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Shalamar Reloaded. Nate Smith, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy – Full of Fire.

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A passion for living – a passion for life.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us..keeping the passion burning bright.”


Jody Watley. Giorgio’s Chapter 2 FashionWeekDaily

Saturday night in Hollywood, Bryan Rabin and Giorgio’s bid a chic adieu to 70’s disco and ushered in Chapter 2: The New Sound 80’s. I rolled through with Shalamar Reloaded Nate Smith, Rosero McCoy. We put in work on the dance-floor – it was packed so a bit difficult to get really loose. A great time was had by all. Bryan really knows how to do it big.

It was nice to catch up a bit with actor Alan Cumming. He and I first met back in 2005 in Malaysia for the Tsunami Relief Concert “Force of Nature”, and then had a blast in Vegas some years later when I was there performing at Vegas Pride. He told me he still has his “I Heart Jody Watley” T-shirt which made me happy!


Sharing a nice moment catching up with Alan Cumming at Giorgio’s. Photo (c) 2016 Tyler Curtis.


Nightlife, after hours on the Sunset Strip after a night on the dancefloor. Nate Smith, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. Shalamar Reloaded. #selfie

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Holiday and New Year Reflections.

We’re already a bit more than a week into 2016 – life continues to move on and what a gift it is to be here and share it with those we love. New adventures, obstacles to overcome and triumphs to enjoy.

We’re all works in progress – be gentle to yourself as much as my Mom says “To thine own self be true.” Work, revise and tweak your goals. Things may not always go your way, but what’s a rainbow and sunshine without some rain – keep on keeping on.

It was extra special to have my Mom and daughter Lauren with me for New Years for the shows in Oakland at Yoshi’s. Watley girls in full effect – three generations. We had a fun time together and my daughter was tickled at ‘Grandma Rose’ getting her groove on an dancing during the shows. I was fighting tears in one show – suddenly overcome with emotion thinking of all of the young people, and those in general who didn’t make it home this year with lives cut too short. I also made sure to acknowledge the untimely passing of Ms. Natalie Cole who leaves behind a great legacy of music and personal triumphs.

As well, I had a blast with Nate and Rosero from Shalamar Reloaded-our shows get better and better each time for us in that portion of the show. It really is a unique and fun concert experience. If you have a chance to see us – don’t miss it!

Wishing everyone the best always. Here are a few photo’s there are more on my Page.  (there was a Jody Watley imposter for the past month friending people with a fake page, asking for donations in exchange for concert tickets, dates..and who knows what – be alert and advised I would never friend anyone I don’t know on Facebook – and there is only one verified page that I communicate through link attached, always report anyone pretending to be Jody Watley no matter how many of my photo’s they poach).



Three generations of beauty, smarts and love! Rose, Jody and Lauren Watley.


Nate Smith. Jody Watley. Rosero McCoy. Shalamar Reloaded before meet and greet at Yoshi’s Oakland Dec. 30



Meet and Greet with Lisa Henry. Shalamar Reloaded.



Soundcheck. Donnell Spencer Jr. Geemack, Nate Smith, Jody Watley, Rosero mcCoy, Sam Sims, Rodney Lee, Eric McCoy


New merchandise courtesy of Bob Fierro and Zebra Marketing. I’ve known Bob since my early Shalamar days when he did our merch. 


The new T-has glitter lips though on the photo you can’t see that detail. We’ll also be doing a white option.


Love. Me, my Mom and daughter – glammed up and ready for 2016!


Ringing in 2016 onstage – pausing for a selfie as everyone in the audience was doing the same after the balloon drop! Shalamar Reloaded. SRL.


Jody Watley and Dana Lawrence (Rosero’s beautiful sister). Oakland is Rosero’s hometown making it special for him to be with family as well..we also celebrated his son Eric’s birthday. Eric also works with me from time to time as a dancer.


After the final show of the series  January 1 -we made it to Chicken and Waffles in Jack London Square with family and friends – it’s a tradition now.

Jody Watley. Reconnections.

It’s been a while since I had a girl’s night out with my longtime friend Jeannine Braden. Jeannine is a stylist, designer and entrepreneur (she once owned one two of the hottest boutiques in Los Angeles, Flair in Fred Segal) as well as other businesses and ventures. Her recent venture is called ‘Say The Sun’ going to her Venice Beach, California roots with a line of  chic and whimsical flipflops.

She invited me to attend Cindy Crawfords ‘Becoming’ book celebration party. The book is full of classic and never seen images and insightful  anecdotes. It was a gorgeous setting and event. Hosted by Eric Buterbaugh Florals and Guthy Renker’s Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford.

Cindy was so kind and approachable; engaging with all of the guests along with her two children and husband, businessman Randy Gerber. It was a family affair. I might add her daughter Kaia is truly uncannily a twin of her legendary model Mom.

