my monumental solo debut. Photography: Victoria Pearson

There is beauty in simplicity. Follow your dreams, and be yourself no matter what others think or say. Keep moving forward and applying life’s lessons to your journey,

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Photo of Jody Watley

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Jody Watley. Photography: Victoria Pearson.

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Jody Watley. Classic Debut.


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