Jody Watley Valentines Greetings.

Make every day a day of love. Happy Valentines Day!

Excerpts from a few of my favorite lyrics I’ve written about love:

“,. Accept no substitutes – always go for the real thing” – Real Love

“.. Baby I’m strong, gonna get over you – new love I’m gonna choose” – Looking For A New Love

“..I’ve learned you really have to love yourself, before you can give it to someone else… you have to know what’s real..” I Love to Love”

“.. remember there’s a difference between sex and love..” – Ecstacy

“.. I don’t want to live without music..I don’t want to love without love..” Affairs of The Heart

“..for too long, I’ve been lost in a love filled with many changes .. but since I met you boy ..I can’t deny I sense a new beginning..” Help Me (Shalamar)

“..filled with so much love and lots of understanding..” Full of Fire (Shalamar)

“.. it don’t matter if you’re young or old, it don’t matter if you’re straight or gay everybody needs to feel love..” – Affection

“..when a man loves a woman he’ll never forget to say .. baby I love you..” – When A Man Loves A Woman

“.. I hope time stays on our side and keeps the passion burning bright.. precious love – never go away..” Precious Love

“.. leave the world behind .. when you close the door.. environment of love, a safe place to fall..” Sanctuary

etc etc .. always love!