Happy First Day Of Spring 2022. Jody Watley Wattage Thoughts.

Jody Watley. Photography by Paul Gobel.

Welcome Spring! Wishing everyone the best of the season. May we all continue to bloom, blossom and grow.


Photography, Paul Gobel, InFashion Magazine 1988.

I love this image taken during the promotion of my solo debt, which of course 2022 marks the 35th Anniversary of the release – this photo could have been taken today – truly timeless!

Jody Watley Classic Images Of The Day. Harper’s Bazaar 1989

JODY WATLEY. Photography Matthew Rolston

Jody Watley, Harper’s Bazaar 10 Most Beautiful Issue (Women from 21 to 48 Talk About Their Looks and Lives), September 1989

I was in great company as the ‘The Top 10’ list also featured Academy Award winning actress Jodie Foster on the cover, other inclusions were Faye Dunaway, Whitney Houston, Susan Sarandon, Kelly LeBrock, Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith, and Anjelica Houston.

Clothing – Rifat Ozbek

Photography Matthew Rolston

For me – though having a strong visual presentation and identity as an artist is important – your looks never define who you are as a person nor have anything to do with substance, character, talent, tenacity and perseverance. One must have something going on beyond what’s on the outside. Over the decades I’ve found in some ways with women physical appearance when others consider you ‘beautiful’ can work against you too, you almost have to work double to be taken seriously not to mention those that may resent what they see and some to their own personal biases, misperceptions and so on – it’s a double edged sword. That said, looking back it’s special to have broken through some of the barriers that often exist for black women and artists in the lexicon of beauty and fashion opening the door a bit wider for others that have followed. This was my second of 3 features in Harper’s Bazaar.

No matter what – don’t forget to be awesome not matter what you look like!


Jody Watley Classic Image Of The Day. People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People Issue 1990.

Jody Watley. 1990 People Magazine. Photography Tony Costa

Along the way in my solo career, of many benchmarks and firsts that I’ve experienced – this feature was very special to be included in this issue of People Magazine. To my quote, my bottom teeth are still crooked though not as much with time.

I’ve considered getting them straightened in recent years. I think it’s ok to do whatever makes you feel better and of course I’m not opposed to procedures, though understanding that cosmetics don’t fix the inside though and perfection is impossible. Our imperfections make us all unique and we must love who we are regardless of the shell we are in.


SHEEN Magazine – Jody Watley Shares 10 Rules For Success

Jody Watley. Photography Tyler Miles

Of course I could share a hundred – but here are 10 shared with SHEEN Magazine. Here

Jody Watley Wattage Thoughts. Spreading The Light.

Jody Watley. 2022. Selfie.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Wishing everyone the best of the day, and thanks so much for subscribing to my blog. Hopefully beyond keeping you up to date on my professional updates, I bring a bit of inspiration to you as well each day.


OTD. Jody Watley Highly Anticipated Solo Debut Single “Looking For A New Love” Released.

Jody Watley. Looking For A New Love. 35!

#OTD March 7, 1987

“Looking For A New Love”

by GRAMMY® winner Jody Watley

Debuted on the @billboard Hot 100 chart peaking at #2

✍️🏾 Written by: J. Watley, A. Cymone

Chart Note➡️ #1 Dance, #1 Hot R&B

Grammy and American Music Awards Nominated

👉🏾 The smash hit no one saw coming!

#JodyWatley #Icon #35thAnniversary

Jody Watley Word UP Magazine Poster. Flashback Friday Classic Image

Jody Watley – Looking For A New Love Video. Classic in personalized denim and top hat.

Jody Watley Best New Artist Grammy Look. Classic Images of The Day.

Best New Artist Style. Jody Watley Style.
Custom Biker Jacket – Vintage Cocktail Dress. Street-Style.
Jody Watley Best New Artist Grammy Style 1988.

The look was classic Jody Watley solo debut style – edgy glam. A street style blend of the custom biker jacket and the vintage cocktail dress, the signature jumbo hoops, big hair and the winged liner, red lips. It’s a look still rocked today in a variety of forms by next generation and fashionista’s. The biker jacket is always a wardrobe staple.


Be In The Spirit Of Love Every Day. Valentine’s Day Wishes From Jody Watley

Happy Valentine’s Day! Give – show, spread it, express it, manifest love -every day and remember to love yourself! BE Love.


Take Time. Relax and Unwind.

Jody Watley – at my sanctuary in one of my favorite lounge dresses.

Always make time for yourself – relax, unwind, rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Remember – every day is a day of Love!