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Current new music includes my recent collaboration with French Horn Rebellion titled ‘Cold Enough.’ I’ll be making a special guest appearance with the electro pop party duo on April 19, 2013 as they begin their residency at the ultra buzzed about Brooklyn Bowl. This is really exciting for me because this is a new audience, young party people. One of the unique things about my musical journey is that it continues to reach a variety of audiences – and I’m comfortable in all the genres and scenario’s. We’ll also preview another collaboration titled ‘Dancing Out’ – another fun song, and I must tell you they’ve done an awesome mash-up on one of my classics ‘Don’t You Want Me’ – it’s going to be a great time. For info and tickets: Brooklyn Bowl  — also on the collaboration front I contributed vocals to the forthcoming new album by Dam-Funk coming on Stones Throw (pronounced Dame-Funk aka name is Damon — and he is world renowned in by young music heads as the artist of modern-funk). This is long awaited follow-up to his critically heralded and all around banger Dam-Funk’s classic “Toeachizown” – a must have for the collection. Don’t sleep because there are artists in today’s music scene thriving without an ounce of Top 40 airplay.


silenttears-cd_coverDon’t miss  “A Real Fool” from the international musical event I starred in this past fall “Loving The Silent Tears: A New Musical” now available at iTunes. The African inspired groove and song of gratitude is composed by Emmy nominee and Oscar winner Nan Schwartz and Al Kasha with arrangement by Emmy winner Doug Katsaros. The entire soundtrack is gorgeous and spans the globe reflective of the stellar cast of artists including Kay Tse, (China), Heather Park and Brian Joo (Korea), Persian born Siavash Shams, Liel Kolet (Israel), Camellia Abou-Odah (Lebanon), Mark Janicello (Italy), Black Uhuru (Jamaica), Hồ Quỳnh Hương (Vietnam), Fabiana Passoni (Brazil) and more.

jodywatley_universal_LoveOn the Jody Watley 10th album front – it’s coming this year for certain. I posted before that I’m not sure if it will still be called ‘Chameleon’ – as the project has evolved along with me..I have other ideas floating in my head with regard to the title and vibe. The state of the music industry and spending time assessing and re-evaluating why I continue to do what I do as an artist are factors. It really is for the love and joy through music — and that’s the feeling I want people to have when listening to it around the world; even if folks are no longer really buying albums – or supporting the veteran acts who continue to progress artistically and beyond the corporate controlled mainstream bubble. That fact has certainly made it less a priority to finish and release however, the music on it so far is too good to not see it all through. It’s feel good music with soul and there’s something still to be said for that. The song I did with Morel was finished last week ‘I Love, Music’ (not the O’Jay’s song, but certainly inspired by that message and era of music. I’ve been dancing around to it since the final mix. ‘Nightlife’ is still sounding as fresh as ever produced by Count De Money out of the UK. The new extended mix will have you pushing rewind. ‘Sanctuary’ is a healing loving song that I’m looking forward to having everyone hear – it’s all about creating an environment of love, I produced that one with my longtime collaborator Rodney Lee. There’s so much more.. forthcoming late spring, summer and fall.

Creativity is a process  – not a destination and when allowed runs in and on it’s own time and space. What I do has never been for everyone – it’s just me always carving out my own corner of the universe in my own distinct way. I’m not 70’s Jody, 80’s Jody, 90’s Jody and so on –just and always Jody Watley in the moment.

Upcoming concerts:

Yoshi’s Jazz: March 23, 2013

Billboard Live Tokyo Japan, April 10-11, 2013

Billboard Live Osaka, Japan; April 13, 2013

Brooklyn Bowl : Special Guest Appearance with French Horn Rebellion, April 19, 2013

Essence Festival, New Orleans Mercedes Benz Superdome / Superlounge: July 6, 2013

More ‘select’ dates to be announced.

Jody Watley Photo: (c) 2013 Jody Watley

2012 Rewind. Jody Watley-A Favorite Professional Moment.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

Being selective about what I do is a part of my journey. Things have to stir my creative passion and interest as an artist. I like the sense of new endeavors where not liking the feeling of retracing my steps so to speak. There’s something to be said about being in a forward motion – for me. When this musical came about with a chance to work with the amazing choreographer/director Vincent Paterson for starters I couldn’t say no – not to mention it’s message of finding one’s inner peace, love and faith. Loving the Silent Tears – A New Musical is my favorite professional experience of 2012 and one of THE most fun, beautiful and rewarding of my career – and that’s saying a lot! The music was composed by Academy Award Winner Al Kasha, Grammy winner and 7 time Emmy nominee Nan Schwartz (among others), with arrangements by Emmy winner Doug Katsaros; to the poetry of Vietnamese humanitarian Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Check out this highlight video montage to get a glimpse of the majestic and spectacular production.

Jody Watley Musings. Step Outside the Box.

Jody Watley. On The Red Carpet. Loving The Silent Tears.




Striking a pose on the “Loving The Silent Tears” international red carpet at The Shrine Auditorium, Oct. 27, 2012. I believe it was 90 degrees!


Bottom Photo: Getty Images.

More ‘Loving The Silent Tears’ Photo’s.

With HoQuynh Huong just before going to to limo’s for red carpet at The Shrine. 10/27/2012. ‘Loving The Silent Tears’.

Adding photo’s to “Loving The Silent Tears – A New Musical Event”:

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Photo: Jody Watley

Jody Watley. A Night To Remember.

Being a part of the one time and unprecedented musical event ‘Loving The Silent Tears’ was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my career. The process of meeting and getting to know the cast, our director Vincent Paterson (a dream come true I might add), choreographer Bonnie Story, designers, costumers, ensemble dancers – was amazing and so many new friendships were formed. Every element of this process was first class – top shelf all around. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have been a  part of this global melting pot of artists and cast-mates.

The production opened with aerialists who flew through The Shrine captivating the audience as the orchestra led by our musical director Doug Katsaros playing a beautiful prelude and then we were off to a journey around the world woven into a powerful narrative and story line. I’ll be posting more photo’s and a short video of the journey I’ve enjoyed with the musical the past few weeks leading up to the October 27 for the premiere. Supreme Master TV shared  the event globally and on the Loving The Silents Tears Musical website via live stream.  Here are a few pics from last night; it truly was was a night and experience to remember!

About to step onto the red carpet like none I’ve experienced; lined with people in cultural outfits.

On stage for ‘A Real Fool’ – my Silent Tears song with gratitude theme for pivotal scene near end of show.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

With Lula Washington and her dance company pre-show partial costume

Pre-show partial costume with our Emmy winning choreographer Bonnie Story.

Kay Tse from China in Costume for a breathtaking performance.

Liel Kolet and Camellia Abou-Odah who performed with Siavash Shams in riveting Middle Eastern performance.

All Photo’s: Jody Watley. All Rights Reserved 2012.

From The Page to The Stage. Loving The Silent Tears Update

We’re 7 days away from this once in a lifetime international music event! Here’s a short clip of the making of the cast album.


Good Vibes. Loving The Silent Tears.

Today at a vocal rehearsal. Director Vincent Paterson. Musical Director Doug Katsaros with Vincent Paterson at the piano; some of the ladies of “Loving The Silent Tears” (not in order with Jody Watley:  Fabiana Passoni, Camellia Abou-Odah, Heather Park, Liel Kolet, Flo Ankah, Liz Callaway, Debbie Gravitte, Kay Tse).


Jody Watley. Seen In Los Angeles

A fan snapped this photo from their car of this awesome bus ad for “Loving The Silent Tears – A New Musical.”

Jody Watley. From The Page To The Stage. Loving The Silent Tears.