Jody Watley Holiday Greetings.

Created by Shawn West, Facebook. Nightlife Winter Holiday Inspiration. 2013

Created by Shawn West, Facebook. Nightlife Winter Holiday Inspiration. 2013

Wishing everyone the comfort, warmth, joy and blessings of the holiday season and time of year when many are stressed, lonely and depressed – as much as many of us are filled with happiness, enjoying family and the often magically beautiful spirit of the season. Give love.

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“Dream” by Anahata Joy Katkin –

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Happy Birthday Diana Ross.


I’ve loved this woman since I was a little girl – major fabulousity. I was also mesmerized by the use of illustrations along with the abundance of glamour shots she’s known for.

Art. Music and Fashion. Joe Eula

I never tire of fashion illustrations and still enjoy sketching and designing; a passion since junior high. Of the many dreams I had when I was little and what I wanted to be when I grew up was to be in the fashion industry. I envisioned being either a designer, illustrator, merchandiser/buyer, or having my own store. I remember drawing a storefront with my name on it with models in front all wearing my designs.

My Mom asked me a few days ago if I remembered proclaiming to her very matter of factly when I was around 5, “Mommie, I’m going to have my own modeling school!” I had to laugh at the recollection. This modeling school idea of course went right along with wanting to be a singer/entertainer and maybe even a business lawyer, an idea I entertained in high school just before I became a member of Shalamar. I’ve never been short on dreams and goals that’s for sure.

Joe Eula worked with Halston, Diana Vreeland, VOGUE and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few; in addition to directorial works for fashion specials on television and a Tony winning contribution to Broadway. Eula was also responsible for classic illustrations for Liza Minelli and The Supremes.

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Illustration: Anahata Joy Katkin