While there, it was nice to reconnect with Peter Savic, one of fashion’s most brilliant and respected hair guru’s. Peter and I collaborated on several notable style moments along my journey a while ago including the iconic image from GAP; a trendsetting celebrity ad campaign in 89. It was actually Peter’s idea to go short for this campaign..I wanted a change and didn’t want to be trapped by long hair. “Darling, we must go short, very short..” in his distinct accent and tone..I loved it. I was so happy to see him after so many years.

The journey is never long in the company of good friends and colleagues. It’s nice when you’re happy to see people!


Two self motivated renaissance women and entrepreneurs: Jeannine Braden and Jody Watley. 


Photo by: Jeannine Braden. It’s all about love – always!


Style Pioneers. Hair Guru:Peter Savic and Grammy Winner Jody Watley.


Classic Image. Jody Watley for VOGUE Italia by Herb Ritts. Hair: Peter Savic Makeup: Paul Starr.

Jody Watley. Keeping It Real With TheyCallMeDaymz


Jody-Watley_218_b_W_tone copy_Main

Jody Watley-Photography Albert Sanchez

Check out my latest interview, this time with Damon Gonzalez who just arrived in Los Angeles from Brooklyn. You always learn something this case see what my thoughts are about Rihanna, longevity, and tips on dealing with shade. Read it: Here

Thank You Ramshead Onstage and Blues Alley

bluesalley_sign_shalamar_reloaded_jodywatleyAll of the shows on our DC and Maryland swing were memorable for a variety of reasons. Each venue had great staff, food – and all of the audiences who came out in force to check us out made the experience an absolute joy. New members Nate Smith and Rosero McCoy are being embraced and applauded at every show. Nate steps out into the audience to screams now as he handles the male lead vocals – I love that! With his infectious energy and charm, he’s hard to resist. Rosero is smashing the stage and mesmerizing with his moves and charm as well. The audience can feel what we have is real  – the connection and what we’re bringing to the stage. Performing ‘SlowDance’ is also cool because right away with the intro – people respond which represents they know the song now and sing along as they sway with us side to side.

My new single ‘DANCER’ is a highlight of the new Jody Watley set – as I get people to feel the release of ‘werking it and getting in the music!” It’s a party but I make sure to send everyone back into the world with love and gratitude for being alive – living in the moment, the now.

Nate, Rosero and I also had our first movie day together. I can tell you this was also a first for me – in my previous Shalamar life that would have never happened.

Thank you Ramshead Onstage and Blues Alley (it was an honor to be a part of the 50th year anniversary milestone) for having us. Thank you to everyone who came out. I’m thankful for my blessings and being able to share the gift of music.

The journey!

We are bringing music, dance and style to the stage. Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley and Nate Allen Smith. Shalamar® Reloaded

We are bringing music, dance and style to the stage – there is no one doing and giving the people what we’re doing right now.. Rosero McCoy, Jody Watley and Nate Allen Smith. Shalamar® Reloaded

Nate Allen Smith, Bryan Monroe (former editor and analyst at CNN, editor of JET and Ebony), Kim Keating, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded for a new era

Nate Allen Smith, Bryan Monroe (former editor and analyst at CNN, editor of JET and Ebony), Kim Keating, Jody Watley, Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded for a new era, backstage at Blues Alley after a soldout concert.

Jody Watley and Nikki Strong WHUR / Voice of America at Blues Alley

Jody Watley and Nikki Strong WHUR / Voice of America at Blues Alley

Rosero, Jody and Nate take in 007 "Spectre" at a Regal 16 Theatre in VA.

Shalamar in the house!Rosero, Jody and Nate take in 007 “Spectre” at a Regal 16 Theatre in VA.

Nate Allen Smith photographed by Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded

Nate Allen Smith photographed by Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® Reloaded (shared via Instagram)

Selfie. Jody Watley backstage at Blues Alley 2015.

Selfie. Jody Watley rocking twists and braids – backstage at Blues Alley 2015.

Rosero McCoy. Shalamar® - Style.

Rosero McCoy. Shalamar®  Reloaded- Style.

Jody Watley and Shalamar® poster at Ramshead Onstage

Jody Watley and Shalamar® poster at Ramshead Onstage

Live at Ramshead Onstage. Jody Watley and Shalamar® 2015

Live at Ramshead Onstage. Jody Watley and Shalamar® 2015 (via Instagram)

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Jody Watley Talks to The Examiner

It’s always appreciate to be asked thoughtful questions which provide for insightful answers to share and knowledge to share. I enjoyed this one very much.

Jody Watley. Photography: Albert Sanchez

Jody Watley. Photography: Albert Sanchez

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