In Support of A Friend. Vincent Paterson


Michael Jackson with Vincent Paterson, choreographer director of “Smooth Criminal”

I’m compelled to share this in support of my friend legendary choreographer director Vincent Paterson. I had to pleasure and honor to work with him last year for “Loving The Silent Tears” An International Musical Event. Not only did I get to experience his brilliance first hand, I got to see what a down to earth sweet guy he is. Vince, as any artist who stays up late at night – thinking, creating and going through the joy, blood, sweat, tears, pain and triumph of the process deserves to be properly credited for his work. What if someone jacked your resume – something you fought for and earned? I’ve learned sometimes being too humble empowers other people to step in and take credit for someone else’s pioneering and hard work. I’ve see this happen before and it has to stop – it’s called having integrity and honesty. In this day and age fact checking and due respect has seemed to go out of the window.

Statement from Vincent Paterson following last night’s Dancing With The Stars Final from his Facebook page:


What is on my mind this morning is how TRAVIS PAYNE STOLE MY CHOREOGRAPHY FOR SMOOTH CRIMINAL on DWTS. He is a thief.
He took credit for my work.

To not only watch him STEAL my work but to have the uniformed or misinformed contestant on the show say “This is incredible to have the guy who taught MJ these moves teach them to us!”
How dare both TRAVIS PAYNE and DWTS.
This is not the first time TRAVIS has stolen my work. He did for the 2 Cirque shows he “choreographed.”
This is unforgivable thievery.
I never even hired Travis to DANCE in Smooth Criminal.
If this show cares so much about dance, they should not allow this kind of thievery and lies to be told to the viewers.

2012 Rewind. Jody Watley-A Favorite Professional Moment.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

Being selective about what I do is a part of my journey. Things have to stir my creative passion and interest as an artist. I like the sense of new endeavors where not liking the feeling of retracing my steps so to speak. There’s something to be said about being in a forward motion – for me. When this musical came about with a chance to work with the amazing choreographer/director Vincent Paterson for starters I couldn’t say no – not to mention it’s message of finding one’s inner peace, love and faith. Loving the Silent Tears – A New Musical is my favorite professional experience of 2012 and one of THE most fun, beautiful and rewarding of my career – and that’s saying a lot! The music was composed by Academy Award Winner Al Kasha, Grammy winner and 7 time Emmy nominee Nan Schwartz (among others), with arrangements by Emmy winner Doug Katsaros; to the poetry of Vietnamese humanitarian Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Check out this highlight video montage to get a glimpse of the majestic and spectacular production.

Jody Watley. A Night To Remember.

Being a part of the one time and unprecedented musical event ‘Loving The Silent Tears’ was one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my career. The process of meeting and getting to know the cast, our director Vincent Paterson (a dream come true I might add), choreographer Bonnie Story, designers, costumers, ensemble dancers – was amazing and so many new friendships were formed. Every element of this process was first class – top shelf all around. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have been a  part of this global melting pot of artists and cast-mates.

The production opened with aerialists who flew through The Shrine captivating the audience as the orchestra led by our musical director Doug Katsaros playing a beautiful prelude and then we were off to a journey around the world woven into a powerful narrative and story line. I’ll be posting more photo’s and a short video of the journey I’ve enjoyed with the musical the past few weeks leading up to the October 27 for the premiere. Supreme Master TV shared  the event globally and on the Loving The Silents Tears Musical website via live stream.  Here are a few pics from last night; it truly was was a night and experience to remember!

About to step onto the red carpet like none I’ve experienced; lined with people in cultural outfits.

On stage for ‘A Real Fool’ – my Silent Tears song with gratitude theme for pivotal scene near end of show.

With our director the legendary Vincent Paterson.

With Lula Washington and her dance company pre-show partial costume

Pre-show partial costume with our Emmy winning choreographer Bonnie Story.

Kay Tse from China in Costume for a breathtaking performance.

Liel Kolet and Camellia Abou-Odah who performed with Siavash Shams in riveting Middle Eastern performance.

All Photo’s: Jody Watley. All Rights Reserved 2012.

Jody Watley. From The Page To The Stage. Loving The Silent Tears.

Meet The Director of “Loving The Silent Tears”. Vincent Paterson

I’ll be appearing in this one time event “Loving The Silent Tears” and international  new musical on October 27, 2012 in Los Angeles at The Shrine Auditorium. To learn more

Meet Tony nominated choreographer/director Vincent Paterson, discussing his legendary work with Madonna (VOGUE performance on MTV Awards, Blond Ambition Tour and more) and Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal, Superbowl, Bad Tour, and more) as well as “Loving The Silent Tears – A New Musical.”

Jody Watley. A Once in a Lifetime Event “Loving The Silent Tears” Musical

I’m really looking forward to this spectacular production and event with such an esteemed and diverse cast and production staff.


The red carpet premiere of Loving the Silent Tears: A New Musicalis anticipated as one of the most star-studded, spectacular year-end events, to be held on October 27 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

The musical will star 2-time Grammy winning artist Jon Secada, Grammy winning icon Jody Watley, and Broadway stars: Tony winner Debbie Gravitte, Tony winner Kiril Kulish, Tony winner Michael Maguire and Emmy winner and Tony nominee Liz Callaway.

They will be joined by Grammy-winning reggae legends Black Uhuru, Grammy-nominated Persian artist Siavash Shams, Arab singer Camellia Abou-Odah, Italian tenor Mark Janicello, award-winning Israeli singer Liel Kolet, Irish soprano Katie McMahon, and award-winning Brazilian singer Fabiana Passoni.

The first of its kind in theatre history, Loving the Silent Tears will take the audience on a cultural journey across six continents and 16 countries, to tell a story about humanity’s search for inner peace and happiness.

The show was inspired by a poetry anthology titled Silent Tears, written years ago by world-renowned spiritual teacher, humanitarian and artist Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Eminent composers have come together to set Supreme Master Ching Hai’s soulful verses to music: 5-time Grammy winner & Oscar nominee Jorge Calandrelli, 2-time Oscar winner Al Kasha, Emmy winner Doug Katsaros, 2-time Grammy winner & Oscar nominee Henry Krieger, Tony and Emmy winner Don Pippin, Grammy winner Nan Schwartz, and Oscar and 2-time Grammy winner David Shire.

Loving the Silent Tears will be directed by Tony nominee Vincent Paterson (Michael Jackson, Madonna), Emmy-winning choreographer Bonnie Story, Emmy-winning set designer John Iacovelli, and award-winning costume designer Sharell Martin.

With a superb cast and creative team, beautiful poetry as lyrics, plus accompaniment by a 30-member dancing ensemble and a live orchestra, Loving the Silent Tears will be an unprecedented musical experience.