Jody Watley Classic Image of The Week. InFashion Beauty and Dual Cover Story Featuring Nicholas Cage.


Jody Watley. InFashion Magazine 1988. Double page of cover feature and interview.

Photography & Makeup: Paul Gobel

Hair: Ernie Banales

Cover InFashion with actor Nicholas Cage who was just starting out for the most part as an actor. We’d never met and both of us were a bit shy so it was awkward at first but we ended up having a fun shoot. The “Hunk Meets Funk” is a bit cringe though!

Jody Watley 1988 American Music Awards Flashback – Solo Debut.

A fan shared this video snippet on Instagram last night – it’s a fond memory to be there as nominee and presenter in 1988. On this night the recipients of the award I presented with Patrick Swayze was Anita Baker for ‘Rapture’ – an R&B classic album. It’s beautiful to be reminded I was a part of her celebration that night.

In the 90’s I returned as a presenter 3 times.

I really try not to put down the commercial music of this era because there is some good and of course each generation of youth has their music they will look back and reflect on their high school years..I don’t even really watch awards shows anymore to be honest. Most music fans gravitate to their high school years and why the music business will always be primarily targeted to youth.

What I’ve learned is awards and accolades are a cool thing to experience and industry politics aside –  it is the artistry and the quality of music and doing what you love that is the most enduring. So to any veteran or aspiring artist  – just keep being yourself, taking risks and being true to your craft..that’s often different from being a pop star…not always but often.

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze, he was super nice that evening and left behind memorable film moments.

Jody Watley. On This Day March 2 Classic Photo And Moment Of The Day.

Mar 2, 1988: the 30th Grammy’s were held in New York City Radio City Music Hall. #80s U2’s Joshua Tree won Album of Year. I won won Best New Artist.

It’s special then and now. As well to this very week have the Number Two Soul Single in the UK with my new group SRLOfficial and a Most Added Smooth Jazz Single on Billboard and Top 25 already on the Smooth Jazz Network To have this longevity is amazing and takes so much determination, hard work, tenacity and faith-resting on laurels is never for me. I am of gratitude and an abundance of enthusiasm for the gift of life and music to share with you! I hope I inspire you all to keep going authentically in your path being who you want to be

– and it’s OK if that changes over time!